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Chicago Mayoral Candidate wants to reopen Meigs Field

Meigs was the second largest business district airport in North America. Meigs Field airport was closed when Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley ordered the runway destroyed with bulldozers without the thirty-day notice required by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. I propose the restoration of this important third airport with planned enhancements for 21st century personal air travel and much needed revenue source. ( More...

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Luis Ruiz 21
My first airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
John Rumble 5
A whole nation of Flight simmers and Pilots who got their first taste of flying at Meigs back in the early days when you had 8 bit graphics. Boxy planes and scenery
Check it out
John Rumble 3
And when I looked at the vid - I forgot you had to run it in DOS!
Roger Blew 2
Cracked a lot of windshields on DOS FS! LOL
MrTommy 1
Boy, I just watched that video - and it brought back fond memories of my early flying career (in computers only). I had it on my Atari 1040ST.
Mr. Wilson's words about Daley's back door, authoritarian closing of Meigs in the middle of the night, and about the real need for Meigs in the downtown area is refreshing (as well as some of his other comments).

If this man can bring back Meigs, in a more modern/expanded form, I think it could out perform it's financial expectations. It sure would be better than flying into Palwaukee and taking a cab downtown.
Dean Skora 2
You clearly don't know Chicago or Mr. Wilson. He has the same electoral chances as I do with the papal electors.
I lived there for 35 years.

And while Mr Wilson is a candidate, I will agree, he has little chance of being elected. But that does not stop me from appreciating his bringing the subject to everyone's attention.
And one other point. Meigs, no matter how small it might have been, was still important to Richard J. Daley. It was patronage. Those jobs meant votes, and "donations" from those workers to the Machine. The Ward Committeeman knew it, the Alderman knew it, and Daley knew it.

Not to mention those in business who were connected to the Machine, made sure that in return for their "donations", the City left Meigs alone.

By the time Richard M. came around in 1989, Shakman was the law of the land, and patronage was all but dead.
Teresa Camp 7
It was a travesty destroying that airfield the way Daley did. He should be in jail for destruction of public property. More power to anyone who can restore the airfield.
John OConnor 7
Mayor Daley granted transportation firms that paid him dearly an exclusive at O'Hare and he decided that O'Hare and Midway were sufficient and closed Meigs. Daley was a crook and you had to pay to play in order to get anywhere with Chicago. You can surmise why Southwest chose to fly into Midway and not O'Hare.
RodneyAir 5
I need to make a campaign contribution. Meigs was my favorite airport to fly into and I did that many times when it was open. It was a valuable asset to the City of Chicago destroyed by a thug mayor. I've rarely returned since it closed.
Wingrat 5
It was a dismal event when Meigs got bulldozed by an espically despicable mayor. It is hearting to read that this field may one day be operational and modernized.
Peter Maas 5
Sears Tower should be Sears Tower, NOT Willis Tower. Meigs Field should be re-activated. Our sail boat was moored at the Chicago Yacht Club. We always enjoyed aircraft coming and going from Meigs Field.
Daly should have been arrested and prosecuted for closing Meigs and destroying it. I am glad to hear it may reopen.
AWAAlum 1
I was born and raised in Chicago. The iron hand of the Daley machine was omnipotent. He owned the city.
It was the Son, Richard M, not Hizhonor, Richard J. who closed Meigs. Son thought he had the same power as his father. Only in his dreams.
Request permission to give Daley a good hard punch in the mouth.
Paul Hurford 1
Permission Granted!!!
Mark Boehlen 4
King Richard Jr decimated this Chicago asset and landmark in the dead of night. I think the city has much larger political issues that need to be addressed, but would love to see a vibrant Meigs Field return to its landscape.
Jason Apol 4
My dream from 40 years ago could come true after all! Got inspired to fly watching that runway from the skydeck of the sears tower as a kid with my folks. Didn't get my PPL until after Meigs was destroyed. I'd personally use that field often now for business!
ajmilan 1
Same here. That field would serve downtown businesses well.
wingbolt 9
He was on the Governors task force for fair practices in contracting. He doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of becoming the mayor of Chicago. It sounds like
he might not be corrupt enough!
bentwing60 5
i scanned the article and didn't really see the true chitcago requirement of D after his name, and his ideas and contentions are far to intellectual, let alone practical to be one. So, sadly I agree.
Tim Marks 0
The problem is that the cemeteries are full of active voters who vote Democrat in all elections and are loyal to the Dailey machine. Just because you die in Chicago does not mean your vote does not count for decades after you have left this world...and doesn't matter if you were a Republican when you were alive - you're a Democrat now.
btweston -6
You sound like a brainwashed radio listener.
Brainwashed? Lol, you must not have much corruption where you live. This is common knowledge in Chicago.
As a follower of Chicago history, I would not be surprised at anything. Under the Daley machine, the organization would stop at nothing to assure that 'Hizhonor' prevailed. In fact, their patronage jobs depended on that fact.

