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Boeing 737 Max Production Aiming to Resume in May

Boeing is reportedly planning to restart its 737 Max production by May, global coronavirus pandemic actions permitting, according to sources Tuesday. ( More...

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Dale Ballok 2
The good thing is: they won’t have to sanitize those new planes.
The bad thing is: no passengers to fly on them!
I'm reacting to some of the rather negative comments regarding the 737Max-8

There will be tons of hesitations to fly the 737 Max-8 when it comes back into service... However, 353 of these planes were flying without incidents, over 100+ in the US alone, between 3 and 18 months before the first crash in Asia. With the checks and improvements made since the planes were grounded... this may be the best-checked airplane in the sky. Remember 3 Boeing 727 cashed in 1965, five more before 1970... all in the USA yet... it was the most loved airplane in the sky. 53 crashed altogether.
Coming back to the 727 all models 81 have crashed. Our beloved 747... 35 have crashed. 777 lost 6 and the Dreamliner 787 lost 3.

Boeing learned from these unfortunate accidents which were largely do to pilot error. THAT DID NOT STOP THESE BOEINGS PLANES FROM FLYING billions of passengers all over the world.

AIRBUS has had 35 crashes but Airbus started much later when the AB300 flew for the fist time in 1974 (Air France)
Airbus 35 crashes 28.3 million miles flown
Boeing 251 crashes 461 million miles flown
If you do the math: Airbus 0.81million miles per crash BOEING 1.84 million flights per crash or 2,2 times less that Airbus.

Google and Boeing & Airbus data.

Airline Deliveries Unfilled orders
Southwest Airlines 31 249
GECAS 22 154
American Airlines 22 78
Air Canada 20 41
Norwegian Air 18 92
China Southern 16 34
Flydubai 14 237
Lion Air 14 187
Air Lease Corp 14 154
Air China 14 –
China Eastern 13 –
United Airlines 12 124
WestJet Airlines 12 43
TUI Travel 11 61
Xiamen Airlines 9 –
SpiceJet 7 129
Turkish Airlines 7 68
Hainan Airlines 7 –
GOL Linhas Aereas 6 129
Shandong Airlines 6 –
Aviation Capital 5 98
AerCap 5 95
BOC Aviation 5 82
Copa Airlines 5 56
Aeromexico 5 55
SilkAir 5 32
Ethiopian Airlines 5 25
ICBC Leasing 5 –
Qatar Airways 5 –
Shenzhen Airlines 5 –
Icelandair 3 2
SMBC Aviation Capital 2 89
Timaero Ireland 2 20
Business Jet/VIP customers 2 19
Avolon – Ireland 2 18
Aerolineas Argentinas 2 9
Enter Air 2 4
Fiji Airways 2 3
China Development Bank 1 77
Garuda Indonesia 1 49
Smartwings 1 7
9 Air 1 –
CDB Financial Leasing 1 –
Mauritania Airlines 1 –
Royal Air Maroc 1 –
SCAT Airlines 1 –
Unidentified customers – 1,045
Richard Tarr -3
Really delusional dribble still around about the max .
The public won’t fly on it and Boeing know it ,the rest of the world know it even the little green men on planet zog know it .
Badly designed and it will be the end of Boeing if they don’t scrap it .
Tom Bruce 2
delivering them into this corona crisis? wonder how many airlines will refuse to take on new planes when the airlines themselves have so many parked... we'll get through this, the economy will come back but people will be hesitant to travel for awhile...
skylab72 1
"global coronavirus pandemic actions permitting"? Really? Good luck with that. Just shut it down until 2021, and get a head start on your accounting problem.
Chris B -6
This is what happens when they get Federal funding.

And the Boss of Boeing doesn't want to miss out on that $7 million bonus for getting the Max in the air again.

How many airlines will still want the Max's Boeing has built and parked?
cdkeeka -9
I for one will never trust this aircraft and like millions of flying public, will refuse to fly in one.

I believe if Boeing wants to survive, it should face facts and scrap the aircraft completely.
This is another tragedy in the making. The aircraft is unbalanced and has intrinsic design faults that cannot be corrected, it is badly designed from inception and the software is a fudge.
There will be more deaths that will completely destroy the company.
Scott Kohls 5
Put your tinfoil hat away and research some facts.
This is a total uninformed comment.
Your comment could stand as a monument to absolutely stupendous ignorance. I have been piloting 737s for over a decade and would happily fly the first 737-Max to come off the line. It is reliable, easy to fly, and safe. There were problems and they have been fixed, period.

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linbb 6
What the hell too much coffee this morning take a pill. All maxes are now in Moses Lake WA plenty of room for twice as many three weeks ago as was there. Its not tax payer money like airbus uses to prop up there factories. And by the way Boeing doesn't want fed money with strings that will have them pulling the strings. They announced that private money and or theres would be used if needed. When they are allowed to resume flying dumb asses like you wont fly on them anyway.
Oh and don't fly on third world airlines anyway they are the ones who were the main problem in both crashes.
Randy Marco 4
YOU.... are proof you can't fix stupid.
cowboybob -2
go get 'em tiger! Seems the virus trolls have returned to the aviation forums...guess they're bored with the virus deal since the horror show never really got going...
skylab72 -3
"horror show never really got going" ?? Really? It is still going IDIOT. The good old US of A is now the epicenter of the pandemic with the rate of increasing caseloads still increasing each day. Incompetent leadership at the national level and sycophant enablers are killing their own citizens. This life-long "'publican" now has no party, the GOP is dead to me. I do not care what you say, KILLING your customers (or citizens) is BAD business!!!


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