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VIDEO: Sparks Fly From United 777-200 as it Departs Newark Airport

United Airlines flight 149, a scheduled service from Newark/New York (EWR) to Sao Paulo, Brazil (GRU) departed at 11:24 pm when it experienced suspected engine trouble. The aircraft in question is N787UA, a Boeing 777-200ER in United's new livery. After takeoff, the aircraft entered a holding pattern over the Atlantic Ocean, displaying an altitude of FL240 (24,000 feet) on FlightRadar24. Approximately 1.5 hours after takeoff, the aircraft returned to Newark Airport. ( More...

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Eugene McCabe 4
I have an Ad Blocker running and this site puts up a message that it needs to be turned off to continue
ewrcap 6
Oh, the HUMANITY! What ridiculous sensationalism.
Landyn Franker 1
Dale Ballok 1
Explain please
Michael Dealey 1
Look up original news reel footage (with commentator) of the crash of the Hindenburg.
When did we stop teaching history in this country?

Maybe this is more familiar?
Dale Ballok 1
What a “ridiculous” post!
Mike Duralia 2
Add brakes to the checklist.....
Dale Ballok 2
Pretty good amateur video, especially at night. Even followed the hot falling parts!
Gary Bain 6
Do you have a good link you can post. I get no video only some guy screaming "Oh No" "Oh God".
John Taylor 1
Copy and paste into a different browser. I use Firefox and it didn't work. Using the Edge browser, amongst the thousand ads, I was able to get it to play.
John Taylor 1
On further review, this link worked perfectly on my Firefox. It was the original link that didn't work for me.
Peter Fuller 1
Two other reports on this incident suggest a hydraulic pump issue:
Gary Bain 1
Got the video to open. Definitely not an engine issue and I agree that it was a brake issue.
Brian Anderson 1
Look closely at the very beginning of the video. Before the right main gear door closes you can see a "glow" in the landing gear bay.
Franky16 6
Would like to, but it won't open for me...
Brian Anderson 2
Try a different web-browser? Here's a link to the same video in another source, try that:
Brian Anderson 2
You'll have to cut and paste that in your browser. FlightAware doesn't let you post "clickable" links.
yatesd 4
That’s the look of a hot brake.
Brian Anderson 2
You think it would have blown fuse plugs in the wheel? Be interesting to hear something preliminary from the FAA on this, but I see nothing so far.
Peter Fuller 2
Seems unlikely in normal operations that there would be a hot brake after takeoff.
John Taylor 1
d. thayer 0
aeroxplorer will need to get $1 from someone cuz I don't care if I read this or not!
21voyageur -2
Click bait - does it ever end on this site? How much revenue is generated by FlightAware by this amateur business model of theirs? I have asked in the past to simply confirm that they generate revenue from this practice and feedback from FlightAware? crickets. Maybe I just have not seen the super-fine print. Anybody know where a disclaimer of this type can be found?
John Taylor 8
What's the click-bait? They linked to a video of the event and it matches the article title exactly.
21voyageur 1
Not with Chrome. Stopped wanting me to join, blah blah.

Also, and to note, this is a systemic issue with FlightAware. There are other sites that are not nearly as revenue-focused / eyeball click counts, with current subscribers being played. There is NO editorial management on this site since the acquisition by Collins. All manner of content management based on relevant information for its then dedicated aviation enthusiast audience has disappeared resulting in just another (yawn) social media platform full of politics, BS, and some serious thinkers. Quite sad actually. Bravo to the original owners, I hope that the buy out by Collins has allowed them to ride off into the sunset with smiles on their faces, condos wherever they wish, and shiny cars. I would have done the same. BUT those that were serious about aviation content have been left with a totally different, light, unfocused site prone to political hijacking.

I will back up my bitching and pull my subscription. This has just devolved into a cheap noisy website. I feel sorry for those, such as me, that welcomed the banter based on an enthusiasm for aviation. The dog's breakfast that it is today is just not worth it, causes aggravation to those serious about aviation, and may I be so bold as to suggest that those that may feel the same way, look for other sites. They do exist.

jvdawsey -5
this beattie guy thinks that an airship bursting into flame and crashing with many peoople burned to death . is funny . what a great american . likes to mock people in pain and make fun of disasters . sound like any maralago wacko we know ?
mmc7090 -6
3 stowaways trying to leave Brandon's tyranny!
Guy Rovella 1
I'll bet that made sense in your head.


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