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Reno Air Races To Return In 2012 In Spite Of Deadly Crash

The National Championship Air Races will return to Nevada’s Reno-Stead Airfield this year after a deadly accident cut the 2011 races short, the Reno Air Racing Association announced Jan. 4. The crash of a P-51D Mustang into the box seat area during the 2011 races killed 11, including pilot Jimmy Leeward, and injured more than 70, sending shock waves through the aviation community and casting doubt on the championship’s future. The association said in a press conference that it had formed a Blue… ( और अधिक...

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chalet 0
Thank you for responding but I am not satisfied. Tell me have you even seen the actual structural calculations (finite element, etc.) of each one of the mods that have been made to each one of the P51s, Corsairs, etc. (STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS, *AIRFRAMES, *FLUTTER, COMPUTERIZED SIMULATION, FLIGHT TESTING, VIBRATION, EQUATIONS OF MOTION, AEROELASTICITY,
STRUCTURAL RESPONSE, AERODYNAMIC LOADING, WIND TUNNEL TESTS, EXTERNAL). Ditto for the modified components of the power plants. Have you ever seen the wind tunnel tests to validate the structural calculations that for all practical purposes are only theoretical ones until they pass the wind tunnel tests. Now which authority reviewed all these processes and approved them, the FAA, or who; I bet you none. The guys doing the actual physical work at Chino, Calif. and other places are terribly good at it, real masters if not artists in their own right, you only have to see the carcasses that are brought to them for "repairs" and the wonderful end product that came after months of painstaking work.

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chalet 1
Henry duPont 1
Canceling the National Championships after over 80 years of history would be an incredable disservice to the competitors and well over a hundred thoudand fans who understand the risks of participating in this, the words fastest motor sport. When you consider the fact that the trim tab failure which caused the crash could have happened anywhere along the nine mile course, and that the flight line takes up aproximately 500 yards of the that circut, the odds of such a crash (in front of the stands) is less than 50 to 1. I was in Reno last year and look forward to attending again in 2012!
Tony Wood 1
We assume risk in anything we do. I am more at risk in my car on the interstate. Whether he had control or not is erelevent. He was and is a hero. I am glad the race is back on. There should never been any jeopardy it would not return. It inspires people especially children to look into aviation and after going to my local FBO and seeing how dead it is we need all the inspiration we can get!
chalet 1
If they continue to push the hell out of aircraft built 3/4 of a century ago subjecting them to untested modifications (shortened wings, etc. no wind tunnel validation) there is going to be more accidents.
Toby Sharp 0
those airplanes are being worked on more than you even some respect
chalet 1
give me proofs, not just words.
Robert Henderson 1
The second that the trim tab left, Jimmy was a passenger and most likely unconscious. We would like to think he steered away, but not a reality. We can thank him for all he gave to the industry. R I P JIMMY!
Jeffrey Babey 0
Jimmy Leeward was one hell of a pilot, he knew he was going down and did everything he could to not crash directly into the stands. Sadly there were casualties but Leewards flying skills saved at least 50 more and scores of injuries. I raise a toast to a great pilot! RIP Jimmy Leeward.
I love air races and I'm happy the Reno races will be on again this year.
pfp217 0
I've never been, and I've never really been terribly interested in the air race side of flying. That said, I would be very upset if this would've ended an institution like Reno. I agree great piloting, especially with such little time to make decisions.
Ben Lillie -1
I'm glad they didn't cancel it. In air racing, as in any sport, accidents are going to happen; you can't cancel the races just because of a crash.
Matthew Alexander 0
I don't think any a/c should be flying at max speeds, especially over spectators, if there are any questions of airworthiness. That said, I am sure that the tragedy last year will at least have the effect making certain that such checks are doubly done at future competitions. Leaving the past where it is, I am glad the airshow continues... it's an exciting remnant of flying's early days, harking back to the pre-FAA exploits of "golden age" barnstormers.


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