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Gracias & thank you for your comments.
It was the second time I see the Blue angels on Vero Beach airshow.

Written on 05/29/2024 by Ike Harel

good foto

Written on 05/29/2024 by RICARDO PARDO

Nice shot with the tower in back! Well done John!

Written on 05/28/2024 by Darryl Sarno

Nice one John!

Written on 05/28/2024 by Darryl Sarno

Appears to be an Etihad Airways A380, registered A6-API, in the background.

Written on 05/28/2024 by Peter Fuller

Good catch Owen!

Written on 05/28/2024 by John Giambone

500 flyover, very nice! Saw it in person, was as good as expected!

Written on 05/28/2024 by Justin Smith

Donn, that's the sound of FREEDOM!

Written on 05/28/2024 by Alvie Beck

wow nice shot

Written on 05/28/2024 by Brett Easton

Fantastic shot

Written on 05/28/2024 by Brett Easton

This was the jet used in Cobra Kai season 5 episode 6

Written on 05/28/2024 by Robert Grimley

NOT a Canadair... (but 'Embraer' does rhyme with it ;-)

Written on 05/28/2024 by Charles Fournet

Tail number is 21512, no National Designation like R or N etc..

Written on 05/27/2024 by Bill Bailey

Perhaps the most ridiculous color scheme ever used on a commercial airplane. Oh, yeah, right, I forgot, it also comes in three other colors!!!

Written on 05/27/2024 by Paul Wisgerhof

My favorite bird. Many flights in Korea with USAF. Beach landings on PYDo at low tidei 1970.

Written on 05/27/2024 by John Risler

Definitely a Beriev Be-200 with the Ukrainian-made Progress D-436 engine. I’m curious on registration number and airport as well.

Written on 05/27/2024 by Hawk Moore

Thank you!!

Written on 05/26/2024 by Eliza D

At least you can't see it when you are on the inside!

Written on 05/26/2024 by Breck Adams

Thank you John!

Written on 05/26/2024 by Darryl Sarno

Some information about this plane (Tail Number), airport or anything else would be appreciated.

Written on 05/26/2024 by Julius Thompson

NICE NAYO catch DD !!

Written on 05/26/2024 by JM32


Written on 05/26/2024 by JM32


Written on 05/26/2024 by Tim Webb

Boeing 737-800

Written on 05/26/2024 by Wales Will

Vielen dank, Greg!!

Written on 05/26/2024 by Uwe Zinke

Danke Greg!!

Written on 05/26/2024 by Uwe Zinke

Registration is 761, RSAF.

Written on 05/26/2024 by Andrei Shmatko

not an Mu-2, it's a LET-410

Written on 05/25/2024 by skippyscage

Round engines look so cool.

Written on 05/25/2024 by Steve Smith

Bringing back memories (not the paint job), logged many hours in DC-3's.

Written on 05/25/2024 by Running Deer

2024 May 25 C-GMRN -> Cirrus SR22T (2023)
Base of Operations:: Oshawa ON Canada
Latest Certificate of Registration Issued: 2023-12-11
Registered Owner Information Name : Divine Supercars Inc. Ottawa ON

Written on 05/25/2024 by Dominique Desilets

quel bijou un éclat de couleur et de beauté

Written on 05/25/2024 by Mabrouk Daghari

lookin good

Written on 05/25/2024 by Jesse Korrell

Maybe Dr. Seuss is flying?

Written on 05/25/2024 by k0pf

The type designator should be ASO5.

Written on 05/25/2024 by Samuel Bixler

Type designator AS50

Written on 05/25/2024 by Samuel Bixler

Arizona/New Mexico activity in the recent past-- a bit more likely!

Written on 05/25/2024 by Samuel Bixler

I can't tell from this photo, but the activity log shows it as type code A320, the older classic engine A320.

Written on 05/25/2024 by Samuel Bixler

Pic should be on a calendar Wayne.

Stunning Shot !

Written on 05/25/2024 by ken kemper

Super Photo ........

Love your comment and personal F-16 History Scott. And Clint Eastwood

Written on 05/25/2024 by ken kemper

Awesome photo Andrew...........really shows the thrill of aviation.

I live about 70 miles from Ephraim. No mountains like that in Ephraim although a scenic community on Green Bay.

Written on 05/25/2024 by ken kemper

Well Done Eliza...........

Enjoyed watching the Oregon Air Guard years ago take off & land at PDX.

Written on 05/25/2024 by ken kemper

Great photo, great plane regardless of where it really is.

Written on 05/25/2024 by terry kelsey

Sure gets your attention. Not a good thing in this case.

Written on 05/25/2024 by terry kelsey


Written on 05/25/2024 by terry kelsey

Love the registration

Written on 05/25/2024 by Rick D

What an awesome photo!

Written on 05/25/2024 by John Turanin

In the fall of 1976, I went out to General Dynamics in Fort Worth for an interview with my future boss. After the interview was over, he took me out to the flight line and showed me the first full scale development F-16 (FSD-1) which had rolled out (under it's own power, BTW) from final assembly just a few days before. I had seen that roll out on the local news the day it took place and now I actually got to walk up and touch it! It had this same livery which was also used on the flight test article. I started my employment just a couple of weeks later and retired in the summer of 2013 after the delivery of just over 4500 aircraft. To quote Clint Eastwood in "Firefox"... "what a machine"!!

Written on 05/25/2024 by Scott Misamore

Nice clean livery - nice shot

Written on 05/25/2024 by adelma

50 years later - as new as tomorrow. Nice shot.

Written on 05/25/2024 by adelma


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