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JetBlue Shares Details for In-Flight Services for London Flights

Biggest highlights: Free unlimited internet and seatback entertainment, free alcohol for those of age and curated menus. ( और अधिक...

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Matt West 9
Looks very nice, especially in Mint. I've noticed that AAL has added a BOS-LHR flight back to their schedule, probably because of the new JetBlue route. I used to take that hop with AAL, but now, given a choice, I'll go with JetBlue.

I also hope the competition may drive down business class fares on that route. $5K is ridiculous to pay for a 6 hour flight.
10and250 -7
No way are they going to be making BOS-LHR in six hours on a A321. They will likely be restricted from flying the optimum center oceanic tracks, with usually the shortest total mileage, the most favorable tailwinds, and highest groundspeeds. They'll be hard pressed to achieve a respectable crossing altitude above FL350, before the oceanic entry point, where true airspeeds are higher and fuel burn is lower. And everybody else will be passing them by at Mach .82 or better, while JetBlue plods through the turbulence and weather trying to maintain M.79. They're going to need to offer all those freebies to disguise the other parts of the operation that don't compare to other trans-atlantic airlines. Good riddance!
Matt West 1
I know they occasionally had problems with the 757 coming back and hitting strong headwinds. No one likes a stop-over in Goose Bay if they can help it!
David Wright 0
I agree as the A321 has proven to be quite the pig when it comes to fuel consumption and power/weight ratio...unless they weight restrict it. Also I’m thinking not LHR but maybe GTW as the slots aren’t cheap or easy to come by at LHR. Yes 757s are not making it back in the winter months with the higher headwinds..stop off in Kef perhaps as that’s what we had to do..and add 4 or so hours to the ETA for that pit stop!
Greg Carter 3
Curious about a 757 not making it back in the winter w/o a stop. I used to commute to MANa United 757 from IAD on a US 752. Took that awful 752 trip maybe 30 times in 3 years and never had a stopover (or even a connection). UA does not have that route right now. Departed MAN around 1100 GMT and arrived at IAD around 1400. Never had any stops. What gives? There were also MAN->EWR and I *think* MAN->ORD though the MAN->ORD might have been an ancient 762/3.
Matt West 1
Pig? What equivalent aircraft does Boeing have since the 757? The 900 next gen is horrible. You have to burn fuel before you can climb and maintain cruise altitude.

The max versions are still nothing more than, and excuse the term, pimped up original frames. Boeing needs to start thinking outside the 50 year old box.
SkyAware123 -2
Not KEf... Gander. Been there done that.. and missed my connections. 757 ? no thanks.
Larry Horton 4
Sign me up. Here is an airline bucking the trend of poor customer service. I have made many transatlantic trips over the years and seen the airline treatment of passengers get worse and worse. I would be willing to trade time for comfort. In the past I have had to pay extra to be treated like a person.
George Pepe 1
Finally. At least it is not spirit doing this, cause a six hour flight on them would be like hell.
chuck berlin 1
ond thing missing on B6 in general and this in particular are a lounge network or clubs...
darjr26 1
It’s hard to see how they are going to offer low fares with that few seats.
David Wright 0
I love the desire to “drive down fares” as it’s always some belief that lower fares equal same levels of service and safety. You know there is no free lunch. You either the costs or you don’t get. JB may be cleverly hiding that fact with the flash. Besides, I’ve never paid that much for a business seat unless it was last minute and, well, there you go. Bad planning or a very poor travel dept. Mostly you truly DO get what you pay for...whether you know/see it or not.
James Eaton 2
David - in general I agree with what you wrote but in a world where there is no competition, people have been known to take advantage of such situations... (gasp - who would do such a thing!).
Also, in terms of pricing, there are innumerable factors involved but one of the main ones is satisfying the shareholders' expectations. Different expectations about dividends can, and do, affect fares (as in this case).
It all depends on the business model any business adopts - the traditional airlines have an elongated and generally extended and bloated cost structure which relative newcomers do not have to subscribe to.
Competition is a wonderful fact of life and keeps everyone on their toes - makes sure that although lunch may not be free, it may be cheaper for the same quality meal....
SkyAware123 0
Bring your own damn lunch and skip all the meals on the planes. Lots cheaper and flights can be done much cheaper (less crew needed, less loading/unloading, less planning, etc) Only on international flights I'd say it would be needed. It's transport, not a restaurant.
Matt West 1
Not wishing to sound rude, but, the number of cabin crew has ZERO to do with service. It’s mandated that 1 cabin crew be onboard per 50 passengers. Regardless of class. How the airlines choose to distribute those attendants is totally at their discretion.

Also, when talking trans Atlantic, meals really don’t add anything to the total weight.

Finally, please enjoy your next 12 hour international flight without a “restaurant “. I guarantee you’ll be tired, dehydrated and tired at the end.

Oh, and I take 100+ flights a year so I can kind of speak from experience.
Alexander Luedi -1
It's the seat's width, stupid!
SkyAware123 4
chalet -8
Who are they trying to kid, leg room is an inch or two longer than the sardine class; three seats on each side? so just one beefy 250 pounder pax seating in the middle would ruin "the experience" to both sides'. Did you see any suites, I didn´t.
Robert Smith 5
To see the suites, click on the "Mint" links that are throughout the article.


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