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Student Is the Only Passenger on 8-Hour Flight in Viral Video

A college student was boarding an eight-hour international flight from London to Orlando, Florida, when he realized that he was the only passenger on the plane. (www.newsweek.com) और अधिक...

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The 5G Fiasco From An Airline Pilot’s Point Of View

The rollout of 5G wireless service across the United States and its impact on air travel has become a massive story. It seems beyond comprehension that possible complications with the high-speed data networking services wouldn't have been deconflicted for flight safety long ago, but with tens of billions of dollars invested in these networks... (www.thedrive.com) और अधिक...

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The Deadly Crash That Changed Airline De-Icing Standards

40th anniversary of the deadly Air Florida flight #90 icing crash is recalled and it’s influence on modern weather airline deice and anti-ice winter operations. (www.foxweather.com) और अधिक...

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US airlines warn C-Band 5G could cause 'catastrophic disruption'

The airline industry claims a “catastrophic” event could unfold on Wednesday when AT&T and Verizon activate their new C-Band 5G networks. In a letter obtained by Reuters, the CEOs of several prominent passenger and cargo airlines, including Delta, United and Southwest, warn interference from 5G cell towers could affect the sensitive safety equipment on their planes. "Unless our major hubs are cleared to fly, the vast majority of the traveling and shipping public will essentially be… (www.engadget.com) और अधिक...

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Airbus scraps Qatar Airways order for 50 A321neo aircraft as crisis deepens between two companies

TOULOUSE, FRANCE — On Jan 20, the European aerospace giant raised the dispute to another level with its largest customer Qatar Airways. The planemaker revoked the orders of the Qatari carrier for 50 A321neo aircraft. (www.airlinerwatch.com) और अधिक...

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Exclusive: Pilots of World’s Largest Airplane Reveal Flight Details

Stratolauncher pilot Mark Giddings, along with co-pilot Evan Thomas and flight engineer Jake Riley, successfully completed Sunday’s third test flight of the world’s largest airplane—nicknamed Roc—which is scheduled to begin air-launching hypersonic test vehicles later this year. (www.flyingmag.com) और अधिक...

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Tuskegee airman dies at 102

Charles McGee, vetran of 6,308 flying hours sucomes after a noted service record (www.washingtonpost.com) और अधिक...

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Teen becomes youngest woman to fly solo around the world

Teenager Zara Rutherford has become the youngest woman ever to fly solo around the world. The 19-year-old pilot took five months to complete the world record flight, covering 52 countries along the 32,000 mile (51,000 km) journey. She said she was in tears during the final leg to Belgium, and was looking forward to seeing her cats. Ms Rutherford hopes to become an astronaut and to inspire more young women to become pilots. (www.bbc.com) और अधिक...

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How Business Aviation is Being Shaped by Modern Work Habits

Mark Duell, Chief Solutions Officer at FlightAware, shares his thoughts with Connected Aviation Today on how the business aviation landscape is evolving into the new year and crucial lessons learned from 2021. With strong focuses on recovery, growth, and ever-changing travel requirements, it’s sure to be an interesting path forward for business aviation operators. (connectedaviationtoday.com) और अधिक...

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Saying goodbye to the Buffalo

For pilots, crew, and maintenance personnel, the aircraft they fly or work on, becomes almost like a child. They get it ready to go in the morning, discover its quirks and learn how to get the very best performance out of it. Then, when all is done for the day, they get it ready for the night. They can move on, working with and flying other aircraft, but they remember each one. But what happens when not just one, but every one of a specific kind of aircraft are retired from the Royal Canadian… (rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca) और अधिक...

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Airline CEOs make U-turn, now say 5G isn’t a big problem for altimeters

The Federal Aviation Administration's fight against AT&T's and Verizon's new 5G deployment appears to be coming to a temporary close, with the FAA having cleared about 78 percent of US planes for landing in low-visibility conditions. Airline CEOs are striking an upbeat tone, with one saying the process of ensuring that airplane altimeters work in 5G areas is "really not that complicated." Over the past week, the FAA announced clearances for 13 altimeters that can… (arstechnica.com) और अधिक...

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FAA issues airworthiness notification related to 5G and Boeing 787 aircraft

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued an airworthiness notification regarding the 5G network deployment and the Boeing 787 aircraft family. According to the FAA, in the airworthiness notification released January 14, 2022, operators of Boeing 787s are required to take additional precautions when landing on wet or snowy runways at airports where 5G C-band service is deployed. (www.aerotime.aero) और अधिक...

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FAA Investigating YouTuber Who Probably Staged A Plane Crash For Views

"YouTuber and former Olympian Trevor Jacob ignited discussions and countless breakdowns in aviation media after jumping out of a perfectly flyable plane. The video of the incident has many calling it staged. Now, the Federal Aviation Administration has launched its own investigation... During the flight, the aircraft’s engine appears to stall before failing. Inside of the cockpit, Jacob is wearing a parachute. The video shows him looking around briefly before popping open the door and… (jalopnik.com) और अधिक...

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Frontier Airlines Goes Head-to-Head with Southwest

Ultra-low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines recently announced their plans to begin flights to Chicago’s Midway Airport and Houston’s Hobby Airport in the spring of 2022. This decision, though consistent with Frontier’s priorities, will place them head-to-head against low-fare king Southwest Airlines. (aeroxplorer.com) और अधिक...

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The Rapid and Unlikely Rise of JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways, though still a relatively young airline, has become a major U.S. carrier offering service to almost one hundred cities using a fleet of approximately 260 aircraft. The New York-based, low-cost airline has become a favorite among travelers across the country, especially on the east coast. Despite their young age, the carrier holds a colorful history that has influenced their product and popular brand. (aeroxplorer.com) और अधिक...


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