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FlightAware Statement on FlightPrep Patent

Please click to read FlightAware's statement on the FlightPrep patent situation. ( और अधिक...

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Dan Streufert 0
Call Toni in the pilot information center at AOPA, she is coordinating AOPA’s response – 800-872-2672.

So far, AOPA has defended their own product, which is good and I agree with their statement. However, for the greater good of all the free GA flight planning tools on the internet, I think they owe more support on this issue (that's what we pay our dues for anyhow).

At a minimum I want to see AOPA stop doing any business or associating in any way with FlightPrep. (i.e. they are currently an advertiser, etc.) AOPA has stopped accepting advertising in the past for products with poor customer service. In my mind, this is even worse!

Right now, AOPA may be taking the stance that it doesn't affect them directly, so they won't get involved. We need to let them know that this issue affects every pilot, and AOPA needs to act on our behalf. To me, this is more important than the fight for Meigs Field. The % of pilots who use online flight planners is far higher than the % of pilots who ever used Meigs.

If you think this is important and you think AOPA should get actively involved, make the phone call. Tell AOPA what you want to see them do.
Brad Littlejohn 0
Thanks for the statement, Daniel. That is absolutely HUGE. though I have a question..

Would it be (a gesture) in good faith to extend the results of your attorney's investigation to RunwayFinder or others that fall under this infringement to see if their software violates this? Also, would it be in good practice to disclose the scope of FlightPrep's claims so that others could see what details they need to look for? This could go a long way with others that may be targets of FlightPrep's lawsuits.
Dan Streufert 0
FYI, FlightPrep's patent (and claims) can be found here:

If you are technically knowledgable and read through it, it's easy to see that there could be a LOT of questions raised about validity, and that their "patent" is simply obvious knowledge to any programmer.

Listen to FlightPrep's general manager try to explain it in an interview. He digs his own hole....

Harvey Shermann 0
The claims are public and quite narrow.

1. Download the chart from server to client

This knocks out PC applications like Voyager and FalconView.

2. As a 2D array of tiles.

This knocks out Jeppesen and AOPA.

3. Have the user click on the map to define waypoints.

This knocks out flightaware, duat.

4. Draw the route line browser-side.

Anybody left?

Seriously, you might as well call it "The RunwayFinder Patent"
Harvey Shermann 0
Oh, and they're not done. They've still got a continuing application
George Luaces 0 you have my support!!
Michael Flatley 0
I'll just leave this here.
Boycott FlightPrep 0
Kilocharlie 0
I would glady contribute to a fund via AOPA or Fltplan to support litigation to resolve this issue.


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