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Man shuts down 'racist' woman at airport over first class dispute

A man's reaction to an apparently racist woman at a US airport apparently caused onlookers to burst into applause, and has attracted hundreds of thousands of shares online. Emmit Eclass Walker said he was approached by a woman at a Washington airport who assumed he was not a first class passenger. He believes it was due to the colour of his skin. "Excuse me, I believe you may be in the wrong place... this line is for priority boarding," she told him, according to his Facebook… ( More...

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Lucio DiLoreto 14
Every seat arrives at the destination at exactly the same time. Not only was this woman rude she is just plain stupid.
holy cow!the woman had no right to speak to the man in that any case, were he in the wrong line,the agent or flight attendant at the gate reader would have instructed him politely to wait as the boarding was "priority"..i am sure she was eating her words (or maybe her boarding pass)when the line continued and he seated himself in an assigned first class seat..!as a former gate agent for many years, I would like to add that this type of behavior occurs whether the person is black,white or is a matter of someones selfish attitude of I am important and the other travelers are is difficult to ignore being verbally accosted by someone, even if you are trying to choose the "high road"!!...
lucio..there is an old saying,"you cant fix stupid"...that is more than true in a lot of areas,airline passengers included!
Larry Toler 6
I'm married to a woman of African descent. We met at Ramstein AB, Germany. We could always see who are American by the disapproving looks. That was 27 years ago. Even now, people are shocked I'm married to a beautiful woman of color, despite I don't often bring up race. It just seems to me since we got back Stateside, this place is very racial. As a former flight attendant, I've seen my share of gate agents judging people. I've also seen fellow FA'S and pilots judge people on appearances. When I first became a flight attendant, people automatically assumed I was gay. I was laid off from my job and saw an ad to fly for a regional airline. I'm thinking, I'm a strate white guy, they won't hire me. I was an Air Transportation Specialist in the USAF (I swore I'd never work pax services), but I got hired and enjoyed every minute of it.
Even when I worked ATOC out of RAF Mildenhall (then 313th APS)racism was there and a lot of times it wasn't intentional. I used to work with this Tech Sergeant who was black, I was just 19 year old A1C, and white aircrew would dismiss him and go to me for their load brief. Racism never went away. Despite regulations to allow people transport, we still have idiots who judge a book by the cover.
watkinssusan is human nature to be judgemental about everything from clothes to hair to personality to job performance and everything in between..even the nicest and most polite of people judge,probably including you..some people are vocal about it, and some just think it and go on about their business..this is not a new concept..the f/a's,pilots and gate agents you speak about were probably the more "vocal"bunch..judging a book by its cover has been around since the dawn of time, and I doubt it will ever go as you said on down the post, we should get back to discussions of all things "aviation related"!!
Sam Johnson 6
Good for him. He did an excellent job of shutting that cow up and showing true class in the way he did it. Thank you for putting a person like she in her place. She has probably also convinced herself that her $hit does not stink.
Dan Mitzel 2
Whether racial or not, there’s always plenty of pompous a**holes flying in and out of Washington every day, especially DCA. I encountered plenty of them.
nchamp 5
I remember the old saying, "There are two sides to every story." We're going by what this guy is saying. A while back a black man reported to the news someone sprayed racist comments all over his car. Well, as it turned out HE confessed to doing it. This guy might have a video of the interaction and if so, then I'm wrong and the woman is a racist. However, any of us can say anything about an allege incident and post it on social media. It happens all the time and with all different races. The news media loves it that's for sure.
nchamp 6
Before everyone starts slamming me for my posting as if I was defending the woman. I'd like to say during Hurricane Harvey there were a lot of people helping each other (myself included). Blacks helping whites and whites helping blacks. Hispanics helping as well. There was no racism and no skin color. It was people helping people. However, how many news reports did you see showing this? Yet, the media wants to report anything negative even if they don't confirm it.
respectfully nchamp..I live in the hurricane affected area as well,and the media,not just local,showed the kindness and compassion of many people,not just one race or color..these reports were on cnn/msnbc/nbc/abc/and just about everywhere there was a reporter with a video camera and a it or not, the world is not always rainbows and lollipops..there are some very bad and negative things that happen around the globe, and I have found from years of tv and the newspaper (not social media or the internet)that almost all media sources try to get to the truth, and not through just some u tube or cell phone video message..i dont see any comments here slamming you for your todays cell phone video crazy society,there are very few things that are not put out there for consumption,some believeable, and some not so much..
Brian Lager 2
Last time I looked, airline seats are color blind. Unlike Barbie behind this guy, who thinks only blond bimbo's get to fly first class. Class she is lacking.
joel wiley 5
Takes money to buy first class. Takes character to be first class.
Kevin Haiduk 1
Lots of she said and he assumed. I can't tell. If so, good for him. Wouldn't put it out to the media though.
Kevin Haiduk 1
PS. Can we get some aviation news on here now😊. KATL Has no power by the way.
thank you kevin..I e mailed flight aware on 2 separate occasions with regard to the length of time an article appears and how many comments are allowed,my point being that once comments are started on any article, they just seem to go on and on..this one for example,has been popping up almost daily on my e mails for quite some time..i do feel its time for the comments area to be closed on this one..many other websites have a maximum of a few days before closing, and then nothing else is posted...flight aware told me they do monitor comments but don't close them off..
joel wiley 1
Mary Sue Watkins - by commenting, you subscribe to the squawk and get notifications. You can click on your account in the upper left or the page, select notifications tab and unsubscribe to ones in which you are no longer interested. It won't stop the drivel, it just gets it off your plate.

