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The World’s Largest Business Jet Just Set Two Transatlantic Speed Records

Announcing an air-speed record from Savannah, Georgia, to Doha, Qatar, might sound trivial or even a little absurd. Until you consider the context: This was the world’s largest business jet flying 6,711 nautical miles nonstop at Mach 0.88, or 675 mph, for 13 hours and 16 minutes, on its first international flight. Then it becomes a corporate milestone. Gulfstream’s new G700 then set another city-pair record from Doha to Paris, flying 2,953 nautical miles at an average speed of Mach 0.90 (690.5… ( More...

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Cleffer 11
If I'm in that thing, to be honest, I'd be like "SLOW DOWN, I want to enjoy this ride..."
David Beattie 7
Ha! I had the same thought when I flew to London on the Concorde! Gee! Over already?!
srobak 2
Once you are at altitude, and at cruising those speeds - you're not going to notice the difference in speed from the passenger seat.
Jon4life 5
The G700 is the largest purpose built bizjet. Anything bigger is just a converted commericial airliner.
bentwing60 2
For the GA crowd, a very polished web site, and for the folks that fly/flew corporate GA, some really awesome specs. Like imagining the price of a 40,000 lb. top off at TEB.
Bruno Coimbra -8
You don’t have to imagine,,, with the current price at for Jet-A at Teterboro between $6.20 and 7.40 per Gallon, if we use a “average” price of 6.75, than that would be an approximately $270,000 JUST for a 40,000 Gallon Top Off
bentwing60 17
Bruno, you have conflated lbs. for gallons. In jet pilot speak we do lbs. for fuel flow and gallons for fuel orders. It holds about 7500 gallons and 40,000 lbs is 6000 gallons,ergo, somewhere around $42,000 dollars. Meh, wouldn't even buy a new Tahoe. Cheers
dj horton 4
Still, that’s a lot of Signature points
bentwing60 2
Spent a few and Atlantic bribems as well.
mdburd 2
Or if anyone used the "old" Flower Avaiation in KPUB or KSLN--Avtrip points or the steaks... A Case of steaks was always a good take home!!
Dan Marotta 2
Many steaks and great cookies at Flower, too! I once spent a half hour or so chatting with Gerry Ford on the ramp at KPUB. Nice guy.
bentwing60 1
ditto on the steaks and loved the birds in the lobby.
ricky swan 2
Who pays 6 or 7 bucks a gallon, Im paying 2.90 a gallon here in Texas for Jet=A
I'm sure fuel costs are weighing on many flight load calculations. How many will fill up at cheap airports to avoid the sky high prices at more expensive ones. I had read that Southwest had played the fuel pricing game by flying planes with way more fuel than they would need just to avoid fuel prices at some other airports. I would have thought that they would have contracts at the airports they use to avoid the fluctuations in price. But feeding a commercial plane has got to be hideously expensive. Any money saved is money earned. But I do wonder if that article had any basis in fact.

Yeah, 'journalists' often don't report aviation well. Having heard about the A380 'private' jet, I wasn't surprised. So many people have way too much money.
$6 to $7 is cheap! You should see Jet A at KBOS - $8.92 at Signature! MA for ya ...
David Beattie 5
Anywhere the biggies like Signature and Atlantic have monopolized an airport, the fuel doubles in price. Atlantic Aviation managed to monopolize Aspen AND it’s main alternate, Eagle/Vail. You can’t drop off a passenger in Aspen for less than $500. The local governments make a decent return by giving private companies exclusives on ramp space, then the FBOs turn around and rape their customers. At my airport, KAPA, there is big time All American competition with five big FBOs. Jet fuel with C.A.A. card is $3.00.
Yep, you'll shell out a few grand in landing fees & fuel at KBOS in a business jet too.

$3.00 a gallon goes to show just how badly these places are screwing people. 300% markup!
acarr229 2
That’s a slick jet! Someone will own a G700 others will drool. Great job Gulfstream team
Shenghao Han 6
Do they know there are privately owned 747-8 and 777s?
G700 is hardly "Largest Business Jet"
Heck even Trump famously flew around his private 757, well that particular plane is probably not in flying condition anymore...
Roy Hunte 10
I had the same thought, but it is the largest that has no commercial version.
Cleffer 4
They do not. It's aviation. They know nothing.
Sidney Smith 8
The Trump 7-5 is being refitted, engine inspections, new interior, new paint, new avionics
etc. It will be back in the air by year end.
Tom Guerriero -6
Who cares. Anyone?

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James Cox 2
Don't forget the A380 business jet lol
Frank Poynter 1
The most likely have fuel a contract and pay some where in the $ 3.00 range.
darjr26 1
I can’t wait til I get mine! (Anybody have any extra cash?)
Robert Morrow 3
Go F…You, is closer to the mark. LOL, just joking and hope some one fun’s you. 🙂
blueashflyer 1
I wouldn't call Doha to Paris a Trans-Atlantic speed record
sharon bias 0
The new G700 costs about the same as a 737BBJ. They have roughly the same flight range. Obviously the 737 is going to have a lot more passenger space than the G700. The G700 can take-off and land at a lot more runways, and is faster. So if you're going to be mostly flying to larger cities that have larger airports, the 737BBJ is viable alternative. I'll take full queen size bed and good sleep over saving a couple of hours flight time in .
Cleffer 2
Pretty sure a queen bed can fit in a G700.
bentwing60 1
There are weight restrictions at TEB that restrict aircraft over 100,000#'s operating weight landing rights, "without prior permission", and the BBJ is the reason for the fight. They may land below the restricted weight but they can't adhere to that weight limitation for takeoff and go anywhere.

I suspect the weight restriction will have little effect on the G700, as there are more G whizzes on the field at TEB than at SAV on any given day! I'm not sure the new breed of FAA enforcers could pick one out in a "First 48 Hours" lineup anyway. /s



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