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WHO Calls for the Lifting of Travel Bans

Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO), recommended that countries around the world lift all COVID-19 travel restrictions. The International Health Regulations Emergency Committee of the organization stated in a report that blanket travel bans "are not effective in suppressing international spread (as clearly demonstrated by the Omicron experience), and may discourage transparent and rapid reporting of emerging VOC [Variants of Concern]." ( More...

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MrTommy 20
I have to admit, after two years of this stuff, I pay NO attention to anything coming out of the WHO.
Michelle Land 20
Agreed! We need to accept that Covid is a way a life and restricting travel is only going to prolong the negative impact. I'm ready to see the world....
srobak 9
"are not effective in suppressing spread" - SURPRISE! not.
Paul Miller 17
YES Please let's get rid of the Airline Travel Restrictions, I have waited (like many others have) to return back to my adopted country in Asia for over Two Years now.
Peter McGrath 7
This would make more sense maybe if they hadn't called for Vax mandates and the airlines got rid of pilots! Can't have it both ways!
srobak 3
now now - don't go confusing the issue with facts
veramoosdijk 7
I can't more agree on that advice :)
SkyAware123 6
time to treat this just like a regular flu. All efforts have been for nothing.
Dennis Stockton 5
CCP Calls for the Lifting of Travel Bans. Fixed it for you.
Gary Smith 4
WHO is an organ of the Chinese Communist Party. Period.
s s 9
A couple years of misery thrown onto millions of people to only now come out and say what anyone with a modicum of critical thinking ability figured out a few months into this. Unlawful lockdowns of healthy people at no risk of serious illness, the insane idea cloth masks make a difference, and keeping people isolated and afraid because of power drunk politicians.
Sherri Stevens 1
Exactly! Get rid of all governments.
Kathy Magid 9
Please remove the mask mandate.
srobak 5
posting that here wont help and wont hit the eyes of anyone who can help. you can control your own mask mandate, though... I did that over a year ago and it has been awesome.
srobak 2
nice.... someone downvoting free thinking and free choice. Every week just when I think the FA thread voters can't possibly get any more worse and ridiculous - I get proven wrong time and again. We truly are doomed.
James Simms 2
Passengers are fed up & tired w/it as evidenced by the numerous incidents; & fed up w/the little power trips a few PA go on. I suspect the FA’s & crews are tired of the crap, also.
eric pearson 9
Travel bans work against human traffickers, masks never worked (virus is smaller than mask fiber weave, WHO is made of unelected, unaccountable power thugs, wrong on all fronts.
woody marvel 4
who has not authority on anything
srobak 4
true but they have influence
Deb atkinson 5
It has been the on-onslaught of experimental remedies and unnatural social practices put into place, that have caused the numerous variants and the prolonged BS that we are now enduring. England has already begun to call this co-called "pandemic" what it truly is: "Endemic". They have lifted all mandates!!. It's obvious this virus is with us for the flu and common cold. On the other hand, Look at China: who are now extinguishing dogs,cats,guinea pigs and other farm animals because they also harbor the virus!! It pains me to know that the human race can be driven to such levels of insanity, due to the calculated fear tactics of those in power. This all had purpose!!I'd be very surprised if this world is allowed to get back to the norm from before. Hope I'm wrong.. but I doubt it.
Sherri Stevens 4
So it seems and one thing I have realized and have come to grips with is....we can no longer look to our external for any relief toward our existence...happiness comes within ourselves. Who really cares, so we must love ourselves.
Virmantas Stukonis 3
eric pearson 3
Many people know the Comedian George Carlin. Pull up and listen to his monolog on immune system (getting sick) from around 2016. He is spot on long before China Virus and Dr. Falsi...!!
Stan Wildeboer 4
George Carlin died in 2008.
SkyAware123 2
so? He was still spot on.
srobak 2
that's ok - he voted in 2016, and abraham lincoln is quoted as saying everything you find on the internet is true
MrTommy 3
And prepare to hold your sides from laughing. He, of course, is spot on.
Sherri Stevens 3
Dr.Falsi is all about $$$ and so is our corrupt governments! How they sleep at night, only God knows.
Chris Croft 2
Just in time for the ChiCom Olympics. How convenient.
Virmantas Stukonis 1
Go go go


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