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President Trump’s private plane clipped in parking mishap at LaGuardia

President Trump’s private jet, an instantly recognizable Boeing 757 used during his campaign, was caught up in a quintessential New York City traffic mishap at LaGuardia Airport on Wednesday: a fender bender while someone else was trying to park. ( More...

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Mark Weiser 5
I've taxied by that spot numerous times, you have to be pretty oblivious to not see a 757 sitting there, especially as pretty a machine as that. Who cares who owns/flies/rides it, I just love seeing planes that people make their own. Saw the documentary, that Chief Pilot is an AVIATOR folks!!
Mike Mohle 1
Is that the same spot at the Marine Terminal (Sheltair) where Bloomburg parked his 900?
Ryan Sybesma 1
ToddBaldwin3 2
Smithsonian Channel, a program called "Mighty Planes" did a story on Me. Trump's plane.
canuck44 2
It was well done. Good information on the plane and its crew with indirect reference to how demanding Trump is to meet the highest standards.
Cansojr 1
canuck44, Trump is fastidious about the aircraft and captain. Unfortunately you are a good guy he will keep you tethered to his choke chain. Trump expects more from his employees than he does of himself. He may be brain damaged for watching 4 channels at one time. Nonetheless, this is the least studied President in history. He doesn't read his daily PDA prepared by defence specialists. What Trumps greatest failing is that he refuses to read critical papers. The one on one with Putin could reveal state secrets national security could be potentially compromised because because this boobs gut feelings inform him about serious matters of about any matter.
Patrick Smith 3
Must have been a bad hair day! Bet I know what colour the pilots pants were!
sharon bias 4
Neither the ground crew, a pilot, or a copilot saw the big black plane marked with the Presidents name sitting next to them? "Your fired".
Cansojr 2
feel sorry for the person who hit Trump#1.
lynx318 1
and that's why they don't call co-pilots, apprentices...
btweston 0
No one clipped his plane because it is the best plane. Believe me. There has never been a plane as impervious to being clipped. Nada. Never. This I can tell you. But if someone did clip that wonderful plane, I mean, just look at it, it’s beautiful. Have you ever seen a plane like this? I tell you it’s really fantastic. It flies higher than anything crooked Hillary did. Can you believe her? What she did to this country? Sad! I mean, there are a lot of good Nazis.
Dave Fisher 4
haha! nobody has ever been clipped like I was. my plane has been treated very unfairly.
Cansojr 2
Trump is nuts about that aircraft, it's beautiful but vacuuming the ceiling in order to keep everything symetrical is a little extreme. I don't envy his pilot. He must be a patient professional and very humble man if After all he is for working TRUMP!
30west 4
Cansoir, Vacuuming the ceiling of high-end corporate jets is not uncommon. The suede used on many ceilings shows rub marks and vacuuming or brushing improves the appearance significantly.
Roger Curtiss 1
The pilot has probably INSISTED on having a locked door to the flight deck.
eccsandiego 2
“It was previously used by a low-budget Mexican passenger carrier.”

lynx318 1
Everyone can have a parking bingle it seems.

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ToddBaldwin3 29
Let us do our best to keep politics out of this site. This is a forum for aviators, and people who like aviation. It's a welcome break to not have to deal with the vitriol and conflict that comes from political discussions these days.
Kevin Haiduk 5
Apparently, some people can't help themselves. Too bad. I agree with you 100%. This forum is one of my escapes and normally has very mature contributors.

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Kevin Haiduk 4
Your only two comments ever on this site are on this article. You have not contributed anything useful here to be honest.
George Cottay 1
With respect, I mildly disagree. Presidents change but we are all always responsive for our own behavior. Some posters acted as wise adults and had some light fun. Others did not.
Mike Mohle 0
Yes, the Country is doing so bad under this president..... Compared to anemic economic growth over the past 8 years!
Carl Smeraldi -1
Good news finally Trump got what he deserves. Siding with murderers Prince Bin Salmon and Saudi killers . Poor Khashoggi and his crying wife. Terrible=
linbb 0
What in the hell brought that on as there was no one injured in this and he murdered no one. Why don't you just move out of the US into some rat hole country like Mexico it might fit your temperament better. Get over yourself and him he is doing fine.
Ric Wernicke -1
Must have been a Clinton minion waving the batons...

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linbb 0
Well after reading some of the so called comments below I now think this forum has reached an all time low. Something that never happened when Preacher was on here and has since gone west.

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canuck44 6
Do you think he would be allowed by Secret Service to fly his own aircraft than either the 747-200 or 757 versions of AF1, both equipped with protective gear and communications permitting him to work as Commander-in-Chief? While Trump may have spent $100 Million on his 757 that is chicken feed vs the amount spent to ensure the four aircraft that function as AF! are fully equipped to protect the president and to provide a flying war room. I doubt his 757 has capability to refuel while airborne.

We need to celebrate the availability of such aircraft as demonstrated by AF1 with Bush on that September 11th where his crew moved him to safety while the situation was being sorted out while at the same time communicating with our entire government. Thankfully nothing came of it but it was a great demonstration of the planning and capability of those aircraft.


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