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Arctic adventure

On a remote island village at the northern rim of Hudson Bay, fuel is a prized commodity. So when Mark Schoening and Doug DeVries landed at Coral Harbour with two fuel-hungry de Havilland Beavers and 16 five-gallon jerry cans, they were in for some competition. ( और अधिक...

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iewing 0
Incredible scenery. This is what oersonal flying is all about!
ande ofarrell 0
Bill Watson 0
Great adventure! But as I Iay in a comfy hotel, next to my former glider crewing spouse, pondering an adventure in our new home built, we are unanimous.. Warm weather, good food, good friends, and full service FBOs are in our future. I mean, I've been hypothermic, been pulled out of fields and left a few parts in the trees. A big thanks to the adventurers for refocusing our thoughts... And we hope it makes it to our local PBS station. Happy New Year!
Shawn S. Sullivan 0
Not sure how a pilot can see that video and not go after their SES and MES ratings! Awesome stuff.
Patrick Smith 0

209flyboy 0
guy machiels 0


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