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What a Carry On: Londoner Barred From Boarding Two Flights in Two Days After Wearing All His Clothes to Avoid Excess Baggage Fee

A Londoner claims he was banned from boarding two flights for wearing too many clothes as he tried to board a British Airways plane. ( More...

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So, he plays the racial card. He is an idiot!!
dc3orbust 6
He was clearly baiting people for an altercation to post online. How about the rights of the passengers that would have to sit next to this guy? If I had the seat assignment next to him, I'd be thanking the airline for refusing him.
faizuldin 1
really?maybe now a winter wheather?
chalet 1
Trying to be too sharpie, eh? Lock him in.
patrick baker -3
if he can strap in, without seatbelt extensions, then the airline has no real dispute here. They didn't give him that chance , .....


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