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Ryanair boss says no refunds if passengers refuse to fly on Boeing 737 Max

As Boeing winds down production of the 737 Max aircraft, the Ryanair boss has said passengers will “love them” when the planes are finally flying again. Michael O’Leary, chief executive of Europe’s biggest budget airline, has ordered 210 of a special version of the Max, seating eight extra passengers. None has so far been delivered, as the Boeing jet is grounded worldwide. The no-fly stipulation was declared worldwide after a second crash involving the Boeing 737 Max. In March 2019, Ethiopian… ( More...

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Passengers will "love them". Or else.
Cannot understand why anyone wants to fly with O'Leary's airline anyway!
ADXbear 1
Good Lord, that would never "fly" here in the states.. passengers would be cancelling credit cards, reservations would go to ZERO..

Boeing knows this here.. UNIONS MUST endorse these planes before the fly them.. what do you think the public would say if the pilots wont fly them...


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