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Alaska Air pilots take strike vote over 'stalled' contract negotiations

CHICAGO, May 24 (Reuters) - Hundreds of pilots at Alaska Air Group Inc (ALK.N) are submitting their final votes on whether to authorize a strike over "stalled" contract negotiations, underscoring growing labor tensions in the U.S. airline industry. ( More...

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Sidney Smith 2
The increases proposed by the ALPA in this situation are minimal to the hourly cost to operate. This is a case where Alaska wants to be bought out and a new, more expensive contract makes it less attractive to buyers.
jim knopke 2
No pilots = no schedule = no PAX = no airline. Simple math.
Brian Chandler 1
It's not a vote to strike asap. It's a vote to authorize a strike in the future if negotiations fail.

Anyways, it's not as simple as your formula.

Uncompetitive wages & Cost structure = Uncompetitive prices = No PAX = No Airline.

See what I did there, two can play your simpleton mind games.
Michael Meyers -2
WD Rseven -5
We taxpayers/customers kept them working the last couple years. This is how they thank us.


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