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What's in an airport name? Sometimes it's aviation history

Former presidents George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Bill Clinton all have airports named for them. So do former cabinet secretaries John Foster Dulles and Norman Y. Mineta and celebrities as varied as John Wayne, Bob Hope, Louis Armstrong, Will Rogers and Arnold Palmer. There's also a long-held tradition of naming airports, airfields and terminals for people with links to aviation history. Here are a dozen to explore. ( और अधिक...

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josh homer 4
I'm still waiting for Springfield IL or MO to rename theirs to Homer J. Simpson Airport.
s2v8377 2
Cool!!! Sounds good to me!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm airport pizza!!!!!!
pfp217 2
As a resident of SPI... I would be stoked!!
Kenneth Schmidt 3
Joe Foss field - KFSD - WWII ace, General in the ANG, and Governor of SD, to name a few; Eppley Airfield - KOMA - Named after Gene Eppley who converted the municipal airfield to a jetport with his own money; General Downing Peoria International - KPIA - Decorated General born in Peoria.; Austin Straubel International Airport - KGRB - Named after Lt. Col Austin Staubel, WWII pilot lost near Java in WWII.; Richard I Bong Airport - KSUW - Richard Bong, WWII air ace (highest scoring) in Pacific Theater, test pilot for Lockheed flying P-80's, died due to a plane crash the same day we bombed Hiroshima.

Being a Mid-Western person, and also enjoying history, I always wondered why they named fields. So in my travels, I took time to find out.

Of course missing, is Meigs field. A bitter-sweet story of politicians gone awry. While Meigs was a newspaper publisher in Chicago, not a war hero or aviation pioneer, he was an advocate. Meigs was on the only island built from Burnham's Chicago Plan of the early 1900's.
josh homer 1
Wow very informative. I'd like to add KSJT (San Angelo, Tx) Mathis Field. The airport was later renamed in honor of local Jack W. Mathis , a bombardier who received the Medal of Honor.
James Driskell 5
This is an aviation forum, NOT a place to discuss politics or religion. Knock it OFF!
Ev Butler 2
KEYF (Elizabethtown NC) is named in honor of Curtis Brown, an astronaut.
jonathan sharkey 2
KTOA in Torrance, CA is Zamperini Field, named for Louis Zamperini, an Olympic medalist who joined the Army Air Corps and survived three years in a Japanese POW camp. Today he's in his '90's and still going strong. A truly remarkable man.
Chris Bryant 2
I live right under an approach to LCK. Most of the traffic is at night, but there's a lot of USAF activity, so I do get to see a few KC-135s along with some cargo jets, all the way up to the big MD-11's from FedEx.
Ric Wernicke 2
How about that Bill Clinton airport? You can blow the approach, and nobody cares!
preacher1 2
Where are Lincoln's and Maneta's airports?
kyle estep 2
Lincoln is Springfield IL (SPI). Mineta is San Jose CA (SJC)

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James Driskell 4
I'd hate to see you go, because your village will be missing a perfectly good idiot!

