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A five-Airbus formation flight is as beautiful and crazy as it sounds

It isn't often you see airliners flying in formation. There's a good reason for that, of course: they're too busy earning money for the airlines that own them to engage in any sort of photogenic tomfoolery. ( More...

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I'm a retired controller from O'Hare and in the old days during the Chicago Air and Water show the military would stage out of the old Air Force ramp. It was quite impressive watching them come in in formation and then break over the numbers into a downwind. The AF liaison officer would be justifiably proud of the show. However I couldn't help but mention that fighters were meant for this type of flying and it would be much more impressive to see a flight of 757's over the Oak Street beach doing the same thing! Apparently Airbus feels the same way. Very cool!
John McDowell 3
As impressive as 5 of the same type in formation, I remember seeing a picture in a book about the history of North Central Airlines. It showed one of each type the airline had operated during its history.
Lockheed (not sure the type, small twin engine), DC-3, Convair 440 and 580, and DC9-30.
Get 5 Dreamliners to fly at the same - that would be impressive
Ric Wernicke 1
Very funny Stuart.
stardog01 1
The breaks were very cool.
Chris B 1
Today's score: Airbus 5 - Boeing 0
preacher1 0
You can tell the Slot guy ain't no ex military jock. He is off by a few feet and the guy behind follows him as he should. Kills the whole picture
Doug Fehmel 1
Loved flying the A340. Looking forward to their new jetliner.
I want to see them fly 18" from wingtip to canopy. Then I'll be impressed. ;)
Jesse Carroll -4
Yeah take's 5 Airbus's to be sure one of them makes the trip!
Go Boeing!....LOL


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