It may not be that way in modern day elections, however, there is still a deep loyalty towards the Democratic Machine, from ward committeeman on up to County Chairman. Those potholes don't fix themselves you know. How you vote depends on if that pothole is fixed this week, or in the next Millennium.

There is a reason no Republican has been elected Mayor of the City of Chicago since the days of Big Bill Thompson (1931).
Cansojr 6
There is a similar problem at the Island Airport. Turboprops fly in all day long because you are right in the heart of the city. Jets are not. When the new green jet first made by Bombardier. They tested it and the butt brains in Toronto won't let it be used. Thats dumb because potential operators want to fly the new breed of quiet Regional Jets. There is a video of one testing all the pertinent guidelines, plus it would create more jobs on both sides of the USA/CANADA FENCE...NOT. It's on Utube. Search Bombardier. It is more quiet than some the turboprops.
Highflyer1950 1
While I am convinced it is a great aircraft, there’s always that nagging little voice of reason that says, this airport is way to small and short for continuous jet operations. With a single runway there far too many diversions to CYYZ for weather issues.
Cansojr 1
It passed the test at a much shorter runway in London,U.K. I don't think you have all the facts. Toronto is ideal. The bankers are scared of a little jet noise. The GO TRAINS make a lot of noise. There is no logical argument to keep the C-Series Airbus out of Toronto. Talk to the folks in London.
Highflyer1950 1
I believe London City airport is 4,900’ in length and the “C”:Series requires 4,800’. Last time I looked CYTZ was 3,988’ but I could be wrong.
Cansojr 1
Please look at the Youttube and you will be away. Air Baltic aand SWISS paassed the test and are now operating daily without mishap. They just fly a bewildering approach into Lonndon City on and extremely steep approach. The C-series by Airbus passed with flying colours. The aircraft handled the approaches beautifully. So there should be information in your paperJepp..
or early electronic Jepp.
Highflyer1950 2
London City is not the issue. You compared it to YTZ and as I said, that runway does not meet the aircraft’s requirements without lengthening, even the A-220? The other interesting question is required runway length available for commercial ops landing distance. Someone can correct my numbers, but if memory serves the aircraft would require a dry landing distance of 2,393’ on a 3,988’ runway. If the runway is contaminated then the runway available would need to be 4,377’ which 389’ more than than you have. I get what you mean about London City and it’s a great approach, however the pilots require special continuous training to operate there and judging by the airmanship standards shown by the average pilot over the last 10 years there is concern!
Cansojr 0
Most pilots freak out the first time they use the decent profile at the London City Airport. The 220's didn't have a hitch. They passed certification more stringent than the Toronto Island Airport.
Paul Hurford 3
I lived in Chicago for 32 years, and flew into Meigs Field many times. I had left Chicago by the time Daily did a midnight run on Meigs and and destroyed it as an airport. It was Criminal. Of all the support I gave to the Daily's over the years - I felt betrayed. Yes, Meigs was not the easiest airport to use. Crosswinds, and the wind shear was bad at times. But it was a great little airport. I'd truly like to see it reopened and brought back to life. It served the City Well, and produced excellent revenue as well. Bring Meigs Back, not for nostalgic reasons, but for access to the great city of Chicago and its business partners.
C.W. Reed 3
Ditto that to the 3rd power Kenneth! Cheers!
The heart and soul of Meigs Field can never be replaced. They could build a new airport but it would never be the same. Just the design of the old one made it fun to go there and just watch the planes come and go. It was fun to just go there and make a whole day of it because you had the Aquarium and the Planetarium right next-door. The only bad thing was there were a lot of planes with minor problems lost on takeoff into Lake Michigan. I knew one of them.
Why was Daley not charged with violating the law when he ignored FAA regulations? Chicago corrupt politics that is why.
AWAAlum 5
Probably because it's Chicago and it's Daley.
AWAAlum 3
I don't know why the down vote. You may not like what I said, and I respect your right to your opinion, but that doesn't make the comment inaccurate. He was a crook, no doubt, but a successful crook, and you may find his name under the saying "My way or the highway".
conradp99 1
The FAA did collect a fine of $33,000 from Chicago in 2006. Daley was acting as Mayor, not privately.
Recall please, there was never an instrument approach to CGX. At best an aircraft on an IFR flight plan could execute an approach to MDW (ILS 31) and hope to make it to CGX on a Contact Approach.
donjohnston 3
There was a GPS approach into Meigs. 1-1/4 mile, 627' DH.
BWhaler 2
GPS approaches didn't exist back then either, now would be easy to set one up, IF FAA get back to work!
Mike Mohle 1
Did that a couple of times. If coming from the SE and ceiling allowed breaking off from GYY worked too, usually less traffic to contend with.... Those were the days!
Jerry Lohman 2
I flew into Meigs countless times with MS Flight Simulator. It was practice for my first planned true cross country following my first flight review. It never happened for real. It was closed before I could schedule the flight.
sparkie624 3
Interesting.... Could unload some traffic from ORD and MDW as well.. But I do not see this becoming reality!
I am not sure that Meigs would take much traffic from ORD and MDW. However it will take flights that would right now go to Palwaukee and Dupage.

