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747SP owned by Sheldon Adelson damaged in hangar

A rare Boeing 747SP plane has suffered severe damage after a collision with another aircraft. The plane was set to undergo maintenance work before the collision occurred in an Arizona hangar, leaving a gaping slice beneath the fuselage’s front-end. Evidence suggests the aircraft has now been damaged beyond repair. ( More...

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Bruce Cate 7
NASA is licking their lips. Spare parts for SOFIA!
Interesting reading history of the plane. Purchased by PanAm in 1979. In 1980 I flew a PanAm SP Sydney to Los Angeles. Back in those days I was a very nervous flier and the fewer times the plane touched the ground the greater my chance of living (I am completely opposite now). This PanAm flight was twice weekly so I arranged my schedule around the flight avoiding a Hawaii stopover. To think the same plane may still be flying - or crunched permanently in 1980. Memories.
Alan Dahl 2
I flew an ex-PanAm United 747SP from LAX to Sydney in 1986, very soon after the UAL takeover. The Pan Am lettering had been painted over with UNITED and a smaller version of the United U had been painted over the Pan Am logo. But inside, besides the inflight magazine everything was Pan Am with their logo in a lot of places., I think even some of the flight attendant uniforms were lightly modified Pan Am uniforms. My one and only SP flight...
Torsten Hoff 9
They may not be too unhappy about this accident. Get a nice insurance payout for the totaled airframe and get something newer, more efficient and less costly to maintain than a unicorn 747SP.

Business is down in Las Vegas and they probably don't need two 747SPs at the moment anyway.
Kevin Keswick 4
My thoughts exactly. According to recent reports Adelson is trying to sell the Las Vegas Sands Corporation (Las Vegas, Singapore, Macau) for obvious reasons. They don't need these ancient Mini-Jumbo's to ferry around high-rollers. Better to collect on an insurance payout
Kevin Keswick 1
See LINK! >>>
Did anyone ever think maybe he loved his classic 747 SP? Forget the cost, the age, and the fuel inefficiency. Maybe it was not about the money. There were only 45 built.
I think about how many folks out there have a classic, old aircraft. Many of them costly and fuel efficient but these classic aircraft become a member of the family.
I’d like to think Mr. Adelson loved his 747 SP.
I know I will take flack for my sympathetic comment, but that’s okay.
ImperialEagle 7
Mr. Adelson and his wife are very kind and generous souls. Does anyone recall when he sent 747's to Afghanistan to bring weary American soldiers into his resorts in Vegas for some overdue r&r? He paid for everything. I don't recall how many rotations were made, but, it was a lot.
As for Insurance, this is why we buy it. You just never know.
Torsten Hoff 0
That's a fair point. But he's also a businessman, and owns another 747SP. The loss of one may be bearable for him.
Alright Boeing time to reopen the line for the 747sp so we can rebuild this thing
Mike Mills 2

The website above shows other damage to the aircraft as well as storm debris inside the hangar.
Mike Mills 1
Other damage to the airport:
WhiteKnight77 1
This was posted about 2 hours before you did. :whistle:
sharon bias 1
Yup, it's toast. Have to question why it was still at the airport when they knew Laura was headed directly their way. Was it not airworthy?
If it was undergoing maintenance, it may not be flyable.
kind of like your car being a dealership being fixed and a tornado hiots the car lot....
Dave Mathes 2 , that hurt....'you had one job'....
James Simms 2
What would be on your mind if a Cat Four was bearing down on where you lived? Who knows, there was a mandatory evacuation & w/clogged roads to fight, survival supplies to get (if they hadn’t already been cleaned out); probably had multiple things on his mind to include safety of his family (if he had one). Poor fellow may not have a habitable home to live in unless he was absolutely lucky.
WhiteKnight77 1
There is apparently more damage to the aircraft than just fuselage damage as the right wing is damaged as well.

This article has video from the outside showing how badly damaged the hanger with the 747 is.

The damage is from Hurricane Laura back in September though it appears to just be getting out to the rest of us now.
James Simms 1
Nick Meyer 1
Probably an online poker player getting back at Assdelson for paying to block legalization of online poker.
stuart bloom 1
Unfortunately, these massive insurance payouts ultimately hurt the rest of us in the form of higher premiums to insure our aircraft.
Ric Wernicke 1
These large policies are cut into tiny slices and reinsured. This means no one company takes a huge hit. Imagine you just lost a wallet with $50 in it. Not anything to worry about. I doubt it would have any effect on premiums.
hal pushpak -5
Yup! Socialism, don'tcha know? :)
skylab72 4
Nope. It is called risk management. Go take Econ101 again.
linbb -3
Again failing to read news on here has lead to another old news report being posted by someone. DUH read what is on here first.

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dale junior 11
It happened in Lake Charles,LA . The hurricane blew the doors off the hangar,and blew a BBJ into the -SP.
That makes more sense as to where it occurred.
Bob Kamman 1
I don't think the photos are fake. The trees in the background, though, don't look like Marana. This might have happened in September, but just reported now? I could understand why they didn't wnt to send out a press release.
Michael Meyers -2
Damage Probably done by some depressed gambler who lost his shirt in one of his casinos.
Elliot Cannon -3
That was NO accident.LOL


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