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Air Canada seeks to turn Toronto into premier international hub

Air Canada plans to aggressively market Toronto Pearson International Airport as “North America’s first global transit hub.” ( More...

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YYZ is a very expensive place to travel to, and does not offer too many advantages over other hubs. Good luck but I am not holding my breath on good deals.
preacher1 1
He talks about the overseas Hubs vs ours doing so much domestic. The overseas Hubs really have no place to go. Even in recent years, they are just beginning to reach into Europe.
Toronto has two strikes against it. First, anyone wanting to fly to Europe or Asia can board a flight for example in Newark or Chicago for most destinations already.

Second, is cost. Most flights from the States to Canada cost a lot more than equal distances within the States.
Jim Lynch 1
Toronto Pearson has become famous in north America (and I daresay the world) for its outlandish fees - both with airlines and with passengers.

The Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) went ahead and built a billion-dollar airport (come see the fancy access roads in the sky!) with public money and without public consultation - ask the politicians, it's now become The Canadian Way - and are recouping that expense over time by soaking everybody who uses it (voluntarily or otherwise, including intransits).

Air Canada - also known in Canada as Air Monopoly - has higher fares than anyone else, and so Pearson's excessive charges and flair for spending fits right into that business-travel mindset where somebody else pays for executives to travel high on the hog, and the peasants just have to fend for themselves with the scraps.

Toronto's second airport, Pickering, is off again, on again, off again, all top secret... Canada does not have the transparency laws of the US, so taxpayers have to do as they are told and chatter among themselves about the possible truth.

So there is little wonder so many of "the great unwashed" drive across the border to Buffalo to catch flights that are close to half the price (- even as the Canadian dollar plummets again).
mike ronan 1

"Air Canada - also known in Canada as Air Monopoly - has higher fares than anyone else... "

Not always true!

,Just for fun, I went to Kayak to compare some prices.

Check it out for yourself. SunWing certainly has the lowest prices, but WestJet & AC are within a few bucks with WJ 7 or 10 bucks more:

However, you are very correct on the disaster the GTAA really is.
Paul Marcil 1
Bad idea! Toronto is the one airport in Canada that so many people try to avoid, though with little luck. It is saturated with air traffic, with throngs of people doing their utmost to reach gates on time, hassles through security, and last but not least, missed connections and delayed or lost baggage. Everything at the airport is also very expensive. That's ok for someone on expense accounts but not so for the regular Joe.
I think Aircanada should seriously consider relaunching their key international services from Mirabel, which was incidently originally built for that purpose with rapid access from downtown and Trudeau (Dorval) by rapid transit via hwy 13 which was intended to go to the airport. Plus a rail extension from downtown. But as usual, politics threw 2 x 4s into the spokes of the project, and these conveniences were never completed.
Mirabel is a charm to navigate through from it's entrance doors to the airplane. All in all, probably a hundred feet before boarding the PTV to the aircraft.
But then, what do I know - they would hardly consider a suggestion from a mere layman.
I don't like Pearson much, except, the last 4 times I travelled through it, I was at my gate 20 minutes after entering the front door. Granted, I use NEXUS/Global Entry, so I get through US Customs in Toronto in just a couple of minutes - you clear US Customs at major airports here in Canada and sit in an "extra-territorial" part of the airport waiting for you flight. Security is easy when you have the equivalent of PrePass for every trip, and the walk to the gate is pretty quick - on the way out.
The trouble is on the way back. It's like winning the lottery when the gate is less than a 10 minute walk or slide to customs, then the NEXUS thing gets you through that pretty quickly, but baggage never arrives in less than 40 minutes. From plane to street rarely takes less than an hor if you have baggage and if you're just doing carry on, you still wait for the Canada Customs people to let you out on the final clearing. Don't get me started on the parking or the rental cars.
Airports like BWI, Dulles, EWR or even TLV are much quicker to leave.
I'm trying to get my US travel through Porter at the Island. Much, much quicker, I can be dropped off and on my plane in 40 minutes, and since there's a new tunnel, no waiting for the ferry.
At times I would even use BUF, a 90 minute drive, for a quick and cheap flight to anywhere in the US. Pearson is getting better, but not good enough yet.


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