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Written on 06/14/2024 by Andrei Shmatko

Only two in Europe so far with more due to arrive in Poland next year.

Written on 06/14/2024 by SorenTwin

I remember when this livery was a regular. Nice one John!

Written on 06/14/2024 by Darryl Sarno

Nice catch and photo John!

Written on 06/14/2024 by Darryl Sarno

Thankyou John!

Written on 06/14/2024 by Darryl Sarno

Great looking airplane!

Written on 06/14/2024 by Michael Guessetto

Beauty Shot *****.

Written on 06/14/2024 by Diana Rose

Like the heat-exhaust-thrust blowing out of port-side engine. Very cool!

Written on 06/14/2024 by Diana Rose

Great ground-level shot!

Written on 06/14/2024 by Diana Rose

I still think that painting airplanes like that should be a crime

Written on 06/14/2024 by vinmoreg

5 stars DD. Well done as usual. Much appreciated post

Written on 06/13/2024 by JM32

Awesome !!

Written on 06/13/2024 by JM32


Written on 06/13/2024 by JM32

Great Shot Roberto!

Written on 06/13/2024 by John Giambone


Written on 06/13/2024 by Cloud9Surfer

I got a ride, (a short one) in one once. I have flown a 680 FLP.

Written on 06/13/2024 by Mark Ryalls

Nice shot of the Desert Gold livery!

Written on 06/13/2024 by Tranell Mayes

@theo_jvs, the correct ICAO type code is just HAR.

Written on 06/13/2024 by Colin Seftel

FYI - the Fort Worth Air Museum just restored the 2nd prototype F-16.

Written on 06/13/2024 by David Calder

That's a bad-ass looking airplane!

Written on 06/12/2024 by John Giambone

Keith, I'm a former C-130 Loadmaster as well (77-81). Not sure what your reference to this being an "E" model? It's not, it's a J.

Written on 06/12/2024 by John Giambone

Wow! Spectacular Shot Mark! 10* Stars!

Written on 06/12/2024 by John Giambone

It is not a crime to paint an airplane like this

Written on 06/12/2024 by vinmoreg

Why'd this photo go so crazy?!

Written on 06/11/2024 by RustyShed

Wow! Nice job on the rotating props!!!

Written on 06/11/2024 by Robert Bryan

Great info Gary! One of my company's bases (actually Adelaide in South Australia) flew CV440's in the '60s and into the mid '70s, but that was a little before my time!

Written on 06/11/2024 by CHRIS ROBEY

Flies over my house daily. These helos are why I started tracking aircraft.

Written on 06/11/2024 by wnhanna

Love the cockpit windows paint scheme, gives it the masked hero/bandit appearance. Neat!

Written on 06/11/2024 by Phil Caron

Zöld csiknos zokni

Written on 06/11/2024 by Uwe Zinke


Written on 06/11/2024 by Peter Kiss

Howdy, Chris and Greg, and TYVM for the complis. Chris >> Back in the early 60s, whenever a propliner stayed overnight at BUF -- no matter which airline --, we noticed that the props had been dressed. However, if a propliner arrived but was not going to remain for any great amount of time, it seemed that the props of airlines such as UA (DC-6s and Viscounts) and AA (DC-6s and Electras) were dressed, EA always dressed them on their Electras even tho the Electras never did RON, and the smaller airlines serving Buffalo back then (Mohawk, Allegheny, Lake Central) did not worry how the props looked, probably because their old birds were merely turning around and leaving. Incidentally, until Mohawk began using these Fairchild Hillers and BAC-111s, the three small regionals serving KBUF flew hand-me-downs from the big airlines. Mohawk flew CV-240s and CV-440s; Allegheny flew CV-580s, and Lake Central flew DC-3s.

Written on 06/11/2024 by Gary Schenauer

F-86s were the first swept-wing fighters to be added to the USAF inventory, and they were decisively used during the conflict in Korea.

Written on 06/11/2024 by Gary Schenauer

Yep, FA-50 are goin' to replace current fleet of MiG-29 & Su-22.

Written on 06/11/2024 by Andrei Shmatko

Looks to be a Boeing-737-800.

Written on 06/11/2024 by Diana Rose

50 years? Hard to believe!

Written on 06/10/2024 by Dan Nelson

April 25th 2024- New to me 2011 Cessna Skycatcher at KGDM

Written on 06/10/2024 by Rob Boisvert

We can't paint 'em, but we still fly 'em !!!

Written on 06/10/2024 by Tom Fox

I did not know those made their way to Europe. That's pretty cool.

Written on 06/10/2024 by Larry Toler

Doesn't look like the Navajo that I rode in from YXX to YCD

Written on 06/10/2024 by Rick D

Post flight walkaround for me included dressing the props! Keep'em coming Gary!

Written on 06/10/2024 by CHRIS ROBEY

Looks like a freight donkey at work. Who cares for the peeling paint, it's working night shifts anyway.

Written on 06/10/2024 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

This fighter is flown by the Polish Air Force.

Written on 06/10/2024 by C T Dubowicz

Agree entirely Julius. Maybe they just fancied a change from Facebook and tiktok where snapshotters usually put their pics (can't usually call them photos and of course they have no idea what they have shot

Written on 06/10/2024 by Alan Macdonald

Location ???
Aircraft Type ????
Stars only *

Written on 06/10/2024 by Richard Schmidt

Stunning perspective Manuel.

Written on 06/09/2024 by DOUGLAS HOLT

2024-06-09 ? ? ? ça ne ressemble pas à un Piper Navajo .

C'est un CL-215T (1987)

Base of Operations: Red Deer, Alberta, CANADA

Latest Certificate of Registration Issued: -> 2023-04-11

Registered Owner InformationName: Air Spray (1967) Ltd. Penhold AB Canada

Written on 06/09/2024 by Dominique Desilets

AWESOME !! Still flying strong !!

Written on 06/09/2024 by JM32

five eight nine. Recall it had two stars. 57th FIS OMS 77-78

Written on 06/09/2024 by 96flstc

Thanks everyone for the clarification!!!

Written on 06/09/2024 by MacDocPro

is it normal such angle of pitch?.

MH-53E is a real badass machine

Written on 06/09/2024 by ferminbf

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