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Boeing Suspends operations Indefinitely due to Coronavirus.

This is not a surprise, but it is not going to be good for the workers. Those that can work from home will be paid, but the rest either will be required to take vacation or sick leave to keep getting income. If it goes for long they will add to the unemployment numbers. I wish them all the best of luck. ( More...

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sparkie624 7
Bad news for everyone... Hate to see more of us laid off. Hope the time is short lived.
Robert Pearse 2
As an airline pilot flying and teaching Boeing aircraft for 33 years big B needs to dump the
MCAS system completely, we had something similar in the old boeings in the early 60's
later deleted for similar reasons but we were mostly all military trained pilots. Only an idiot would drive an aircraft into the ground at full throttle. Put a strake on the nose of the airplane like the MD-80s and even the Concorde.
Paul Miller 10
How the mighty have fallen ? and all because of some small animal in a Market in China brought the world to a halt. RIP the poor souls lost to this dreadful virus.
James Bruton -4
Correction. Evidence now indicates the virus started in a bio-lab in Wuhan, then contaminated the wet market.
nicmene2 2
Where is your proof of this? "The virus' origin has been the focus of conspiracy theories and other forms of misinformation. In an interview with Fox News on Feb. 16, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., suggested that the coronavirus may have come from a virology laboratory in Wuhan, China, where the outbreak emerged. Others went further by raising the possibility that the virus was a leaked bioweapon." - NBCNEWS (Feb. 28, 2020)

There is no proof from your post.
Tom Bruce 2
Corona virus have jumped 3 times to humans...all traced back to bats in "wet markets"
nicmene2 1
That is so far been the case. What is not the case is the "bio-lab" James Bruton posted which was my reason for posting.
Tom Bruce 1
yeah...wouldn't be surprised.. especially since it didn't spread to the other big Chinese cities.. they have an antidote?
James Bruton 1
Watch the news tonight or tomorrow. The truth of the origin of the Corona "Wuhan" virus is now starting to become public. It is NOT a conspiracy theory that it came from a bio-lab and the CCP tried to hide the evidence.
James Bruton 1
Show me proof that any propaganda from China is true. Only 3340 deaths (from John Hopkins) out of 83000 reported cases from a population of 1+ billion? The Chinese have and are still lying to us. Most recently they were promoting the idea the virus started in Italy. Total garbage!
Jesse Carroll 0
China cease internal flights very quickly. However, they continued letting International flights in and out much longer. This gave the virus a escape path too the world so to speak!
Per Fox News! Only News thats half way right, sometimes!
after the serious issues with the 737 max and boeing,this is definitely a blow to their workforce (upper management excluded of course!!)
bobfiegel 2
Wow. Bad timing, for sure. The ripples will be felt far and wide, as with all large top level companies. We will be feeling the effects of all this for years, if not decades. I hope those with experience are able to hold out long enough to get back to their "old" jobs so we don't lose all that experience to new, possibly unrelated, jobs. Terrible loss, both personal and not, any way it happens.
jptq63 2
My biggest thought is the basic simple supply -- demand curve (macro econ sense) and the number of airplanes, regardless of manufacturer, to the number of airlines. At least for some time, my guess 2 - 5 years (hoping and wishing for the shorter time), there will be a bunch of airplanes sitting on the ground, as there will simply not be demand from airlines, as there just will be that many fewer airlines in the world…. I take a look at Seatguru’s list of airlines every once in awhile and wonder how many of these companies will remain around; several (Air India, Air Italy, please pardon if I not exactly correct on any given name, as example) have been in trouble as an on-going business for how long…? Not pleasant from many view points, but bills due need to be paid, and I know I do not own a good enough printing press….
jptq63 3
As a PS - reminds me of when my Dad told me in HS that aerospace, from his experience, was a very boom or bust business and there were a bunch of AE’s driving cabs in Seattle and I should really consider (and did) a different engineering degree.
Tom Bruce 2
grew up in SoCal... Douglas, North American, Lockheed, Convair, etc... one contract would end, everyone out of work..another contract signed with different company...everyone back to work... Santa Monica, Long Beach, San Diego, Burbank, LAX, Palmdale... gypsies!
Tom Bruce 2
will be tons of cancellations especially from start-ups and airlines that were already on the brink... and slowed deliveries because it will be months+ before the public decides to "mix it up" with crowds at airports and airplanes..
wingbolt 2

This is an interesting take on the Boeing fiasco.

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bobfiegel 10
I automatically skip all caps -- can't make a point without shaking your finger in my face, I go on to more civil discourse. All caps, I stop there and can't tell you what your point was, agreement or disagreement, makes no difference to me. Just say'in.
sparkie624 4
Please don't shot....
sparkie624 4
should have been shout... All caps... Please don't hold your shift key down all the time and the Caps Lock button can be toggled to lower case...
sparkie624 5


For everyone else

No body reads reads it in bold print! Too hard to read...
FOR SPARKIE WHAT??? for sparkie what ????
wingbolt 1
Oh dear, someone got their panties in a wad!
Maybe Boeing will get some compensation from the monies China is going to pay the world. ;)
Owen Morgan 1
Now would be good time for the computer experts to start over from square 1 and construct a system that works for MAX
Chris B -3
I'm sure Boeing is figuring out which airlines don't want to take delivery of the Max they built for them.


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