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25 Of The World’s Scariest Airport Runways

Some people have a genuine fear of flying. It can be a bit unnerving floating in mid-air, but luckily the law of physics is on our side. What can be truly terrifying is when the airplane we’re in has to land at an airport with a runway that’s a bit too short, at an awkward angle or in some other way forces us to bite our nails as we come in for our final descent. If flying isn’t your idea of a good time, you’ll definitely want to pop a valium before taking off or landing at any of these… ( और अधिक...

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Brent Rose 0
haha i was just thinking about that.
mr3gtp 0
"Bandwidth Exceeded"...damn, I was just getting ready to fire up the sim & try some approaches.
Jeff Lawson 0
You can find a cached version of that article here: []
Ben Corey 0


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