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Medical Screener At LAX Tests Positive For Coronavirus

A medical professional screening travelers at Los Angeles International Airport has tested positive for coronavirus, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed Wednesday. A Department of Homeland Security spokesperson said in a statement Wednesday, “Late last night, DHS headquarters was alerted to a situation where one of our contracted medical professionals conducting screenings at LAX international airport had tested positive for COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus.” The individual… ( और अधिक...

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Larry Horton 3
Well they worked at LAX within the accepted 14 day incubation period. So if they weren't exposed in the regular population then it was at LAX. If it had been in the community population we would have expected to see a community outbreak which seems to not be happening. So back to LAX. They either got sloppy with there sterile technique, came into contact with the virus while not suited up (such as lunch or bathroom break), or the PPEs were not effective against the virus. My money is on got sloppy with sterile technique. Easy to do even for professionals if you are not used to working in that environment.
Torsten Hoff 1
Most of us have a hard time not habitually picking up and looking at our phones. Even if you’re gloved and protected at the time, when you pick up the phone after you’re done with the screening duties you can infect yourself from it.

I hope both screeners make a speedy recovery.
Larry Horton 1
Touching your face is another. Most of the time you are not even aware you are doing it. When I worked in the operating room that was a tough one for everyone. The other was a cough or sneeze with a mask on. People of my generation were taught to cover you mouth however with a mask on it forces droplets out the side. Proper way to cover if you have to is to use hands on the sides of the mask forcing sneeze through the front.
rjkelly2017 2
Torsten:- This is assuming the person caught the virus while working it could have been contracted outside the airport
Torsten Hoff 2
That is true.

But it is more likely that the screener was infected while being in contact with arriving international travelers. There were only two prior Coronavirus cases in Los Angeles County, both of which had either traveled to China or lived with someone who had.
lynx318 2
Either way it was contracted from 'someone' still undetected.
WhiteKnight77 2
That is the worst part about it, and not knowing that whoever it is, is spreading it.
AaronMFJ 2
I would have thought that busy airports like this would have medical screeners in more of a bio suit to prevent getting and spreading things like this.
David Daly 2
Clearly you didn't read the article. It says that the person WAS WEARING All the required equipment.
Torsten Hoff 1
A second medical screener at LAX has tested positive for Coronavirus.
Martin Allan 1
This infected person appears to be a contract employee. As it also appears he had suitable equipment it does seem likely that he was exposed elsewhere so the possible other places where contact with a carrier may have been made should be quickly and urgently investigated to prevent further spread by others also similarly infected at that site.
alan75035 1
Haven't we seen this movie before?
Tom Sullivan 1
Update: Now a second medical screener at LAX tested positive for the virus.
WhiteKnight77 1
While the Great Plague kiled off many back during the Middle Ages, it was confined to a specific area, albeit a large one. With the ways of travel we have today, we are able to pass contagions around faster and around the world verses a set area. This will keep happening as long as selfish people think that they can travel anywhere no matter what.

That this person (and now a second) who is a medical professional who did everything right supposedly (others have brought up the touching of a phone with contaminated gloves and is quite possible to have happened), shows that it is not really safe anywhere as long as people willingly fail to heed warnings about not traveling to or from an area where these types of outbreaks occur.
mary susan watkins 1
this is to be expected..if medical personnel doing screening do not wear some kind of protective clothing,other than the masks which it is said are not effective,they too will get the virus..
Torsten Hoff 3
They have breathing masks, face shields, and gloves. But it still requires strict discipline (not touching your mouth/nose/eyes with the gloved hands), discarding used protective equipment, sanitizing clothes etc., and even that doesn't guarantee that you won't catch the virus.
Torsten Hoff 3
What's really scary though is that the screener got infected during relatively brief contact with an infected person. Makes you wonder what happened to all the other travelers on the plane, in the airports, and other mass transit systems the infected person used.
johntalley1 -3
So they basically have the flu. Wow, that's really riveting information. The coronavirus is only deadly if you're immune system is significantly compromised, other than that, you'll be fine
lynx318 3
You do realise that many have died already and Italy is now under quarantine lockdown because of it?

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dj horton 11
China isn’t a Third World Nation.

Never has been.
soren Lauridsen 2
My guess is that you talk about USA as a third world emergent nation.
If for example USA had reacted as quickly as China do )- in this case - and did in 2003 with the other so-called Corona virus SAARS), with HIV the world would look different today! 3 months ago nobody in Western world with these symptoms would even have had a proper examination. I do however feel sure, that these - in my opinion, overreactions will have so many side-effects, so many very serious diseases will loose economic support. It is very much populism and medias fault, the we are where we are now. The 'ordinary' flus's kills more than 150.000 people in USA each year. China is very much ahead us in many ways also in solutions against pollution.
Neil Munro -4
No, but America is by a very long way. No health service for a start.


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