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Obama Re-Elected: What Will Happen To Aviation Now?

'Anti-Aviation' President Feared by Many In Aviation Industry Well... it appears that the Fat Lady is singing and that Barack Obama, for better or for worse, is about to serve a second term. One of the most controversial men to hold the office (even beyond Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton), we found that while walking the halls of NBAA, a true fear of the future was ever-present among the aviation business community as a result of the consequences of the last few years. ( More...

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It didn't take very long for sore and bitter people to bring the mans name up again. Damn, don't you people give it a rest??? Think not Republican or Democratic, think America!!!
preacher1 3
Hey, I'm supposed to do the preachin' BUT, you doing a good job. GET AFTER THEM!!!!!!
Preachin's good but we probably need to be prayin because neither the dems or the reps are taking care of America anymore. IMHO
preacher1 0
It's real interesting. The Lord knew about the outcome of this before election day ever came around. It is incumbent upon us to pray and to seek His will as to why it happened. It could have something to do with 2nd Chronicles 7:14. IMHO
I'm verse challenged.....but instead of governing America, they are changing it. Not to my liking either.
preacher1 1
[14] If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
Well, either somebody ain't praying or they don't like the original America. Lol
preacher1 1
Didn't you say here while back that you were going to keep your plane up in Illinois somewhere, back when all that talk was going on about moving Chicago South?
Jason Bischel 1
It's a bit late for the country to throw away those two useless parties now mate. I for one agree with you 100%, the best way to tear a nation apart is to divide it into two warring factions and then vote based on "sides" instead of what's good and right for the country. Only in America will you find that kind of stupidity.
jshanaberg 1
Good point THRUSTT. I'm as unhappy with Obama as I would have been with Romney, but I do think the administration has caused setbacks to general aviation. The president has repeatedly lashed out and demonized business aviation. He campaigned on the successes of the auto bailouts but neglected to see that his statements are hurting an already struggling aviation industry. Similar to Detroit and other car manufacturing communities Wichita has lost hundreds of jobs to outsourcing and capacity reductions, but no bailouts here. I believe Air Force One can be regarded as the biggest corporate aircraft in the world and Obama does not seem to mind using it, while bashing the supposed "rich and famous" clientele of corporate aviation. He needs to get his facts straight.
joel wiley 5
First he was muslim, then Kenyan. What now, he is going to invalidate Bernoulli's principle? Come on, isn't this a bit of a stretch?
Lets have the USAF .. Park AF1 .. tell him he has no plane or even a back up .. and see how fast he get it together ....
Marcus Adolf 1
That's actually a really good idea.
blake1023 0
Haha yeah, next thing you know Obama will be part of NBAA's No Plane No gain!!
btweston 2
This article is, eh, not the most objective piece I've read in a while. Not that objectivity matters in journalism anymore...
James Driskell 1
If you can't accept the outcome, then move!
eagle5719 1
Call AOPA in Maryland about the prospect of "user Fees" for general aviation to get the latest info.
amado leon 1
well u can pay higher taxes,than and that is the only the start.god help us all.
goldfoot 1
"Anti-Aviation"?! Our President has been accused of a lot of things over the course of this campaign, but this is really bizarre. Is the author seriously implying that commercial airlines who treat their customers like cattle, refuse to treat their pilots and crew with dignity and respect, and ultimately go under as a result is somehow Obama's ninja-like "Anti-Aviation" convictions?

Seriously. How did this even show up on the FlightAware feed?
joel wiley 2
From the left panel click on 'Squawks and Headlines', then on the right, click on "Add a Squawk". Just as in California, $200 filing fee and a typewriter, you can file any lawsuit. Neither FA nor the Courts filter what I would see as 'stupidity', IMNSHO.
pilot0987 2
He has slammed General Aviation in his speeches. Demanding that people that can buy these planes can pay additional taxes to fly them in his government airspace.
goldfoot 5
If someone can afford to finance their own, personal BC King Air...or Hell, even afford to acquire and maintain a pilot's licence while renting a Cessna a couple times a month, yeah...your doing just fine. Can they afford to pay for a few extra text books for our kids? Likely.