This would be especially relevant due to the increasing number of businesses moving downtown (McDonald's,and Mondelez for example).
Ryan Sybesma 7
At 3900' you couldn't land McDonald's Global & G550 there. Seeing Meigs Field resurrected would be fantastic, but who am I kidding. This is Illinois & Chicago, nothing here changes except a new or increased tax. #lookingtorelocate
Would definitely help MDW. There’s a lot of corporate traffic that goes in there. ORD some but not much
Duane Mader 0
I used to use Meigs and have used Midway instead until I saw what the neighborhood was like. I hate landing at an airport where I fear for my life getting lunch.
Impossible to calculate, but I imagine Chicago has lost billions over the years from businesses who decided it’s too inconvenient to travel there.
Roy Troughton 4
Being a little over dramatic about the neighborhood around Midway. Nothing wrong with it for the most part. Try flying into Detroit City then you will understand what a bad neighborhood is like.
awhitmor 1
I don't know that it makes sense just now, but a heliport sounds great. Those with helis based nearby would be able to fly direct to the lakefront. Anyone with fixed (or no) wings could hitch a shuttle over from ORD, MDW, GYY, PWK, DPA, etc... ...hats off to Mr. Wilson for bringing the subject up in public!
bighoss81 1
I don't like to be negative but I agree that this is highly unlikely. Meigs is now a public park with a concert venue that holds events all summer. Most of the infrastructure has changed since it closed and I imagine it would be costly to make it flight ops ready. It would be cool to see it come back though!
If it was not for the CORRUPT political system in Chicago Daley should have been charged with violating known FAA regulations.
conradp99 1
The city was, and paid a $33,000 fine/settlement in 2006.
Richard Loven 1
I liked/miss Meigs. It’s unlikely this guy will get elected. It is even more unlikely Meigs will be reopened.
jeff Bender 1
When Alcalde Daily tore up Meigs, I swore off Chicago. I and my money have not been there since. I know, big whoop. Except I'd bet a Chicago-style dog I'm not alone.
Ben Bosley 1
I don't think I've ever clicked on a squawk so fast
william m 1
Good read! Here's an article about the demolition. I hope they re-open it.


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