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Delta Air Lines Just Revealed It's Making a Lot of Money From People You'd Never Expect (And Delta Never Expected Either)

There was a time when businesses understood that if their employees were flying on behalf of the company and the flight was a long one, those employees should fly in First or Business Class. ( More...

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ADXbear 11
Even after working for the airlines one as a dispatcher, I learned the lesson as an employee that we are the last to get anything free and never first class even if I paid to upgrade.. we wee treated terrible. its not been much better as a customer, The sixe is a big big big issue for me, the small Lav is a horrible issue for anyone larger that 4'11" or a 32" waist.. I used Southwest because they are consistently the nicest to deal with as a customer... but my last 2 x country trips wee driven..Flying is way too much of a hassle anymore.
jagerardi 8
It's almost as if Apple were to make its phones to automatically slow down to force you to upgrade...

Oh, wait!

Tom Bruce 6
flew every other week for 20+ years....came home after a rather eventful trip in 2004 and told my wife I couldn't do it anymore... back then always upgraded, always treated well.. but..damn! Can't stand the thought of flying now.. avoid it like the plague... feel sorry for airline employees ... used to be such a good job
Ric Wernicke 5
Delta was not one bit surprised that people will pay to upgrade. There are instructions how to upgrade to a sleeperette for the 49 hour island hopping trip from SFO to HKG in a 1940's Pan Am timetable.

Seems to me all the airlines used the camel's nose under the tent to make upgrades profitable. It started with a small fee of $10 for "processing" an upgrade, to requiring miles, then more money for a free upgrade. Then you could get a mileage saver for the same number of miles that used to give you an upgrade, except the saver rate required a $500. payment.

Now they have crowded all the coach seats together, made them thinner, took out the cushion and replaced it with what could only be called a door mat, and took out the recliner. They say to stop passenger fights, but it is really to save weight, to make more money.
Mike Davis 7
It has gotten so bad that except for my rare overseas flights, I will always -- ALWAYS -- choose to drive rather than fly. The price of 2" more knee room for my long 6'4" legs is outrageous. Seats in steerage were designed by 4' tall engineers. What the airlines haven't gained is their own loss.
matt jensen 7
I take VIA Rail whenever possible to avoid the same two inch knee room. I get meals, a roomette and reclining seats for about the same price as Air Canada.
I Love Via1 when going YOW to YYZ.
rastapoodle 5
I'm in my 6th year of retirement. I have not once used a pass to fly. We have an Airstream (travel trailer) and as long as I'm traveling domestic, I'll be pulling it, not flying. I LOVE road trips. Airports suck and having been in the industry for 30 years, it's nice to be on MY schedule, not someone else's....and you know what's even better? I am NEVER in a hurry. Retirement from working at 2 pax carriers and 1 cargo carrier is the best part of life, yet!
EMK69 7
Standing behind a gent at Reagan one day. He tells the attendant upgrade me to first class I will make up something on my expense account. She smiles and said what company are you with. He tells her AT&T...I flew home and cancelled my AT&T service. I'm sure all the others do it as well but knowing it was my money that landed him in first class just rubbed me the wrong way.
Willie Wonka 8
Good for you ATT pushes my buttons on a regular basis (No pun intended). If ATT was in charge of the Air Traffic Control System half the planes wouldn't have service and the other half would have to replace their avionics every time a software upgrade came out. On top of that every transmission from ATC would include a promotion for Direct TV.
Eric Vickery 2
lol 'Delta 1522, cleared to land runway 35 right, winds 300 at 12, and have you signed up for our NFL Sunday ticket yet?'
Stephen Ogle 2
Retired in 2012, but I was paying for upgrades out of my own pocket for years prior to that.
Back in the mid 90’s I flew 84 times in one year. Lived near LHR, office near CDG and projects in France, Holland and St Petersburg, Russia. Told my boss that if he wanted me to fly this much, simple on entering the aircraft I turned left. It worked.
Joseph Roland 1
It does not surprise me; we may see more people wearing 8 pants to take a flight just to avoid the luggage fees.
Ric Wernicke 1
When Goofy flies to MCO to play golf he wears two pair of pants. In case he gets a hole in one.
I wonder will the inner sanctom who come up with these stupid ideas sit in the back for a 12 hour flight I don't think so ..and then as always they have to come up with something to justify their existence..
David Ingram 1
I've even used Megabus to stay away from the airlines.
This will be unpopular I'm sure, but with smartphones and tablets, airline and hotel apps, TSA-Pre, Uber/Lyft, Yelp, career benefits of connecting with people outside your office, and all the other modern conveniences, I find it hard to complain about modern air travel.

Granted I'm 5'-8" and shrinking, and I only really fly 1-2 hour hops.
ken young 1
I have a friend that travels extensively for business. He has Medallion Status. Used to be called "Chairman's Club"....He gets all the upgrades he could ever want.
Bob Mooney -1
At one time DL was a great airline in fact they were one of the best in the world. Back in the 80's I was elected to be a Flying Col which was an honor for which you were treated with respect. The fact is it was those loyal to DL that kept that airline alive. Today, after flying 3 ml miles, not using an AmEx card to achieve those miles, we get treated like garbage or worse. Food in First could be Alpo. Many Flight attendants belong in nursing homes/ or gyms. Seats in first are like benches. Those flyers carrying an AMEX card are treated better then regular passengers when it comes to mileage accumulations not loyalty. When DL had a CEO at the reins who had a Marketing and Sales background not Finance, DL was great. Now, well my post demonstrates how I feel and fly our own aircraft in the US and CAN.
M20ExecDriver -3
Delta used to be a good ride to Africa. No more. Their entertainment is something out of old cheap cable TV and the seats feel like they've been used for years by 300 pound travelers. My fellow African hunters and tourists are saying the same thing. Bye Bye Delta. Hello Emirates and Qatar.
hallo of your amreika
Joseph Sede -5
Does Delta get government subsidies?
zx zczc 2
Chapter 11 is nothing but a subsidy in disguise. Many will howl at this but it is a fact, straight and simple...
kyle estep 1
Unless you are an employee gouged in that chapter 11 process And yes I miss the Northwest seats (even with the risk of it being wet) over the bricks Delta provides even in first class.
James Dunbar 0
Have they started charging if the oxygen mask is deployed? Hate to have to fumble for a credit card before blacking out!


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