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CSeries : UK Under Pressure to Cut Down on Orders to Boeing Worth $10 Billion

Boeing has opened a can of worms with their assault on Bombardier. Prime Minister May cannot afford to lose these votes and stay in power and she will have to accommodate these unions. As predicted on another thread, Boeing's non-commercial products are going to take a significant hit over this dispute. ( More...

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patrick baker 9
I can't figure what boeing was thinking when they asserted bombardier had violated governmental subsidies in the construction of the c series. This will have ramifications of perhaps a few billion in lost or deferred sales and a few hundred million of profits from those level of sales. This will become a case study of putting a corporate foot in a corporate mouth, seemingly with out purpose or prethought. dumb, ill considered and foolish comes to mind here.
Shenghao Han 5
Boeing only wanted a import tax of 40% (or 60%, I can't remember), which brings the C series just about the same price of 737-700 (so they can actually offer realistic discount to bring price below C series). But thank to Trump's trade department, they decided to push the tariff to 300%... yeah you know the rest.(Airbus stepped in)
djames225 5
You know what is funny, and I am glad you mentioned that about what Boeing wanted...Boeing claimed that Bombardier sold the C Series to Delta for 19.9 million each and wanted a 160% tariff on each to offset the difference between it and the 737-700..then when the Commerce department stepped in with its first 219% tariff, Boeing backtracked and said it only wanted a 40-60% tariff..Im sorry but something makes no sense..first you want a high tariff and then you backtrack on it when your government makes a decision based on hearsay..and if Delta had only paid 19.9mil each, dont you think thy would have ordered a heck of a lot more than 75 plus the 50 option?...they could have sold units at $40 mil each and made a HUGE profit PLUS had their own units paid for by the sales.
Congrats Boeing on your foot in mouth scene...twice!
joel wiley 3
At the risk of being accused of injecting politics into the subject, I think Boeing felt that with the current administration, they felt the could move to an advantageous position. Their miscalculation seems to have been the assumption the administration would take reasonable, thought-through actions to support their position. The resultant administration response was infelicitous.
Randall Kimm 1
That's why Bombardier should take this mess to the world court because of the illegal manner in which Boeing and Embraer sought to destroy Bombardier Aircraft Company.
Mandatory Reading for Boeing: "How to make friends" by Dale Carnegie
honza nl 2
funny that a CS has more US content than a 787.....
Hugh Loraine 2
America first....
canuck44 2
Interestingly enough, Boeing's current plight demonstrates that their interest was in Boeing and not in America. They have lost at least $14 Billion in American produced goods with the non-commercial aircraft business and stand to lose a great deal more if the same anti-Boeing philosophy invades their commercial aircraft arm. As demonstrated with Bombardier Airbus is ready to scoop up the business as undoubtedly are the Chinese.
djames225 2
Actually canuck44, I will have to partially agree with Hugh..yes Boeing's current plight was mostly because they were all about Boeing, but the US Government amplified matters immensely..basically what the US Government said was "it's ok if it happens in our country (subsidies to Boeing and allowing Boeing to dump aircraft), but anyone else tries it and they shall feel our rath"
Hugh Loraine -1
The financial penalties sought by Boeing were eagerly increased, being condoned by the Trump administration. The willingness of the Trump administration to sacrifice the industries in other countries, which all generally have higher rates of unemployment, shows the greed. If I had my preference, it would be to avoid all US products, Boeing just one of them. Boeing needs to make some friends. European, Russian, China, and other countries all produce comparable products. Boeing, and American manufacturers in general, cannot afford to ignore consumer enmity. But it is a big picture. Why buy a manufactured product from a country that does not seem to give a damn about the environment and climate change?
canuck44 0
You were doing well until the end of your last sentence. The US is a world leader in environmental clean up...much more so than the EU and of course China and India have done little. Climate change happens continuously with or without man and the current climate mullahs are really just promoting a religion without a basis in fact unless the data is manipulated. None have yet to tell us what "normal" climate constitutes putting aside all the dire predictions, none of which have come to fruition.
Hugh Loraine -1
I suggest a read of James Hansen's work, STORMS IF MY GRANDCHILDREN"", which explains all the science, free online. He has been involved at the White House level for a while. Currently, the US is the only country bailing out of the Paris Accord. China, very deftly, has now the appearance of a climate saviour. All this will spin of against many of America's images, including the commercial attraction related to dealing with aircraft manufacturers.
canuck44 3
I suggest you read up on James Hansen rather than his fictional works. He was cashiered out of NASA for very good reasons...a real trick for a well entrenched Swamp Creature.
joel wiley 1
I regret that I have but one thumb to give.
Randall Kimm -1
I can suggest an ideal location for it.
djames225 1
I believe Hugh was trying to partially put down your comment "The US is a world leader in environmental clean up" and realizes what this James Hansen is all about "He has been involved at the White House level for a while." Perhaps the US was a world leader in environmental clean-up, but as of late they have regressed..yes climate change happens continuously on an up and down scale, but man is not helping and could be, and more likely than not is, exasperating it...You yourself mentioned China and India...picture the temperature in you living accommodations (the earth) is near perfect for you (yes there are small periods when it dips up or down till the A/C or furnace correct it..the planet itself). Then you crawl up under a nice thick blanket (the smog and increasing CO2 levels) are going to get warmer a whole lot faster..that isn't just science, it's fact.
Ric Wernicke 0
I rise to a point of order. CO2 is not a pollutant. As much is created, the world's largest plant (plankton) will turn it into oxygen. There is nothing to be gained by giving up our lifestyle, or paying others to clean up their man-made waste. The Earth cleans itself rather nicely, and help from the people will not help or hinder those processes one bit.

