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Plane nosedives 500 feet shortly after takeoff

A flight could have been just seconds away from crashing into the ground after an incorrect autopilot setting caused the plane to plummet, an investigation has ( More...

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Brent Bahler 11
Note to Fox News: the photo you have accompanying this story is of an Embraer 195 jet, not the Bombardier q400 type turboprop aircraft involved in the incident. If one picture is worth a thousands words, make sure the right picture is used in your stories.
sparkie624 6
LOL... Good Catch... Where there are similarities in those to planes... I mean that both have wings, Rudder, Elevator, 2 Engines.... Seems to be all the press is concerned about, but that image is missing 2 very important items.... Known as Props...
Jesse Carroll 1
Typical for Fox...heck they still show film of a dude firing a 30 mm machine gun on a single pivot stand from about 20 years ago! Wonder if they ran out of new video ?
Jesse Carroll 0
PS: Yes , I'm a Fox fan almost all the time!
patrick baker 13
anybody willing to say outloud that having pilotless airliners is still a desirable idea?
sparkie624 16
LOL... If I was scheduled to make a flight and found it was pilotless, I would walk instead! NO way would I get on a pilotless plane...
ronald chong 1
pilot error is a causal factor (i said "a", not "the") in most incidents and accidents. same is true in this particular incident. there's no doubt pilotless is a scary concept, but it's inevitable. would a properly designed entirely autonomous system consider it safe to descend at 4300ft/sec at 1500ft seconds and drive itself into the ground?
If AI is used in the future for pilotless planes, what if the AI is thinking its not using all its intellect and decides to end itself? This is half a joke and half a what if.
Well let’s think this through. It would seem from the report that the auto flight system was set by someone, in this case the pilots to zero and upon engagement the aircraft pitched to that altitude. At some point (another discussion though) the pilots caught the error and corrected. In a fully automated scenario someone (not a pilot since there are none on board) sets the altitude to zero ... aircraft runs off the end of the runway at 200 knots. Where’s the advantage? I’m with sparkie624 on this one!
ronald chong 3
hmm, i don't think you have a high enough regard for the engineers and scientists that develop autonomous systems.
You are correct Sir. We don't. Perhaps your scientists and engineers can create an autonomous soda pop vending machine that actually works and then move on from there.
rdlink 1
Sure. If you give me $23,000,000 for each one I can guarantee 99.9997% reliability.
Rex Bentley 1
Yeah, I do. But Murphy out does them all the time.
David Isaacs 6
Locally, we had a fair number of problems with voting machines that had to be addressed by humans.
Jim Heslop 3
Seems to me that all this reliance on automation nowadays has become a priority.
The airline industry has adopted the ‘sterile cockpit’ under 10,000 ft. Maybe its time to get pilots to ‘fly first’ under 10,000 ft and have automation as the backup.
David Isaacs 2
That sounds like a great idea. It would be like a driver driving during the beginning of a trip, probably still in a congested environment, and then letting cruise control or the AI take over for the long, less congested interstate. At the end this would reverse.

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Makes me wonder about the culture of the company and perhaps a pitfall of this level of automation that becomes increasingly available. Someone must ALWAYS be flying the airplane!
sparkie624 2
They should have been trained in CRM....
btweston 1
How do you know?

[This poster has been suspended.]

sparkie624 3
They almost got another message... or may have.. "Too Low... Ground.... Too Low... Ground...."
Roger Curtiss 1
Where was the "set-announce and confirm" exchange when the autopilot altitude was being dialed in?
rdlink 0
Wish there was another place to read this article. Not clicking a Fox News link.
Paul Curs 0
And ... the picture used (aside from being the incorrect aircraft) was clearly picked because it made the story more alarmist with an airplane apparently ROLLING OUT OF CONTROL! Got to love the "news" people. Can we believe anything the write?
linbb -5
Just glad it didn't tail dive...…… meda reporting.


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