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Chinese destroyer shot laser at U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon aircraft

A People’s Republic of China (PRC) navy destroyer 161 shot a weapons-grade laser at a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft in a recent move that U.S. Pacific Fleet dubbed “unsafe and unprofessional” in a statement Thursday. ( More...

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Jim DeTour 9
Easy for games like this to happen. You fly a P8 that is armed near a warship then both start warning each other turning weapons radars on each other and well it gets comical. No mention of how long the P8 loitered around the ship or what listening devices they dropped or exchanges of warnings. Generally the US Navy with Russia when the Russians would turn the targeting radar on the P3's would then leave.

My bet would be China for targeting with Gatling guns uses a strong laser with peripheral lower strengths to track missiles. Just 2 crafts playing they have toys they couldn't even dream up in a life time of stupid times in bars or boasting with friends. US Navy probably played turning on their anti ship radar for missiles so two Chinese guys smiled at each other and countered with their anti missile tracking.

It's generally a go play somewhere else. What's funny is it's always played in the news as guys that always act like the biggest and baddest feel hurt.
john doe 2
bbabis 6
Well, we now know where we can run our advanced testing. With the defense department releasing this story, it confirms to the Chi-Coms what their and our capabilities are at the present time.
Ron Nash 14
Ya'll seem to conveniently forget that Chinese outnumber Americans by around 4.5 to 1, and these guys just landed a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. They not only have all your Western technology, thanks to American corporations giving it to them, in their greed for profits - they also have electronics technology that is starting to exceed American electronics technology. History is full of defeated people who sneered at their enemys capabilities.
Never pretend to knowing all, but actually just a frog in well.
History is a good thing that deserves u to learn, after which reply here.
Dave Steele 4
As I recall correctly, it was Bill Clinton that okayed sensitive technical material and data sales to Red China. That same technology was found in missile debris that was recovered from a North Korean missile launch. LORAL, anyone?
bbabis 0
So true. He opened the Chi-Com floodgates of cash into the Clinton Crime Foundation in return for our tech.
Tim Trosky 4
Take the political crap somewhere else.
Dan Grelinger -3
Haha, you’re funny!

“Problem is the access by unauthorized individuals doing what hell want and lie to us. Nixon and Johnson were like that to get reelected.”

Someone must have stolen your login credentials and inserted politics into a discussion. How dare they!
Tim Trosky 2
They didn't.
Dan Grelinger 0
Oh, sorry dude.
Larry Horton -1
Nothing special about landing a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. People are getting all gaga over these other countries space programs like the did something special. It has all been done defore and in general their American trained engineers checked out a book that told them how to do it. Tech is updated but the math is the same. Yawn...
gerardo godoy 1
Agree. Those here that see this as normal do not understand the Communist way, the"ll regret it someday, or maybe they are Communists themselves....
paul gilpin -5
and what, exactly, is the use of a spacecraft on the far side of the moon? do they have a means of communicating with it? or do they just bore right through the lunar surface?
and what good is a 4.5 to 1 ratio when they are half a marble away.
remember ron, the largest army in the world is not the chinese, or the US, or nato.
Philip Lanum 2
The Chinese have a orbiter that communicates with the lander. The US has used this method on some of our missions.

Yes, China has the largest standing Army.