I fall about laughing when I read peer reviewed papers of the climate experts. There work is mostly cited by zero or maybe one person in the scientific community. People contributing real expertise are often cited by hundreds and even thousands of other learned folks.
djames225 1
It6 has been shown that CO and CO2 are a pollutant at the levels they are at..plantlife does a wonderful job of ingesting CO2 and releasing oxygen, however with the increase in forest fires and forest decimation due to "man made events", wiping out the vegetation, the CO2 is after the latest volcanic activity and increased fires, CO levels are wayy up as well.
Remember, the human population on the planet is growing, the waste we extrude is increasing and the plant life population is decreasing..the earth can only clean so much (think Beijing China or India,,those pictures arent fake, they are real).think what you may and continue so as obviously noone will change that.
Ric Wernicke -1
Who is saying CO2 is any higher than it has ever been? Can you determine it is man made or not? Lets get some real figures about "wiping out vegetation." Since I have been alive a figure of 40% of the the rain forest has been destroyed. Sounds terrible, except farming has more than replaced the plants in the deforested area. Next consider that the land mass is but 29% of the surface. If all land based plants were consumed, The other 71% of the surface has plankton thriving on the CO2, and can on its own process 5 times the CO2 created by humans now.

The Earth is powered by the Sun and can clean several magnitudes of the waste all life can produce including methane from cow farts. Sure people can soil small geographical areas like Beijing, and solutions are complicated, but if they stopped using coal for heating and cooking the air would clear in a very short time. I invite your attention to Kuwait when Iraq destroyed the oil facilities. It was ugly and the climate preachers forecast doom and gloom for centuries. Ha! In three months you could not tell that there was crude oil splashed all over the sand and in the sea.

You may choose to believe these climate charlatans but also know they are in it for the money, your money, so keep your hand on your wallet when they talk.

djames225 0
A: we dont know how long you have been alive but lets put a figure of about 40 yrs old (sorry, no insult intended if u r younger) going by that age: there is more than 1 rain forest but the most known 1, the Amazon rain forest is down 22% all by itself..22% may not seem like a lot in 40 years, but look at the size the forest once was before man moved in and started tree farming, etc! Nesxt West African Coastal rain forests are down at least 65-70$ and again may not seem like much, but those forests are also huge..again man moves in and forests move think back the past few years..major forest fires wiping out millions and millions of acres of trees and vegetation..and that continues!..BTW a number of those worst started them!
As far as couldnt tell because "engineers" went in and cleaned up the mess so there wouldnt be any "doom and gloom" ..go ahead and continue thinking that momma earth will continue to clean up our crap and everything will be all won't!
P.S. This is from a group who have been around a great many skin off their back if we don't listen or not "pay them with our open wallets"
"Deforestation may have catastrophic global effects as well. Trees are natural consumers of carbon dioxide—one of the greenhouse gases whose buildup in the atmosphere contributes to global warming. Destruction of trees not only removes these “carbon sinks,” but tree burning and decomposition pump into the atmosphere even more carbon dioxide, along with methane, another major greenhouse gas."
There..Ive had my say, and now I'm out!
Hugh Loraine 0
Been there, done that. Boeing, plus the Trump administration, are ready to beat up the rest of the world with America first. Got that message. I will vote with my wallet. If it’s an American product, I’m not flying on it. But don’t worry, I am confident that the loss of $10 billion is not that big a deal for US aerospace jobs....
joel wiley 2
Interesting. Do the Irish unions have the clout to carry this off, or is this just one more ladle stirring in the Brexit pot?
canuck44 6
Very much so. May needs Irish votes to stay in power.
djames225 2
Aye,,the Irish unions are a strong bunch
744pnf 1
IMHO, Boeing top echelon is still working in the '50's. See laying off engineers/hiring back engineers see UK being forced to cut back Boeing orders because of the Bombardier kerfuffle.
Little or no forethought to these decisions? Rather like the head of 'The Swamp'?
Tom Novak 0
Link is broken..
canuck44 2
Just ran it again and it worked for me.
Works for me too.


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