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Crappy Situation: TUI Airways Flight Delayed 26 Hours Due To Lack Of Toilet Paper

Passengers flying on a TUI Airways flight to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt ended up in a crappy situation after their flight was delayed by almost 26 hours. ( More...

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Chris B 8
Some airlines always seem to operate at the edge of the envelope. But this one clearly shows that papering over the cracks can be tricky.....
Chris B 4
Papering over the cracks can be tricky.....

At some airlines.....
James Simms 4
Holy Sh*t !!!!
bdarnell 2
No mention of it from the TUI spokesperson - “We are very sorry for the customers of flight TOM718 who unfortunately were delayed for a whole day, due to a combination of weather conditions, airport congestion and a minor technical issue that caused the flight crew to reach their maximum legal working hours.”
paul trubits 2
Manchester has a zillion places to buy TP. I would have kicked in some $$$ for someone from the airline to go buy some. Even better: grab some from the airport rest rooms
Larry Toler 2
That's more or less having all lavatories down. Unless it's a very short distance at least one needs to be operational. Without TP that's a no go.

jbermo 2
They simply couldn't steal a few rolls from the airport lounge?
Marty Martino 1
Perhaps it’s time to invent a bidet for aircraft lavs.


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