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(VID) First rule of touch & goes - make sure you raise the flaps and not the gear!

Beechcraft Bonanza doing touch & gos at Yao airport in Japan. Look like they did a gear-up during the roll-out. ( और अधिक...

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Zachary Colescott 0
I can totally see how this can happen in a Bonanza with the placement of the flap & gear levers. Same thing with the Baron...I have to think about it every time I fly it.
Joshua Reinertsen 0
Oooppppsssss. First and last time for this hopefully
linbb 0
Also looks like they were doing a touch and go, landed long pulled it off early and raised the flaps, note the plane nose high and banking to the right before anything happens and also starts to settle back down.
Robert Van Dyke 0

One expensive touch and go> pretty sure and safe to say he will proablly not do that again
Ev Butler 0
Props are expensive. How do I know? Well......
Robert Brady 0
As a SE, ME, Instrument pilot with over 2400 hours in Beech products including Bonanzas, Barons, T-34's, and King Airs, what a stupid trick that was. You orientate yourself to the panel, they might be reversed, then it is GUMP, GUMP, GUMP. I do that at least 5 or 6 times within the outer marker. It's Gasoline, Undercarriage, Mixture, and Pitch.

Props are expensive, but worse is the sudden stoppage teardown of the engine, and the damage history to the airframe.

Sure was landing hot for an A-36. Let her settle then flip things, that way the squat switches will work.
Victor Engel 0
Wasn't he a little low even for flaps up?
Chris Murray 0
No weight on the wheels system? Even the piper arrow I flew had a lock out mechanism!
Pecolaguy 0
Talk about not waiting to put the gear up. Well, hopefully that won't happen again....
John Casebeer 0
Anyone know what model year this is. For years Beech had different locations for gear and flaps compared to other manufacturers.
Klemons 0
sparkie624 0
I can not only see this happen, but wonder why it doesn't happen more. Damage looks minimal, could have been alot worse. At least both of them got out safe and there was no fire. I saw this happen on a Piper Cabin Class Twin (forget the model) and was on take off, and retracted the gear before rotation. Not sure what the pilot was thinking.
Patrick Smith 0
@Victor: Maybe I'm wrong, but wouldn't he raise flaps up from Landing configuration to TO configuration as part of the touch and go?
Victor Engel 0
@Patrick, I'm not a pilot, nor do I know the configuration of this particular plane. My understanding, though, and it could be wrong, is that there are two purposes for the flaps -- decreasing stall speed, and braking the plane. If airborne and below the stall speed of flaps up, you'd need flaps down at least partly, right? I should have said slow when I said low. But I guess it's hard to judge speed from the video.
Patrick Smith 0
Right, but for a touch and go, you are landing and immediately taking off. This requires fairly quick reconfiguration of the airplane from landing configuration to takeoff configuration. Generally speaking, flaps are extended further for takeoff, and not quite as far for takeoff. Either way, he flipped the wrong switch!
Victor Engel 0
Did you mean further for landing and not quite as far for takeoff?
Patrick Smith 0
Yes, sorry for the mistype.
Robert Gibson` 0
Saw this happen on a Bonanza on a short dirt runway. Flipped Flaps Up early and as soon as weight was light on the gear, they lifted. Wasn't much runway left and a road at the end. Was totaled but he walked away.
Pete Schecter 0
slow news day? 2 YEAR OLD video (but still good training tip)
secondamendment 0
Why he was modifying flap or gear position at 6' is beyond me.
Matthew Hammer 0
That wasn't a touch & go... that was a touch & slide.
Scott Keller 0
Speaking of the Bonanza, the avionics master is next to the air conditioning. Both are identical looking rocker switches. Departing Groton last week I reached down to turn off the A/C as I was cleared for take off --- and, yep, click, there went my avionics. As I aborted take off the controller asked if I needed help. I told him what happened and couldn't hear anything but laughter for the next few minutes. Didn't help that my flight plan to DC was long and full of airways. Real joy to put that back in the Garmin.
Chris Gilbert 0
That's why the BPPP (Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program) and others teach that YOU SHOULD NOT DO TOUCH AND GOES IN A BONANZA or really any other retract, for that matter.
BuddyCox 0
I pulled the gear up thinking it was the flaps on a touch and go in a T-37. They came up just as I broke ground. My instructor accused me of hotdogging. I apologized.
Ric Wernicke 0
I thought this happened in California. Just after the accident, two guys got out and ran away.
Joseph Weinberg 0
Scott, I thought I was the only one with dumb trick. I turned off the Avionics Master instead of the AC in IMC! Never do that again!
jhakunti 0
Stupid mistake. Pilots should be paying attention, and thinking about everything they do while flying. Checklists, and know your cockpit panel before you fly if you are training. Simple things that these morons overlooked.
dmaccarter 0

On every check ride, the instructor I got my BFRs from spent 10 minutes before engine start, doing what he called "cockpit familiarization" even when the student owned and operated the plane regularly. You had to prove to him you knew what was what and how it worked.
mrdedwalker 0
Student to instructor: "Oh no, does this mean I'm in the crub now?"
mrdedwalker 0
Kurt Belsten 0
1) You should never do touch and go's in any retract aircraft.
2) It appears to me in the video that they were landing at a high rate of speed.
3) Nothing wrong with the flap and gear swithches on any Beech. The flap switch feels and is shaped likea flap and the gear switch feels and is shaped like a wheel.
4) Beech landing gear does incorporate a squat switch but like any other airplane once you are slightly airborne the weight comes off the switch and the gear is allowed to travel.
5) Take a BPPP course.


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