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Canada Finally Drops Travel Mask Mandates And Vaccine Rules

Effective October 1, 2022, the Government of Canada will drop all border and travel mask and vaccine measures. ( More...

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Mark Huntsinger 8
Score another victory for Team Reality. Albeit a very late one.
Peter Fuller 13
Instead of “no jab, no play, stay home”, it seems that visiting teams from the USA will now be allowed to bring their unvaccinated players into Canada, for games against the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors, and the seven Canadian NHL teams.
Mike Mohle 20
It was all a waste of time. Do the truckers get their trucks back now?

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Tim Dyck 12
The vax does not prevent people from getting or passing on COVID19 so it’s unfortunately been a total failure. And if you think it reduces severity please explain how those who were fully vaxed and died are somehow less dead.
John Taylor 6
Not quite the only protection. I know it's oxymoronic but getting the covid and surviving gives better antibodies than the jab. I got covid and it was a little worse than a bad case of the flu. And I'm 65 with asthma. No respiratory issues. Just aches, pains and lethargy. And I have not been vaxxed.
James Simms 8
Never masked (only when absolutely forced to) nor vaxxed (nor will I ever), even w/some health issues). Not so much as a hint of the chinese flu. Not even the people I’ve been around throughout.

Why should I take multiple shots if they don’t prevent catching it or prevent the spread of something no worse than a bad cold & 99.999% will survive anyway?

I was part of the 543,000 odd servicemen deployed from the US to Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield/Storm & forced to take ‘experimental vaxxs’ prior to deployment. Many thousands have suffered life altering illnesses as a result of the taking the vaxxs (like the chinese flu vaxxs-sound families) & my units Second in Command died two years after returning. Nawww, I’ll take my chances w/out taking any.

If I catch it, fine. If I die from it, then so be it. The government may have fooled me once, but they won’t fool me twice.
Tim Dyck 6
Thank you for serving your country.
Wait, so, Nigel - you were born with no immune system? I, as a genetically average human had an immune system more than competent to handle any COVID (including the common cold)...and Chineese varieties. Would never, not ever take the prophylaxis that the Govt blessed and do not suggest to any patient that they should. Plus, been around COVID + PT's all day, every day. Such as life...this whole mortality thing.
Huck Finn 12
My brother and his wife both were quadruple vaccinated and they wore their masks everywhere and both got the WuFlu the same time.
Grd Newell 1
I'm 2 1/2 jabs, barely wore a mask and never got the WuFlu. What does that mean?
Jeff Spahn 11
As it should be. I'll take the 99.8% chance of not dying. Had Covid-19 in February 2020. Haven't had a sniffle since. Do nothing to mitigate being around others who are sick.
srobak 7
Any way you slice it - double vaxxed save quadruple boosted are still getting covid. It's a pandemic of the vaccinated.

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Mike Mohle 6
No, those things you mentioned actually work!
David Purtz 14
Seatbelts and insurance are NOT unproven chemicals injected into the human body. No vax, minimal mask (per Florida's amazing governor), sniffles twice; no problem.
Crandall Jason 5
You’re comparing seatbelts to the boogeyman.
Huck Finn 5
Apples and carrots Bruce.
John Taylor 2
Kind of an orange to apples hysteria comparison.
James Simms 2
I don’t wear a seatbelt either (even though there’s a seatbelt law where I live), except when on the open highway.
Ken Lane 5
Show us the same level of trials that proved the final polio vaccine no longer experimental and then you might get someone to agree with you.

But, that would be impossible. The polio vaccine was tested for over a decade. This COVID vaccine was issued barely six months after initiated. The only tested part was that Robert Malone had worked on decades earlier.

And, that's what you choose to put your trust in?
Bill Butler 5
But, you gotta admit, this "vaccine" has the largest number of Clinical trial patients ever!
Michael Dealey 3
And it's still ongoing. The third-phase clinical trial for Pfizer doesn't end until February 2023.

Also, nobody in America got an FDA approved vaccine and there are no plans to make them available.
James Simms 3
Thalidomide was prescribed w/out adequate testing or controls & turned out to be a human suffering disaster
Gary Ondrey 2
Are you seriously that dumb ? A seatbelt isn't poison injected into your body. No wonder the government gets away with the crimes they do with people like you out there
Crandall Jason 4
I’m didn’t take the fake vax. Never wore a mask. Still alive. Same for most of my friends and family down here in Florida. If you took the fake vax you get what you deserve…… Darwin Award
Andy Ridings 9
I'm with Jason
A cold is for a few days
An experimental RNA jab is for life
My immune system is intact too
Huck Finn 4
The same here. I got the wuflu early in 2020 and never wore the mask nor was I ever vaccinated.
Bruce Horwitz 2
So, you believe that a greater percentage of vaccinated people died/were severely ill from COVID than unvaccinated people... that is, you believe the vaccine >increased< the probability of death? If irrationality is hereditary, then it is just a matter of time until your offspring win a Darwin.
Ken Lane 13
If you're fool enough to think a cloth mask is going to stop a microorganism, it's quite likely you've infected countless hundreds with your overall stupidity.
Philip Lanum -3
Is that why doctors use them in infectious environments?