BTW, I agree this one is a bit past it's 'best if read by' date.
charlie lange 1
Blondie is a true murican
joel wiley 1
So was Emmit Walker.
What about Dagwood?
lynx318 1
HUH? looked twice, oh "shuts" not "shoots". DOH!!
ilefty..did you read the article and the account of what happened? of course there are two sides to any story,but his remarks about what she said, and the comment about military boarding were definitely uncalled for,no matter how she felt about his wardrobe..passengers do not "dress up" to fly anymore,whether in first class or coach..he could have ignored her,or simply smiled,shown her his boarding pass and said,i do believe i am in the right place,where there would have been no further conversations needed..
ilefty 0
Did anyone stop long enough to entertain the idea that maybe she questioned him simply because of the way he was dressed, or something else besides his skin color, and was only trying to help?
Probably not, but because assumed it to be a racially motivated question because of his skin color, everyone automatically agrees with him.
So who is actually the racist?
djames225 4
Who the H cares how he dressed, unless of course it was his birthday suit.was she caught "barking" at other passengers?...probably not.
joel wiley 3
I did. I also did a short search on the subject and found this in which he apologizes for not treating her better and basically not 'seeing Christ' in her:

I thought about it again, and reject that she was trying to be 'helpful'.
Jamar Jackson -2
He should have just ignored her. No need to entertain or explain.
joe milazzo 0
And this happened because he said it happened? I parents taught me to believe half of what I see and nothing of what I hear. In other words, just because he said it happened doesn't mean that it did so let's not jump too quickly! I have a hard time believing that everyone clapped when he claimed to be a n***a with money!!!
744pnf 0
"Every seat arrives at the destination at exactly the same time."
Au contraire, those at the front arrive milliseconds before those seated further aft. In fact, several passengers arrive before the pilots on a 747.
joel wiley 5
And await equally at the baggage carousel....
n612bz 0
This whole boarding process has become so dysfunctional. The passengers and sit in the back of the plane or in window seats should be boarded first. They would all be so much more expedient in this nonsense first class getting in first having the isles blocked having to wait for people to try to find places to live their bags. I seldom for a flight first class, but when I do are usually look nice passengers get on first I know I’m gonna be one of the first out.
joel wiley 3
One ongoing problem when loading from the rear is that the overhead bins tend to be filled from the front by people who don't want to lug their luggage up the aisle when leaving. Later boardees need to search for an open bin which requires them to 'swim upstream' after landing. Perhaps assigning bins would make boarding less dysfunctional.
btweston -1
Make America hate again. This is where we are.

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joel wiley 13
I don't think it is getting worse, it is just becoming more visible. And the history of 'That twisted thinking" goes back a lot farther than the eugenics and Übermenschen. Shall we return to our previous aviation related subject?
Larry Toler 3
Yes, please! I just typed something I may regret later. I just want aircraft.
djames225 2
You should not regret it Larry...I'm giving you a thumbs up to it, as showed the world through your eyes...and what you discussed is related to aviation to a point.
djames225 1
Yes we shall Joel..As David Levinson said " YES YES...THAT WAY"


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