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Airline Recruits Chefs To Make On-Board Meals

Lavish dining programs in first-class cabins on long-haul flights are nothing new, but Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, has recently gone one step further by bringing chefs from top-rated restaurants on board to prepare meals in the air. The airline has recruited 100 chefs from restaurants including the Fat Duck in Bray, England, and the Fenix Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, to make meals for fliers who wish to forgo the premade items on the menu. Several international flights — including… ( और अधिक...

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Shawn S. Sullivan 0
I must say, I have not seen this in my cramped seat on the back of many a 737!
preacher1 0
I am not a fancy diner anyway, just a meat & potatoes guy but I daresay I can't remember such extravagance, even back in the glory
Roland Dent 0
Austrin Airlines have done this for a few years but I am not sure if LHT continued this when they took 'em over.
chalet 0
Guys, you are missing the issue, Etihad, Gulf, Qatar, Saudi and probably another one are owned by their oil-rich governments so if they lose hundreds of millions of dollars a year, so what. This is why we will never see this level of pampering aboard European or U.S. airlines, even in first class.
Richard Morgan 0
Just another place for Inflight Fire
Chip Hermes 0
Were you unaware that planes already have galleys with ovens that prepare food? And it's currently done by people with less experience than chefs?
chalet 0
they don´t "prepare" food on board, they just warm what was cooked on the ground by the caterers.
Richard Morgan 0
they have galleys but i believe they Do Not Have Open Flames.
watch the Magic chefs flip the food in a pan and have a Flash Fire Not Thanks
They are only serving steak tar-tar. Lol
david somaru 0
I"ll take a lamb pie ,mashed potatoes,stewed eils and parsley licor.
Something eatable would do in a pinch. But hey, if you got it flaunt it.
Daniel Baker 0
Interesting idea to get attention but it doesn't seem like something most passengers would enjoy. Ethiad's first class, like most, is a very solitary experience and people have headphones on and aren't expecting to interact with anyone, certainly not to the extent of discussing food with a chef.
Boatinman 0
Maybe airlines need to start thinking more like this, however. With the way the industry is right now, maybe they need to add prestige back into flight. Class it up.


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