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FlightAware is hiring in Houston and New York

FlightAware is looking for great people to work in our Houston and New York offices. Positions are available for software developers, customer service, HR executives, advertising sales, advertising operations, systems operations, and more. Be sure to take a look and pass it along to anyone that you know who might be interested. ( और अधिक...

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Roland Dent 1
Put me on the list as a freelance advertising sales person for Europe.
Brian Bishop 1
Just sent you a resume.
Any work from home positions for handicap people? In New York State
preacher1 -3
Hopefully ya'll can find a good enough programmer that can make your website keep posts and replies in order where they need to be. Just Sayin'. AND THEN, once that's all done, leave it alone for awhile
Mark Duell 2
Threaded replies all preserve the correct parent post. Post ordering may change due to voting by other users.

preacher1 1
I beg to disagree. I know that is the way it is supposed to be but it ain't so.However, I will have to dig for some specifics. Not sure but they may be going the way of the post ordering; just have to look.
David Chouinard 1
Posts are ordered by a combination of most votes and time to give new comments a chance at exposure. New comments begin at the top and they slowly sag to the bottom if nobody votes on them.
David Schleck 0
I applied for customer service a long time ago. I have everything they are looking for, but I guess because I don't live in Houston (even though I would relocate), they don't care. Too bad for them
Michael Vincent 0
Are you hiring software developers to be Ux experts? Do you have any real HF staff?
Chip Hermes 2
I don't know what they're doing but if you're trying to impress people or get a job, I don't think you're succeeding.
Michael Vincent 2
Yeah, I probably should have chosen my words better. I should have asked "Are you only looking for software developers with Ux training or do you also have staff dedicated to design and evaluation of the website in addition to coders." Not looking for a job in the foreseeable future, just seeing who hires who.


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