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As jets take charge of fire-bombing missions, the 62-year-old piston-powered Tanker 60 takes its last flight over Oregon

As jets take over as fire-bombing aircraft, the piston-powered Douglas DC-7 plane, aka "Tanker 60," is going into retirement. This Eastern Air Lines plane was built in 1958 and spent its early years flying up and down the East Coast and to the Caribbean. In the 1970s, the plane was gutted and refit to be a air tanker and fire bomber, used to drop fire retardant from above, and has since spent over 40 years fighting fires. (www.msn.com) और अधिक...

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Uh-Oh Boeing: Southwest Considering an Airbus Plane

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV), famously an all-Boeing (NYSE: BA) fleet for most of its existence, confirmed it is evaluating an Airbus (OTC: EADSY) jet as part of its future growth plans. (www.msn.com) और अधिक...

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Nearly a decade late, Berlin's Brandenburg Airport finally opens (during a pandemic)

It's nearly a decade behind schedule, 4 billion euros over budget and there's a global pandemic crippling the aviation industry. Happy Halloween to Berlin's beleaguered Brandenburg Airport, which finally opens its doors this Saturday. (www.cnn.com) और अधिक...

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NTSB: Pilot in deadly 2019 skydiving plane crash often did risky maneuvers

More than 16 months after a deadly skydiving plane crash at Dillingham Airfield, a National Transportation Safety Board report highlights mechanical problems with the aircraft, as well as concerns about the pilot. The pilot at the controls of the June 2019 flight, Jerome Renck, reportedly liked giving passengers a ‘thrill ride’ through risky, sharp maneuvers during takeoff. A former co-worker also told investigators that Renck was informed his flying put excessive stress on the plane while he… (www.msn.com) और अधिक...

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Retiring Delta captain meets the air controller whose grandfather hired him

During commercial aviation's pandemic downturn, countless veteran airline pilots are retiring to save the jobs of their younger cohorts. But it was during Captain Paul Holmes' final flight for Delta Air Lines that a chance conversation with an air traffic controller brought him back to his early days with the airline. Tipped off to Holmes' retirement flight, Boston Center controller Ashleigh Goldberg keyed up her microphone and asked if he flew for Northwest Airlines before it… (www.msn.com) और अधिक...

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Kuwait Airways Takes Delivery Of The First Rare Airbus A330-800

Kuwait Airways has today taken delivery of the first two Airbus A330-800 aircraft. Only 14 Airbus A330-800s have been ordered, compared to 318 orders for its twin, the Airbus A330-900. The airline has eight of the aircraft on order. (simpleflying.com) और अधिक...

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Supposedly retired, F-117 stealth fighter seen flying in San Diego

Two F-117 stealth fighters landed last week at Miramar in CA (www.airway1.com) और अधिक...

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United is bringing back inflight food and beverage sales — with a twist

Early in the pandemic, airlines quickly suspended most inflight service offerings. On some of the shortest flights, you wouldn’t receive anything — not even water. With the holidays approaching and more people taking to the skies, carriers are slowly resuming pre-pandemic service, with an increased focus on crew and passenger safety. On Oct. 1, United boosted its complimentary offerings. (thepointsguy.com) और अधिक...

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The McDonnell Douglas MD-12 vs The Airbus A380 – A Comparison

The McDonnell Douglas MD-12 was designed in the early 1990s as a potential competitor to the double-decker Boeing 747. The project was ultimately unsuccessful, and McDonnell Douglas received no orders for its ‘superjumbo.’ However, had it been built, it would have also potentially shared the skies with the Airbus A380. This aircraft was also in development at the time that the MD-12 was being designed. But how exactly would it have compared with the Airbus double-decker? (simpleflying.com) और अधिक...


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