Get a grip.
Tim Dyck 5
Doctors don’t use cheap poorly fitting paper or cloth masks. They were a fitted and rated respirator.
Gary Ondrey 4
Please do some research before you make stupid comments here. Their masks are for a totally different situation and they are changed frequently
dmedders 7
Doctors do not use cloth masks in infectious environments.
Michael Dealey 4
No, it's not. Doctors do not wear masks to prevent infection, because they cannot filter out viruses.

They are basically worn as splash guards during surgeries. Period.
This is why your dentist wears one. So he doesn't spit in your open mouth, and so nothing from your mouth splashes into his mouth or nose.

Same with an open body cavity during surgery.

There is no expectation that a mask will prevent exposure to an air-born pathogen.

If masks work at preventing viral transmission, and we've always "known" this, why have we all not been wearing them every flu season for the last century?

Answer: Because it was determined long ago that this assumption is wrong.

Why are we still having to explain this after two years?
Crandall Jason 3
I believe you’re operating on propaganda. Not “information”. You have no idea who has died of what. Your faith in your government is comical.
Mike Mohle 9
I think I just saw BH in Walmart, with his 3 masks on..... Waiting in line to get another "booster".
D Rotten -3
This is NO 'covid virus'! That was one heluva PsyOp that was played on the population. But those with a FUNCTIONING BRAIN did NOT fall for it. These things are NOT 'VACCINES'!!!!!! LEARN what a vaccine IS, please. What these things ARE, are EXPERIMENTAL mRNA BIO-WEAPON INJECTIONS. And, YES!....they ARE 'effective'......doing what they are SUPPOSED to do.....KILL people. There is NO denying it, now; it's in everyones faces!
Michael Dealey 0
Yes, actually.

And there's data to prove it.
There's tons of European data that proves what you just sarcastically stated is in fact, the reality.
Gary Ondrey 0
Oh sure. You keep drinking your Communist Kool-aid. The corrupt government loves people like you that can't think for themselves
Gary Ellrod 11
A shocking outbreak of common sense has broken out in Canada. Too bad it took so long,.
Tim Dyck 8
Don’t count on it lasting as long as Trudeau is our PM. He’s already threatening lockdowns again.
David Purtz 7
Agree. He wants to seize as much power for The State as he can, and then blames President Donald Trump.
David Purtz 14
Finally, Canada joins the rest of the civilized world. Just returned from a week in London, not one mention or inquiry about the Wuhan flu; no vax, no mask, no problems.
Murray MacMurchy 5
Are we suppose to thank our ruler in Ottawa for over stepping his authority. Masks were never proven to be effective regardless of what the fraud Fauci was.
Andy Ridings 21
Here Here
Give the truckers their trucks back AND compensation
The whole mask and poison jab thing was a look into the communist future Trudeau holds dear.
Ken Lane 8
I suppose three late is better than never for something that never had an effect on the virus.

Of course, neither did the destruction of a $22.5T economy and putting forty million people out of work. You mean the period during which if things had remained normal without restriction the net result would be a 0.2% difference in deaths? That's what the Johns Hopkins study tells us.

But, we more than made up for the lives saved with thousands of suicides, including children who had been isolated from their schools, friends, extracurricular activities, extended families and lives as they knew.

The Canadian thugs running that country are as bad or worse than Biden.
Andy Ridings 3
Great to hear someone speaking pure common sense Ken
Mike Zorro 5
Nobody cares, mask snowflakes

All this sniveling always from the same pu$$y a$$ demographic
lfilipov747 3
And now a doctor in Calgary has filed a human rights complaint against it 🙄
Rick D 7
Don't be too enthused. Once Canadians start travelling the government will step in with new rule, to once again put us in our place. Guaranteed. The pm never wore a mask on any of his flight.
Good 'ol face diapers....saved not a single life, not one, not ever.
Brian Freeman 3
Cue the pointless political nonsense in 3,2,1...
John Taylor 5
Well Brian, the entire ordeal was political from the start. Kind of hard to keep politics out of the discussion on this one.
dmedders 1
While we’re celebrating some sanity returning to Canada, remember the USA still requires non-citizens to so proof of being fully compromised…errr, vaccinated. You can avoid this requirement by entering illegally.

