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American drops A330neo and looks at Boeing's Dreamliner for its widebody campaign

Fort Worth - American Airlines no longer considers A330neo as an option for its widebody aircraft campaign. The decision leaves Boeing privileged in talks for a new 787 deal. ( More...

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John Wool 3
Airbus says A330neo superior product over 787-9. LOL good one
Ron Camp 3
Totally agree
John Wyer 3
Nice. American Airlines should fly American airliners. Great decision.
Yes, and please all the European airlines should all fly Airbus.
n9341c 1
Let's see....American Airlines currently flies 219 Airbus A321s....48 A320s....and 125 A319s....

Yeah. Makes total sense to me.
Ian Deans 1
Excellent products...both of them. This has nothing to do with the aircraft themselves..... it's all about pricing.....which manufacturer will drop its price the most to get the order.
Tedd Hope 1
Agree, as long as Boeing is price-competitive, - hard to determine that, since airframe manufacturers discount so heavily, and then there are the options clauses for additional tail numbers.
American drops A330neo ... right
According to Bloomberg, the story is a little different
"Airbus unwilling to match the prices being offered by Boeing for its B787-9 product"

Also, you know that (some) Airbus(es) are manufactured in the US (Alabama)?


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