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Lufthansa still interested in struggling Alitalia - source

German carrier Lufthansa has written to Italy's industry ministry and Italian railways Ferrovie dello Stato to say it is still interested in struggling airline Alitalia, an Italian source said on Wednesday. Ferrovie dello Stato, U.S. airline Delta and infrastructure group Atlantia have been discussing how to revive Alitalia for months, pushing back various previous deadlines for making a firm proposal. A binding offer is due to be presented by Oct. 15, but sources have told Reuters there is… ( More...

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patrick baker 1
flush all the labor contracts, rationalize the employee force, - that is for starters. Hard to ignore the debts and years of unprofitability. Oh goodie, another airline paint scheme ripe for ruining from Lufthansa
The 4th Reich marches forward! They've skimmed off what they want from Greece, now Italy, look out Spain and Portugal
Viv Pike 3
Geez dude .... get help, soon.
bentwing60 1
angela would appreciate your response!


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