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Some Airlines Pollute Much More Than Others

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), an independent nonprofit funded by private foundations and entities such as the UE and World Bank, has been tracking airline fuel efficiency since 2010. Of the U.S. airlines, Alaska and Spirit Airlines have occupied the top two spots since 2010... American Airlines ranked last in the report. ( More...

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So if Alaska airlines flew the same routes as American on the same budget how would they do then?

Maybe American is going through the bean counters for a couple of 787's and will start clawing it was back into the environmental greenie hippy scores. Nothing about their criteria either is it just C02? I hope it includes nitrous oxides. H2O, sulfur, soot, particulates airport surrounding soil contamination.

Climate change or global warming or whatever the next term is just the natural cycle of the earth. What we are doing is polluting ourselves through localised emissions and the food chain. Progress has been hindered by the oil giants working on their superannuation funds.
canuck44 2
The statement that "aviation industry leaders (who don’t dispute the science of global warming)" is somewhat disingenuous. CEO's in a regulated industry are as much politicians as business executives and the current dogma from the regime is that global warming exists (in spite of no warming to two generations). They have no choice but to keep their heads down, nod appropriately and try to keep their costs down while appeasing the alarmists.

The truly smart CEO will lever these numbers into some sort of subsidy to "upgrade" their fleet allowing the taxpayer and the Chinese to pay for playing this otherwise meaningless numbers game.
Andrew Stagg 1
The study is somewhat disingenuous. Alaska and Spirit tend to operate shorter routes and fly fewer passenger miles than legacy carriers like American and Delta. And in any event, I'd much rather fly on an MD-80 than Spirit's Airbus equipment.

Jeff Lawson 2
Shouldn't shorter routes be more inefficient because a greater percentage of total flight time is spent climbing than operating at cruise?
Andrew Stagg 1
Not the way they calculate it. They look at fleet wide averages, not efficiency per flight.

Also, Alaska operates Q400 equipment (under Horizon) which burns a lot less fuel than the ERJ's that Envoy uses and Spirit has high load factors due to their business model and lower seat pitch.
linbb 1
And with China and other country's that could care less about things continue to pollute at a much greater rate than the combined pollution of other country's that try to do something about it what should be done about that? Gore Gore? Al Gore? speak up about that as you fly around trying to tell others to be green.


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