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Delta Pilots retirement salute

Kind of a quick taxi and a short salute but, Delta Air Lines Airbus A350 N510DN pulling into the gate for a pilot retirement after operating flt 95 from AMS 8-9-22 ( More...

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Victoria Auerbach 8
Nice salute! Congrats on your retirement!
Chris B 7
Delta is scheduled lose through retirement over 500 pilots in 2022.

That's hard to make up
sparkie624 7
Very true and they are slow coming into the industry as well.... Main Lines and Regionals hurting.
Mike hardesty 4
Congress needs to raise retirement age for pilots subject to physical evals. Maybe 67 or 68? Would help bridge the growing gap.
Andy Bowland 4
It would probably cause more harm than good. Most of the older senior pilots are on the widebody international stuff, ICAO has an age 65 limit.

The senior over age 65 pilots would have to be restricted to domestic flying only or displace other pilots out a more domestic fleet, narrow body and then still be placed on domestic flying only.

ICAO would have to raise the age to make it work. But it is just a temporary stopgap regardless, once they get to 67 same thing happens.
alex hidveghy 2
In other words, there’s no fix! Not any time soon. They are heir own enemies.
Mike T 2
**DAL135 not 95
Mike T 3
tom239 2
N510DN flew as DAL133 on August 9.
Mike T 2
Yeah I kept clicking the wrong flight. I normally get the info from the flight as it is pulling in but was busy and didnt post it until the day after
Gette Bailey 2
I’ve flown with Delta many, many times. Makes me wonder if I’ve ever had this pilot. Enjoy retirement! 👏🏻
Rob Palmer 2
Remember when Delta saved my military life returning to Ft. Jax in Columbia SC from a weekend pass. Thought flight ended at Richmond, but INVITED VISIT to cockpit in the 440, pilot told me "no it goes on to Columbia for overnight." Bot ongoing ticket from stewardess and all was O.K. Thank you again, Delta.
sreekumar kumaran 1
Happy retirement Capt, I worked as an AME for three major airlines spanning 35 year,no water fountains upon retirement only a handshae and fond memories of working with such sofistcated machines love airplanes.
Mark Purschwitz 1
Great salute for a pilot. I hope it was explained to the passengers. Good thing it was not foam like the Dutch accidentally sprayed on their first F-35 back in 2019.
Al Miller 1
Kind of like the Gatorade shower in football.
Victoria Auerbach 1
Very nice salute! Congrats on the retirement!
Nancy Somers 1
Happy retirement! Wishing you lots of love and good times as you enjoy a well earned rest.
tomkolduer 0
That captain must have know someone in the fire department. Normally, they don't do that for retirements these days!
Mike T 2
They do them here. I see one at least once a month
scott8733 0
Far, FAR cleaner than giving them a Duke's mayo bath- although there was no video of the pilots coming off the jet bridge :)
Dave Rowley 0
Fire trucks and crews need to blow out the 'pipes' every so often. gets the rust out. Congrats sir!


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