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Atlanta council: Call our airport by its proper name

Why don't people call the world's busiest airport by its full name? That's something that Atlanta City Council wants to know. By a unanimous 14-0 vote, the council on Monday approved a resolution that puts that task on the airport general manager's to-do list. ( More...

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In other cities, such as New York, Chicago, Dallas, etc. there is more than one airport with airline service. It is necessary to clarify whether one will be arriving at Chicago O' Hare or Chicago Midway, for example. However, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson is the only airport with airline service in Atlanta, thereby eliminating the need to make a clarification.
Eh, it's still popularly referred to locally as "Hartsfield," which seems to be the "gripe." That's what I always called it when I lived there; it immediately communicates that you're talking about "the airline airport in Atlanta." It's easier to say "I'm running down to Hartsfield over my lunch to pick up my sister" instead of "I'm running down to the airport" or whatever.

I'm not really sure what they expect to achieve with this resolution. If they think they're going to somehow cause the general public to start using the long form name in casual conversation, then they're hilariously delusional.
preacher1 1
If I were the Airport manager, I would copy your post and give it to the council, having much better things to do with my time.
matt jensen 3
It should just be Atlanta International. If they want to name concourses and buildings after Mssrs Jackson & Hartsfield - that would be appropriate. Otherwise the name is too long and confusing.
Elmer Montag 1
Fine, but it's too long so let's just call it ATL. Or how about Atlanta? They must not have too many serious problems to solve in Atlanta (Hartsfield, Jackson, whatev) today.
preacher1 1
If the Lord comes, anybody in the Southeast will probably make the rapture over Atlanta, so let's just call it that. Mr. Jackson has terminal named after him and as far as the public goes, it'll be what's easy and not what some bureaucrat tells t.hem


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