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Harrison Ford makes miss call to hold short

Harrison Ford is being investigated for making an error while operating a plane this week in California, according to a new report. The actor, an avid flyer, apparently landed at the Hawthorne Airport on Friday in Southern California when he began traveling from the runway to the taxiway. According to audio obtained by TMZ, Ford, 77, failed to follow a tower operator's direction to "hold short" on the runway due to "traffic." ( More...

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David Hast 4
‘I don’t know Chewy, just fly casual’
Mike Mohle 10
I think any of us mortals had his recent history, our tickets would have been pulled long ago.
dee9bee 6
No need to pull his ticket...but...maybe he needs a 'Wingman' sitting in the right seat. I would think that his Insurer would insist on that at this point.
Falconus 6
As someone who was sure this had to be Ford's mistake, I would suggest listening to the audio before passing too much judgment.

ATC: Husky 9HU, hold short Runway 25 at HOTEL
Ford: Hold short of 25 at HOTEL for 89HU
Ford: Tower, 89HU holding short at HOTEL
ATC (with not the clearest enunciation): Husky 9HU continue holding short runway 25, traffic on the runway.
Ford: Crossing 25, 89HU.

I have no idea how that sounded across Ford's radio, but if I personally was holding short and heard "continue", I might do just that.

I don't think "continue" and "hold short" should be used together, especially given that radio transmissions are not always crystal clear.
jmilleratp -2
I would cross if I was told, "Cleared to cross Runway 25." "Continue" isn't an ATC command. It would only be used if you had already been given a clearance to perform an action.
Just an FYI about his performance as an pilot. First the latest he did not follow atc "hold short" command and he caused a mess and it could have been worse. Second he crash landed on a golf corse, luckly no one was hurt. The worst of late he landed on a taxi way and only missed a 727 by less than 40 feet vertically. SO why does he still have a pilots license? If it was anyone else they woulden't! My 2 cents worth!
royalbfh 4
you need to pull the crash out of the equation because he did a great job with that situation. loss of the only powerplant is never good. the other incidents are the worry, they are procedural. Landing on a taxiway instead of runway by itself is bad but coming so close to an airliner is worse. Now this one happens and again, its procedure, and they will determine which category the incursion will fall into. My opinion is that even though he may fly a lot he seems to be sloppy. probably a good hands on guy but loose on the procedural concentration side..
AA 737-800
time for CFI ride along Harrison
ADXbear 2
This is just ridiculous.. no one was injured, small airport he was getting recurrent.. and you use TMZ as the news source!

Come on you guys, i expect, the readers here expect more reliable and MEANINGFUL aviation stories!..

No sesational hollywood bs..
Here we go again
Bryan Jensen 1
Moral: If you are famous your errors are going to be aired in public.
Bryan Jensen 1
If the FAA deems it appropriate he will be disciplined, so whats with all the patter and conjecture. Let the FAA do their job and accept their ruling.
Chris B 1
...hmmm... Lets wait for Vasaviation you tube video on this....
Chris B 2
Listen for yourself:
Highflyer1950 -1
Don’t think we have the whole picture here. If he landed why would he have to hold short of a taxiway for crossing traffic unless he had acknowledged a land & hold short clearance? If so, then the tower controller would have been watching or confirming compliance before crossing any traffic? Usually a LHS clearance is given for other traffic taking off/landing on a different runway, not crossing traffic maneuvering on the ground. If he landed, cleared and then had to cross the runway to parking and was told to hold short for landing traffic and didn’t, then yes that’s a problem! Also, my guess is one controller either working both grnd/air freq or controlling everything on tower freq. Of course, if anyone wanted see how the pros fair at radio communication, just listen to JFK ground control for a hour or so at 17:00, prior to this lockdown.
Pa Thomas 5
He was taxiing, not landing. HHR is a single runway operation. Most likely he was crossing the runway at the west side of the airport as someone was landing on RY25 the east side of the airport. (3600 feet away, the report said, which means Ford was crossing at one of the two taxiways on the west side of the field. A few moments with the airport diagram will show you the probable setup.
Highflyer1950 0
Didn’t the article say he just landed? Why not turn off in the direction your headed to parking, unless he turned off in the wrong direction and then had to reposition. If so then my comments further in the article make sense! At any rate Ford does seem to get in the press a lot but he apparently flies a lot as well.
royalbfh 1
bottom line. he was instructed to "hold short" of the ACTIVE runway. he did not. therefore, it is a violation. everything other than that is irrelevant. even if he was repositioning from one area to another he still has to abide by instruction's given by the tower.
Chris B 1
ATC radio communications
WeatherWise -3
This isn't even newsworthy. Per the FAA, approximately 3 runway incursions occur per day at towered airports in the U.S. So it's Harrison Ford, big whoop.
royalbfh 2
You are correct, not newsworthy at all but that does not mean that it does not get investigated by the FAA. I'm sure that you remember from your pilot training about violations while being PIC. They all get looked at. The ONLY reason it makes the news is because of the pilot.
matt jensen -2
sharon bias 0
When was his last physical? I'd start with a hearing test. Radio communications can get garbled (age of equipment, background noise, etc), but if your ears are full of wax, it's going to compound the problem.

His golf course crash was ruled equipment failure by the NTSB.
royalbfh 0
so what is being missed is HF checked in with " holding short at Hotel" TWR responded with 'Continue to hold short, traffic ON runway". HF responded with "crossing 25." I don't see where any blame lies except on the pilot. I had a pilot friend that "creeped" his nose across the hold Short line at an airport and went through hell to get that resolved. Perhaps he will receive another aviation award.
Highflyer1950 0
Yes, that is what I said. If he acknowledged to hold short and didn’t then that’s a problem?
royalbfh 1
He replied "crossing RWY 25", which at that point the controller told him to expedite. if that had been me, i'm sure that i'd be mailing my pilot certificate to Oklahoma City.
Robert Cowling -1
Hard to tell what happened. It seems most of the FBO activity is on the south side of the runway. So, why cross it? If he landed, did he turn right, not left? Was he flustered because he turned the wrong way. Glad no one was hurt, but this is troubling. This is why read-backs are really important. They help insure that everyone knows whats about to happen.
royalbfh 4
dont get lost in where he was going. He was "holding short of runway 25 at Hotel" he was instructed to stay there. he did not. If this is his home base then he has his own hanger and may not be anywhere near the FBO. just pull up the airport diagram.
I believe its a matter of continual training for some ford is not incapacitated by any means,but he,like anyone else,should have recurrent training and maybe because of his age,more frequent physicals to check hearing and vision..
laferrierem -2
Bah, I should proof read before posting.
alfred mebane -1
Well, the controller stated "traffic on the runway", which means stay off it. I think in total context he certainly screwed up. But the reason its on the news is because its H. Ford.


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