When will the USA stop this insanity??
Mike Mohle 8
When people in the US quit voting "wrong"....
James Simms 2
Except for the open US Border
Craig Good -3
Well, that's pretty stupid. Pretending that the pandemic is over only extends it.
dmedders -2
Well, that’s pretty stupid — pretending we ever had a pandemic of untreatable disease.
Alan Dahl -2
I'm actually kinda disappointed about this. I needed to fly to upstate New York this July but wasn't excited about flying cross-country to NYC and then connecting to Burlington or Albany with a bunch of unmasked people who no longer cared whether they got other people sick or not. So instead I few direct to Montreal on Air Canada where the FA's were super-serious about folks not ignoring the masking rules which definitely lowered my stress level, especially since vaccination was also required. This made for a pleasant journey and a nice trip. Now I'll probably put off any travel until next summer when hopefully we will finally have made some progress against the disease.
Tim Dyck 3
Nobody is stopping you from wearing a mask, if your more comfortable and relaxed wearing one go ahead and wear one.
Mike Mohle 4
Uh, It's over....... Are you one of those outdoor maskwearers?
Alan Dahl -2
Certainly a lot of people hope that it is but I still have way too many people in my group of friends that have come down with it in the last month. Only once that changes will I begin to believe that it is over. Other folks can quote this statistic or that statistic but I am going by my friends and co-workers and Covid is still out there and taking names among them so I am still taking precautions.
Michael Dealey 2
Were they vaccinated?
In case you haven't realized it yet, the vaccine is the virus.
It's designed to instruct your cells to continuously manufacture the pathogenic portion of SARS-CoV2 (the spike protein) and there's no known off switch.

Contrary to what they originally told us, the synthetic mRNA does NOT break down after a few hours. In fact, they don't know how long it keeps working because they quit checking after 120 days. I guess they'd rather not know.
scottaic 3
Finally some common sense!!! If you’re scared of the bug, stay home and let the rest of us enjoy life. I’ve been saying that for over 2 years.
Alan Dahl -1
If airlines would have all-masked and all-unmasked flights and let us choose which to take I would go along with that. Unfortunately now it's like the olden days when they tried to pretend that they could set up "smoking" and "non-smoking" sections on an airplane and make everyone happy.
Michael Dealey 5
Let's see.. A judge in Florida decided that masks on planes were a violation of peoples rights and ordered that this rule be suspended. People immediately stopped wearing them and what happened?

Nothing. No surge in illness.
Everyone is doing fine and they're a hell of a lot happier -- especially flight attendants and pilots who no longer have to act like bouncers in a club with a dress code.

The CDC and Biden vowed to appeal this court decision but it never happened.

Because they would have to provide compelling evidence that this unlawful mandate was actually making a statistical difference in preventing illness, and there is no such evidence.
Tim Dyck 2
OMG that’s almost like science. You know the whole results based data that shows wether a policy has a positive effect or a negative effect or no effect at all.
Michael Dealey 1
What did you do when flying *before* the "pandemic"?

You do realize that you are nearly 10x more likely to die from the flu than from Covid, right?
Did you (or anyone) wear a mask on the plane prior to 2020?

Please realize you've been lied to by people and institutions you thought you could trust, and start the process of deprogramming yourself. You'll be happier.
Alan Dahl -1
Did you ever consider that you might be the one being lied to?
dmedders 5
Let's review:

1. This is the first time in history failure of a vaccine is blamed on those who did not take it.

2. FDA and CDC aggressively ignored reports of vaccine injuries and deaths to maintain the "safe and effective" claim that is obviously untrue for anyone willing to look at the data.

3. A meta-study published on in April, 2020 covering ten RCTs conducted over 72 years showed masks do not prevent spread of airborne respiratory infections -- but non-mask wearers were blamed for the failure of masks to prevent infection of mask wearers.

4. The COVID (non) treatment protocol prescribed by NIH -- and required to gain liability protection for hospitals -- directed NO treatment for patients until they were critically ill, then directed use of remdesivir (a highly toxic, often lethal, ineffective drug) and ventilators. This protocol gave the USA the worst per-capita COVID death rate in the world.

5. Both the government bodies (NIH, CDC, FDA, NIAID, White House) and the individuals pushing narrative 1, 2, 3 and 4 are significantly conflicted by their financial ties to big pharma.

6. The doctors successfully treating COVID instead of dutifully following narratives 1, 2, 3 and 4 have suffered personal and professional attacks orchestrated by the same people identified in item 5.

No...I am not being lied to by the doctors in item 6.

I have been lied to repeatedly by the public health apparatus (item 5) that is charged with protecting me.

You, Alan, can wear your face pampers and take your vaccines. I will continue to follow the advice of doctors referenced in item 6. That advice has saved my 91 year old mother-in-law from COVID, saved several other family members from COVID and prevented me ever being infected with COVID.
Michael Dealey 5
Yes. I realized everyone was lying to me.

The CDC lied.
Fauci lied.
Deborah Birx lied (she admits this on live TV and in her book)
Bill Gates lied.
China lied.
The WHO lied.
The FDA lied.
Pfizer lied (we now have their clinical trial data - which they wanted to hide for 75 years)
And most of all, the media lied. Continuously.
They were caught multiple times using fake footage of "overwhelmed hospitals"
and long lines for testing.
Grd Newell 0
For all you martyrs who chose not to vax or wear a mask and were proud of it. My Father in law died from contracting covid while in the hospital after 4 shots.
So, thanks for that, selfish butheads, you are not heroes.
J B -4
Since Ontario's election campaign the official policy is for everybody to run out and get Omicron as often as they like, anybody doubting that can wear their own masks. Apart from their loutish behaviour, had to laugh at the noisy sniveling of truckers who stop their rigs at empty intersections every day only because a fascist government put a red light there.


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