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Analysts and Airbus Clash Over Airbus A220-500 Launch at Paris Air Show

There seems to be a disagreement between analysts and Airbus regarding the potential launch of the Airbus A220-500, a stretched variant of the A220 aircraft, at the upcoming Paris Air Show. ( More...

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Roy Hunte 3
Airbus put out a statement recently that they're not going to launch it yet, so what's the clash?
bentwing60 2
"Out of the 271 Airbus A220s delivered to airlines so far, data from indicates that 62 are currently in storage or undergoing maintenance, including testbeds and aircraft used by the manufacturer."

'Holy smokes Batman, the Batmobile turbine is broken.' Robin
Alan Macdonald 2
Indeed the turbine is broken - The Pratt and Whitney turbines. Seems that Airbus's big mistake was to not source a different power plant option maybe from RR or CFM although they too are having similar supply chain problems as P&W.
Dan Chiasson 3
If they are all experiencing problems, having 3 f'd suppliers only further complicates matters and dilute efforts for resolution of one type or another with P&W. Perhaps having a steady hand is the better mid to long-range strategy.
Philippe Leroy 2
I think that decision was made way before Airbus got involved in the program.
Dan Chiasson 1
There can only be 1 source of truth in this case and that would be Airbus.
Storm inside a glass of water.


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