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Delta will add flights to keep planes no more than 60% full as demand rises - sources

Delta Air Lines Inc <DAL.N> will keep planes no more than 60% full through at least July, adding more flights to its schedule than demand would usually justify, people familiar with the matter said. The move is part of a longer-term bet that CEO Ed Bastian highlighted to investors last month: that consumers' perceptions of safety will be instrumental in reviving more routine travel, and that they will be willing to pay a premium for comfort. Specific details could still change, the… ( और अधिक...

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Arturo Caldera 5
Interesting strategy that might be the best of both worlds: getting passengers back while keeping them separated correctly. Only time will tell if they can balance the revenue from returning passengers with the costs of running more flights that only have so many people on. Air travel will undoubtedly go up in price but Delta's plan to focus on the premiums with these seats is a unexpected but refreshing move. This summer will definitely be a make it or break it moment for the airline industry across the world.
larry decosta 7
Great! Raise ticket prices and place the seat pitch back to 35 inches and we all will be happy.
twschmidt4 0
Exactly. I've been saying this for years.
KoolerKT 3
Make all seats comfortable. Learn from the past. Clean the planes better.
Andy Cruickshank 3
Potentially a good strategy for keeping pilots current and gradually getting others recertified. Delta seems to have a lot of A220s still in service compared to other types, and seem to be using the situation to make some substantial fleet realignments.
nemosteve1080i 2
Delta & Ed Bastian are realists and understand travelers concerns. It's probable that fares will go up, but those increases are valid for some degree of healthy flying on Delta.

As far as AA - who cares? Maybe they will be the one to fold in the prediction made by Boeong's CEO?
Then there is UA - Oscar Muñoz has done a good job. Have to see how the new CEO will guide the company.
darjr26 2
I think the over 100,000 employees care about AA’s survival and keeping their jobs. American has made some good moves lately. They are the only US airline to offer their senior pilots a buy out. They were the first US airline to permanently ground a fleet type, the 757/767, and then added the A330 and the E190s. With the previous retirement of their S80s they now have just four fleet types. This gives them one of the youngest fleets in the industry and should greatly improve their reliability and lower costs. I believe they were also the first US airline to operate cargo only flights to Europe and Asia. Ironically this pandemic has forced them to make changes that will ultimately make them a better, more reliable airline. I wouldn’t give up on them.
mike boden 1
Need more than that, 8 paying passengers, 4 non-revs ATL/TYS yesterday.
Robert Cowling -5
And save pilot jobs. Delta gets it. How come so many other carriers don't?
mary susan watkins 4
Robert cowling..i guess you did not read nor hear the part about the federal government "loaning",not giving,the airlines money to keep operating,with the requirement of not laying people off,but continuing to pay them through September? i am also guessing you did not hear the head of the pilots union about 5 weeks ago saying cockpit crews not flying will be paid...customers of course (if they are not afraid to fly)will want service,but admitting passengers will be willing to "pay a premium for comfort",indicates a serious raise in existing ticket prices,and airlines such as frontier have already scrapped plans to charge a passenger to have a middle seat empty next to travelers have already become accustomed to doing business via skype or other such,and it is cheaper than plane fares,and families will not be going in groups to that Disney vacation ...consumers perceptions are not only with health concerns,but with monetary concerns,so the paying premium prices is stretching the issue..i might add as well,yes,some airlines personnel are not as nice as others,but to wish for one such as American to fold,with its thousands of employees,is to wish a lot of hardship on many who don't deserve it!!
Arturo Caldera 1
you have gotten rekt on the last 5 comments you've posted. think before you post.
terry gersdorf 0
This sucks.... Non revving was already hard enough
William Pippine -4
We have to fight the Chinese virus. The Chinese are winning. Do what American have always done, get out, get your kids back to school, work and travel.


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