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PIC # 7800

Written on 25/01/2021 by kenny antoine

WOW! Great shot - congrats!

Written on 25/01/2021 by Dick Nieuwendyk

Thanks for the tip, Gavin!

Written on 25/01/2021 by Robb Hohmann

Great time to find a really cheap business jet.

Written on 25/01/2021 by Paul Wisgerhof

Super picture! Felicidades Manuel..5*

Written on 25/01/2021 by serge LOTH

@Karl Riggle: sorry for that, I go sometimes for meetings in Chambley... still active.. A/D. Best regards..

Written on 25/01/2021 by serge LOTH

Hope, BC

Written on 25/01/2021 by James Kelly

Where is this please?

Written on 25/01/2021 by PeteHam

Where is this airport ?

Written on 25/01/2021 by PeteHam

New Livery.......

Written on 24/01/2021 by warmwynds

At Gilbert, Sorry I did not include the part about noticing the other engine did not have the thrust reverser deployed. I.e. was it just a luck to get one side deployed and the other not or is there some reason, such as needing to turn a bit? That is more why I ask. I.e. wonder if your answer is similar in that only one engine needed to slow down and save the brakes. Thanks and again, sorry for the mis-understanding.

Written on 24/01/2021 by jptq63

@ rwb2112 thank you much!!

Written on 24/01/2021 by daniel jef

Sadly this isn't even all of them there.

Written on 24/01/2021 by lonewolf2121

Very Nice Shot Shannon!

Written on 24/01/2021 by John Giambone

Thank you for taking me to Munich Roy! The lighting is wonderful!

Written on 24/01/2021 by richard ferguson

Awesome shot,5*...congratulations!

Written on 24/01/2021 by Manuel E. Silva

That was the Cadillac of air travel of its day the Stinson.

Written on 24/01/2021 by William Crooker

That's really impressive !!!

Written on 24/01/2021 by Bartolomeo Gorgoglione

thank you Diana!

Written on 24/01/2021 by Uwe Zinke

Nice looking aircraft!

Written on 24/01/2021 by frase

4 King Air engines believe it or not. At least the PT6A-50. Each putting out similar shaft horsepower to the engines in the later heavy weight Beech King Air 350.

Written on 24/01/2021 by CHRIS ROBEY

I had the pleasure of owning this aircraft for several years. It was a delight to fly and very predictable. My wife and I flew this aircraft from Washington State to Oshkosh WI several times. From memory, I believe I flew this aircraft about 450 hours.

Written on 23/01/2021 by George Ford

Muito top!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Eduardo Nogueira Castelo Branco

Baker Brothers

Written on 23/01/2021 by specialkay1

Thanks for the info, if I give L18, it will give the PACAERO Learstar type. When I enter PA18 she gives it a type Piper L-21 Super Cub :-(

Written on 23/01/2021 by Pavel Hon

This AC is not a PACAERO It is a Private Piper PA-L-18 Super Cub

Written on 23/01/2021 by andré belleau

I must be getting old. Last time I saw Air Force One closeup Bill Clinton was President. I did get to see it from a distance landing at LAX with President Obama aboard. President Clinton sent my sons the classic autographed picture of Air Force One flying over Mt. Rushmore.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Leander Williams

I have been a fan of Lufthansa for a long time (even before I started working for them). Keep up the great photos!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Andre Blanchard

Thanks Gary! Means a lot!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Noah S

This a Experimental 1983 Keller Frederick H Defiant Fixed wing multi engine 4 seats 2 engines
Owner Driscoll Delory JR. Milwaukee Wi. US.

Written on 23/01/2021 by andré belleau

That's Slide Mt in the background. The forecasts call for two or three snowstorms in the Sierra over the next week so there will be much more snow on Slide and Mt. Rose within four days or so which will make for fine snow covered mountains in next week's photos.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Ten *s for these pics. And it will be a mob scene at 0154 Monday morning when N815NW returns to KBUF. And in a week or so (fingers crossed), you'll be clickin' a pic of their charter to KTPA!!!! Many Thanks, Noah, for being there for those of us who can't be. Very, VERY Sincerely from Reno.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Beautiful! I heard this plane from my house last weekend, but couldn’t see it.

Written on 23/01/2021 by masonite

There was also a Kentucky Air Guard Hercules on the ramp. It had arrived about an hour before this photo was taken.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Cool perspective!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Mark King

Our late 1950's/60's family outings included excursions to our Ft. Wayne airport, to view the coming and going DC-3's and even Connies. It was the age when one could go out on the tarmac next to the chain link and be very close to the action. The 2nd floor restaurant was quite good, and we'd enjoy dinner there with a table against the glass. On a good day the National Guard fighters would scream by. One day we witnessed a Sabre overshoot the runway and smash thru a small airfield red and white striped building, yikes!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Doug Cook

Great shot!

Written on 23/01/2021 by kutsev

Livery disease being treated.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Gary Justus

A beautiful sight to see; A FULL POWER STOL take off without passengers on board.
Seems like it takes off in 50 feet.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Chuck Muenzenmaier

South Florida Air Cargo still flies these everyday out of KOPF to the Bahamas.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Chuck Muenzenmaier

I believe I was witness to the crash Dave Mursch mentioned.The Saber pulled up over the top of my house as the wings, engine, canopy and seat departed the aircraft. The pilot was later found in a field east of Tipp City, Ohio still strapped in to his seat. Shocking day for a 12 year old boy.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Michael Winblad

Great memories - flew one operated by United out of Muskegon, MI back in 1964.

Written on 23/01/2021 by cbrace

Magnifique prise de vue. Thanks

Written on 23/01/2021 by Christian PAJOT

Magnifique photo,A400M avec la PAF de nuit ce qui est rare.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Christian PAJOT

Magnifique prise de vue

Written on 23/01/2021 by Christian PAJOT

Thats one big schnazz!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Tom Glass

What a great shot, wonderful.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Ken Fedder

Jack Jouett. Yes, this is a first best I can remember.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Dan Pendleton


Written on 23/01/2021 by warmwynds

What is happening?

Written on 23/01/2021 by William Fung

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