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Qantas tentatively picks A350-1000 for Project Sunrise

Qantas has tentatively selected the Airbus A350-1000 for its Project Sunrise ultra-long-haul route initiative, following a competition against the rival Boeing 777X. ( More...

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Roy Corrales 4
If Airbus can give them those extras, then totally makes sense
Relics 3
Haven’t had a opportunity to fly on the new A350s, I hear positive feedback though.
David Reed 3
Passengers tend to prefer the A350 and the airlines that use them.
jeff slack 2
I think that is a bit of a sweeping statement.
Passengers interviewed and crew interviewed about the 787 and 777-300 have as many compliments.
I love the a-380 and so too everyone else but it has now been cancelled..........the a350 is such a 'me too' product.

However, justifying your comment and the well-toned comments above; The Best Man has won this race.

I feel bad that Boeing have continued to allow greed to guide a once respected and revered company..............
YouTube is littered with employee accounts of what is wrong and what has gone wrong at the once number one vendor of airframes; for quite some time...........from joining airframes that do not match company specs and tolerances to certifying their own 'crap' as airworthy.

Fair to say the chickens have come home to roost.

I do wonder how Airbus intends to build this incredible order book (s) of airframe orders in a timely fashion.....
Which planes are the ones that con trail the most?


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