Don't you know how to look this stuff up before switching your foot between your mouth and Butt?
lynx318 1
The far side of the moon is where there is a cave system with possible water traces. They just got there first, others were planning to go as well.
Dan Grelinger 1
Hmmm, moon to look for water or Mars to look for life? Which one is easier....
WhiteKnight77 3
Ever since the US left The Philippines, China has pushed that they own that area west of the islands by building islands out of reefs (destroying marine life in the process) and militarizing them. As long as the US military forces were there, they did not push the issue and the Spratley's, that are still claimed by 7 countries, were left alone. Now, we have been pushed to just freedom of navigation cruises to ensure that any and all traffic can transit the area, but the Chinese are pushing back. Will it lead to a shooting war? Hard to say, but one day, someone with an itchy trigger finger is gonna push a button that launches something at someone else who is thought to be tresspassing.
Calvin Chan 4
very likely its one side of the story
Alan Hume 6
A storm in a teacup. Just sabre rattling to see what they could achieve ... normal Cold War activity. Nothing to get mad about. I mean, what was a Poseidon doing there anyway if it wasn't muscle flexing?
gerardo godoy 1
You probably wish the Communists close or try to close the China Sea...An International waterway, smart guy.
srobak 5
This is not news. We do it to them, they do it to us, everyone does it to everyone. Been like that for decades. Calm down.
Dan Grelinger -1
Hmmmm..... Really?,,,,,
srobak 1
yes really... since the cold war, even.
Dan Grelinger -6
I don’t do that to everyone. If everyone does it to everyone, am I not included in the group of everyone?
jbqwik 2
FYI: My security software blocked this site as "threat detected". Be forewarned.
bbabis 2
I've got all kinds of protection and it loaded right up.
No, it's just a blog related to the US military.
Pecos Llama 3
tasmedic 2
Were there any communications one way or the other before this occurred? I think that might be an important point. How was the "weapons grade" comment justified? It obviously wasn't being used as a weapon, was it? If someone points a stick at me, it's unclear whether it's weapons grade until I'm poked with it, no?
Paul Mara 1
Normal people dont point sticks at others ,some one points something at me I would take it off them and shove it where the sun dont shine ,when you come second you are the first looser
patrick baker 2
a tiny slap or sting has been earned by the chinese military, something that is going to leave a bruise
I think a Bernie Sanders presidency is much more worrisome than this incident.
josh homer 8
Is politics really necessary on this site?
Dale Nelson 0
It wouldn't be a normal day without some...
Dale Nelson -1
I think we just need to put Trumps son and Bidens son in the oval office and tell em to get along and figure it out as both of their dad's seem to not be able to think straight this way the news focuses on them and we learn about their shenanigans as well keeping them possibly more honest.
Dale Ballok -3
Já é sábado e nenhum militar resolvel
This is what a South Korean warship did to a Japanese Self Defense Air-force P-1 patrol aircraft even though the country is believed as an allied country. (No English subtitles unfortunately.)
john kilcher 1
Yeah the world's provocateur is fired upon. Our prestige has been replaced by the "never ending war on terror". Fu@%ing pathetic state of affairs, we're in.
Dan Grelinger 0
Haha, that’s funny.
Po Lau 0
The article does not directly say a weapon grade laser was used. Even if it does, a 100kW laser, having a divergence of 0.5 mRad, 200mm aperture, over a distance of 8000 meters, the power reaching the target would be <7 milliwatt/mm. That's not a lot?
Dan Grelinger 1
What?!?!? Yes it does! “ A People’s Republic of China (PRC) navy destroyer 161 shot a weapons-grade laser at a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft”. If you missed that, I don’t think I can give any credibility whatsoever to your other statements.
Po Lau 2
The "article" should read as the original statement by the navy, please excuse me for the confusion caused.
Dan Grelinger 0
The navy statement strongly suggests that a weapons grade laser was used...

“The laser, which was not visible to the naked eye, was captured by a sensor onboard the P-8A. Weapons-grade lasers could potentially cause serious harm to aircrew and mariners, as well as ship and aircraft systems.”

Am I wrong in assuming that a well focused 100kW infrared pulsed laser at 8000 meters could ‘put your eye out’?
David Stark 0
An act of war is now merely unsafe and unprofessional? Where did all the backbones go?
Paul Mara -9
Time to refuel the "Enola Gay"
kbraniff -1
Should have dropped a kinetic on the ship! They would not have know what him. Oops! Where’d they go? Where’d who go?

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Have u guys seen any news & replies in China regarding this? Or have u ever been in east?
Greg S -8
China is just the retarded kid with the orange-tipped gun. This kind of crap is expected from them.
mikeenderle 3
Well if you're the guy with retina or brain injuries from their shenanigans, it's probably a bit more serious looking. This isn't the first outright act of war China has pulled.
gerardo godoy -4
They should have shot a missile near the tin can destroyer!! the Commies are Very Loud and need a shakedown once and for all.
lynx318 0
Should have dropped an Eveready torch on their deck with a message in marker, "Here, this would have done more damage."
a1brainiac -8
And what did Trump do about it ????
Dan Grelinger 0
A review of your comments demonstrates that this is not the first time you have derailed a thread to bash the man.

Your hatefulness is an example of why he got elected in the first place, and if the haters continue to show their hate so clearly, he will get elected again.
Dale Nelson 0


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