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A Busy Public Road Runs Right Through This Airport Runway

Space is at a premium in tiny Gibraltar—so much so that the British territory’s only airport runway intersects with its busiest road. Cars traveling along Winston Churchill Avenue must stop for planes several times a day. For about 10 minutes, traffic stays at a standstill to allow a flight to depart for—or arrive from—London, Birmingham, or Manchester. ( More...

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Kim Frazier 2
That totally makes me want to fly there...just because.
Agree. Want to fly in
I have been on the ground side of this. Barriers come down and lots of security activity, and then an aircraft takes off or lands3 or 4 scheduled flights a day I think.
The airport in Gisborne (NZGS /GIS) NZ (North Island) has railroad tracks crossing the runway!
preacher1 1
There are many places in the woeld without the wide open spaces we have here. You gotta do what you gotta do.
Agree. Hope you are doing well
preacher1 2
Tks for the kind words. I'm getting there. Just slow. I guess I'm impatient. I was always pretty active and now having to slow way down. LOL. They tell me a 65 year old man heals much slower, regardless of how much he may want too. LOL But I'll get there.


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