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He was painted olive drab which matched the ground below thus harder to see from above before executing his turn.

Written on 03/12/2022 by William Crooker

Yes, all the clutter fits nicely to frame the view.

Written on 03/12/2022 by Diana Rose

A real cool shot!

Written on 03/12/2022 by Diana Rose

An absolutely gorgeous morning ... except ... it was pretty dang cold (18 F) on that open taxiway where I was positioned.

Written on 03/12/2022 by Gary Schenauer

Just being a curious monkey...
Anyone know if anyone has ever gotten one of these big windowed fa50 military versions put on a civilian registry?
Straight 50 or 50ex.

Written on 03/12/2022 by twizzle

Myself, I enjoy the look of an fa50 with the registration under the H-stab
Another example is M-ODUS

Written on 03/12/2022 by twizzle

tremendous shot

Written on 03/12/2022 by Brian Rushfeldt

P63 well out of his lane and was he hotshoting ???

Written on 03/12/2022 by Brian Rushfeldt

Wow. An unbelievable kewl shot. Nice!

Written on 03/12/2022 by D Kaufman

no A 330-900

Written on 03/12/2022 by Brian Rushfeldt

nice TR's

Written on 03/12/2022 by steffanw15

Nice Bird

Written on 03/12/2022 by steffanw15

Thank you, Greg Byington!!

Written on 03/12/2022 by avgeeked

Nice pic, avgeeked! If you change the Aircraft Type Code to just "A4" it should display correctly. Also, for chugheset, you might like a couple of my pics of a T-bird F-4 here:

and here:

And that is a good link, a mentor!

Written on 03/12/2022 by Greg Byington

Red works at night.

Written on 03/12/2022 by Daniel Nicholson

Great Sunset (?)

Written on 03/12/2022 by marylou anderson

very cool

Written on 03/12/2022 by marylou anderson

i'm always amazed when I see the lack of searching present here; it's as if Google doesn't exist - sigh. Seaching for Blue Angels, the first return
makes the question irrelevant

Written on 03/12/2022 by a mentor

DLX?? perhaps??

Written on 03/12/2022 by d Rhodes

Correct me if I'm wrong but that looks like a Piper Malibu Meridian. The Mirage used the Lycoming O-540 air-cooled six-cylinder engine. The aircraft shown has I believe the Pratt & Whitney PT6 Turbine.

Written on 03/12/2022 by Vinny Barbin

Seriously wrong color for undercover work!

Written on 03/12/2022 by chugheset

I remember as a kid seeing the Thunderbirds flying F4's. It was so awesome.

Written on 03/12/2022 by chugheset

I like everything about this hanger.

Written on 03/12/2022 by chugheset

very nice photo

Written on 03/12/2022 by CESAR MATTOS

@Bob Harrington, The website does state "our A-4A is painted and marked to represent an A-4F as flown by the US Navy Blue Angels Demonstration Team from 1974-1986." For more information visit:

Written on 03/12/2022 by avgeeked

I didn't think the Blues ever flew the early model Scooters(?) - is this a museum repaint, or an ex-USN traveling exhibit?

Written on 03/12/2022 by Bob Harrington

Looks like just rotated

Written on 03/12/2022 by Tomer Ariav

Sky Scooter

Written on 03/12/2022 by Mark Bullock

See the DMZ in your A4-E, America is telling you to go.

Written on 02/12/2022 by Richard Waldren

Where was this photo taken?

Written on 02/12/2022 by Jack Zatirka

Does this plane no longer have the MSU bobcats livery?

Written on 02/12/2022 by charlie melnarik

Golf cart makes a slick little tractor for moving the plane. When not moving the plane (most of the time) it's a very nice golf cart. Hard to beat that.

Written on 02/12/2022 by John Yarno

very nice

Written on 02/12/2022 by Robert Sloane

brings back a few memories

Written on 02/12/2022 by Robert Sloane

Nice picture Brian, the first upload from you, congrats! If you type PRM1 in the aircraft type field it will be tagged correctly.

Written on 02/12/2022 by davesheehy

Error uploading.

Written on 02/12/2022 by Steve Vit

Way cool! good work.

Written on 02/12/2022 by Cole Neill

and yet another one. good job!

Written on 02/12/2022 by Cole Neill

Spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

Written on 02/12/2022 by Cole Neill

You always remember your first time

Written on 02/12/2022 by Rick D

Hey Dan Chiasson, keep your political diarrhea to yourself!

Written on 02/12/2022 by nwilcox

Back a few years ago at SF Fleet Week a B-2 was scheduled to make a fly-by. It had flown from Whiteman AFB to the Bay Area and was doing a holding pattern west of the Golden Gate slipping in and out of the usual fog that hangs there. It was quite an eerie sight.
One of my sons commented that that was something you'd rather not see if you were the bad guys to which I replied that they'd never know it was there much less see it.
It came by fairly quickly but was very quiet.
What? - the RCS of a sparrow?

Written on 02/12/2022 by 2sheds

@Roger Vazquez It surely is!

Written on 02/12/2022 by avgeeked

Thank you all!
View in december2013.
Have a nice day...

Written on 02/12/2022 by michel charron

1968. August. Hot in Danang. Loaded in at 1800. Took off 0100. Rolling dismount in Dong Ha at 0230. Mortar barrage at 0230.25 until 0245. WTF. That 130 could climb like a rocket outta here...

Written on 02/12/2022 by Terrence Gabriel

Alan: I almost did not see the golf-tug captain in the driver's seat.

Written on 02/12/2022 by SpikeWhite

Brakes work fine...that was the smoke system.

Written on 02/12/2022 by Jeremy Downs

I was wondering that too John. Guess it is how you define

Written on 02/12/2022 by Steven H Wilcox

MAPS at CAK is a gem if you ever have a chance to visit

Written on 02/12/2022 by Roger Vazquez

Does your dog fly the plane or only drive the cart?

Written on 02/12/2022 by Roger Vazquez

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