But whatever. It's not the point. Calling out those who can afford to be a GA pilot is hardly "Anti-Aviation". When he starts shutting down airports and destroying pilot's unions, then it would be a fair accusation.
Mike Barbato 6
Absolute bullshit. I make $35K and a lot of that goes into flying because I'm obsessed with it and see a greater reward in the future. People-possibly me some day-rely on business aviation for JOBS.
jshanaberg 4
Joel, I am one of those who rents a Cessna a couple times a month and maintains a pilot's license. Unfortunately I don't have the extra bucks to pay for somebody else's text books, and I am not sure why I should. I make sacrifices in order to fly because I love it. I don't drive a fancy car, I don't own a house, a boat or jetskis. Instead I spend every extra dime to go fly, much like many of my flying buddies. I am a college student, I pay for my own text books and I don't expect anybody else to buy them for me. In my opinion if you decide to have kids you should be aware of the responsibility and expenses that come with it, rather than relying on others to provide for you and your family. I'm convinced that a lot of this anti GA garbage is pure envy. Clueless folks automatically assume that if you can afford to fly a plane you get bundles of cash in your pocket, but the reality is far from that.
preacher1 3
Got to agree. It's like anything else, a person will sacrifice to do what they love to do. I have friends that love to hunt/fish. They have a $40000 bass boat and bunches of equipment and a high priced pickup to pull it and the totally maxd out 4 wheeler sitting on a trailer, yet they live in a shack and don't have much other niceties, cause those extra dimes go to what they want. They don't expect anybody to support them either. They work their butts off and just take every amount of off time on the lake or in the woods. They may appear wealthy but aren't anywhere near it.
goldfoot 2
sorry..."you're" strikes again.
blake1023 1
Yeah $11 Billion dollars over 10 year is going to mean a hella beans to our countries problems. If you read his FY2013 Budget (BTW the Dems haven't passed a budget in 3 years which is sad!!) the user fees don't apply to piston airplanes. If Liberls want to pay taxes then pay more! Why dont you pay $100 per flight, right now?! I'm sure the governement would love to have the money!
Once they passed the 25% mark for taxes they were out of bounds. I don't care if you make a billion $ a year. And the 50% that don't pay any taxes, that is a joke if they are able bodied. Everyone needs to contribute something so they have skin in the game.
I wondered the same thing, why post this on FA, especially so quick after the results??? Seems a loser wanted to vent, and this was the only avenue available. I don't agree with everything the man does, but people really need to get off his back!!!
WtfWtf 1
Tax SUV drivers first. They take up more space and increase demand of gas while decreasing supply. (Prices go up for all) Not to mention the view blocking and risk to drivers of more efficient vehicles. A 172 in class charlie is hardly the problem.
pilot0987 1
Hello Taxes!
You're in Canada, why worry???
Boatinman 1
Hello Taxes!
Robert Lewis 0
In what ways is this an "Anti-Aviation" administration?
linbb -4
You dont think that everyone will be touched by the second term of his? He will start to put the left wing ideals into action now as he has nothing to loose as there will be no third term. So anything he does is not going to affect what happens in his life after this term. Guns,airplanes, peoples rights that work will all be affected now. Get what you think he will do away with or put out of peoples reach now.
btweston 5
Get your brain away from your radio.
Robert Lewis 2
That was the most insightful thing I've read all day. Thanks for sharing. I am now convinced that all my rights will be taken away over the course of the next 4 years.
goldfoot 3
sparkie624 0
LOL, obama and aviation... If you buy a $50,000 plane, you will probably have to pay 200% taxes... After all, he has to have someway to pay for his vacations.
tedtimmons 0
ANN has some good articles, usually with the author's byline, but this one has no name associated with it and sounds like something straight from Fox News. Very disappointing that ANN has stooped to fear mongering. "Can aviation survive under Obama?" Give me a break.
Aviation will continue to flourish, just as it has for the past 109 years. Some wealthy individuals will, however, have to pay more for the privilege of using their "business jets" to take them to places like Acapulco and Monte Carlo and to transport their cash to their tax-free offshore bank accounts.
Robert Gillaspie -2
Don't blame the President, blame the obstructionist do nothing congress


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