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Jeremy Kudlick 2
If an airport shouldn't have a muslim name, then why are they allowed to have christian names?
preacher1 -1
Well point blank period, whether you happen to like it or not, this country was founded on Christian principles, regardless of how many people don't like that fact and I for one am tired of laying down about it and trying to be politically correct anymore. I can feel for the humanity and love the people that subscribe to that religion but I cannot tolerate a religion that has violence and hate at it's roots. If a Muslim person is peaceful and loving then let them convert to a religion that is also. Peace may be in their hearts but radicals are in control of that religion, dispensing hate & death, and that is the way it will progress for the forseeable future. You cannot blame the general American public for feeling scared or prejudice. They came here by choice. They and all other immigrants should assimilate into Americanism and our laws.IMHO
josh homer 5
While it is true that there are more bigoted muslims than christians, it is unfair to label all muslims based upon a very tiny portion of extremists. I personally don't like any religions of the abrahamic faith, because they all fail to follow one basic principle: Being kind and loving others regardless of who they are and what they believe. It seems that you and Phil are intolerant of others not like you. Jesus helped and fed the poor, but now people like Phil call the poor "moochers" or "leeches." If Jesus were alive today, Christians would murder him for being a "socialist" or whatever buzz word Fox news uses that day. I love what Jesus taught, and I honor that by ACTUALLY following what he teaches. Today's Christian has been tricked by ultra conservative politicians for their votes. These politicians take away services that help the poor, and Christians applaud that. I think it's time to ask yourself, what would Jesus do?
preacher1 2
Josh, I don't know where my comment to you last night went and I think yours is gone too, but please read my comment above here a little closer. Like you, I don't care for the religion, as it teaches hate, but I'll love the person as we are supposed to. The only other thing I will say is that we disagree about the control of the religion. I don't think it is just a "radical few". That radical few are in control, hence all the expansionism, sharia law, Jihad, etc.Kinda like the Nazi's and the German people in WW2. They really did care for the atrocites but did not object to them either. That, to me, is why they must either convert or participate. I don't see much middle ground there if they are true to their religion.I can't speak for Phil and his feelings. He may just be speaking the truth publicly that a lot of folks hold privately and won't say
preacher1 3
Also, as far as the poor goes, there are the working poor and the outright leeches that won't work, expecting everything to be given to them. Those are the folks I'm not crazy about. Even the Bible speaks aginst that.
1 Timothy 5:8
"But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."
I don't consider intentionally taking a handout as "PROVIDING"
josh homer 2
We will just have to agree to disagree on religion. While Christians aren't typically violent, they have been tricked by voting for satanic ultra conservatives have destroyed this country. Mark 10:25 says "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a
needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of
God." Yet Christians defend the rich, while admonishing the poor. I agree about the working poor. We as taxpayers subsidize the rich, especiall walmart, because a company that owns 44% of the nations wealth refuses to pay a living wage. 60% of walmart employees are on welfare. It is not fair to them to take food away from their family because a tiny portion of people refuse to work. That is unchristlike. It is my job to take care of those that need it, as a person that follows what Jesus taught. Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, Paul (not Ron, who gets me) and their ilk USE religion against them for votes. My youth pastor warned me of people like that.
preacher1 2
Well, I don't really see where we are disagreeing on religion. As a matter of fact we are pretty much in agreement. WalMart is not the only corporation that has people on welfare and/or food stamps. Those folks are working though and trying to make it. Problem is though, that maybe 10 years ago or less, those wages were livable and above assistance standard. Now they are not. Something is wrong with the whole picture and I just personally hope that the Lord doesn't tarry much longer. We are in that generation past Israel and my Bible says that it shall not pass. I would not try and put a date and time on it but Israel became a nation in 1948 and I believe the Bible defines a generation as 70 years.
josh homer 1
Preacher, I like you. You seem to be pretty level headed. We agree on most things. I've enjoyed the discussion! Thanks!

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Jeremy Kudlick 5
I guess by your logic I, an agnostic American who earned the rank of Eagle Scout served his country proudly in the Navy, deserve to die. Just remember this - the most hypocritical people in the world also tend to be the most devout to their religions.

Now, to keep this from going any further off track, I will refrain from any more replies.
Ric Wernicke 0
As an agnostic, a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God, shouldn't you resign your rank of Eagle Scout because you cannot affirm the Scout Oath which in pertinent part says "On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God..."
Brian Hankey -1
Yes the BOIA will constantly misdirect flights and lose luggage.

[This poster has been suspended.]

preacher1 -1
They'll do like they did LIT on Clinton; they'll probabably rename ORD or MDW.LOL
Kenneth Schmidt 2
Having grown up in the shadow of MDW, I hope that never happens. I would rather see it named after Alpheus Stickney, a railroad pioneer, who had a line running through the middle of MDW back in the day.
panam1971 0
Do you think he would furlough the controllers at his namesake airport?
learman69 -2
I will never fly into a airport named after that doucher!!


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