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Over 50% of flights by India's biggest airline were delayed after staff called in sick to attend a rival airline's hiring fair, reports say

India's largest airline faced major delays Saturday as cabin crew flocked to a rival's job fair, local media reports. Less than half of IndiGo's flights ran on time on Saturday, aviation ministry data showed. The disruption comes amid ongoing travel chaos, as airlines battle COVID staff shortages. Over 50% of flights operated by budget Indian airline, IndiGo, were delayed on Saturday after a substantial number of staff called in sick to attend a rival airline's job fair,… ( More...

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EMK69 2
I'd give a bonus to those that showed up for work that day. Blam, Slam on those that decided to call in sick.
James Steiner 1
Many airlines are doing this already. I know that mine did back in the Spring, and from the Holidays through that beginning of the year. However, life does interfere and throws curve balls. I had this experience 1st hand in March 2020.


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