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Lufthansa Unveils Premium-Economy Seats on Boeing 747-8 Aircraft

Lufthansa announced details about its new premium-economy cabin and seats on Monday. The new seats, developed in-house by Lufthansa, have as much as 50% more space than seats in coach. ( More...

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steve rogers 3
the media thinks we are all idiots , I specialy like movies that shows a 737 cockpit and a 747 exterior , da.... they wont know .
jeff slack 2
Click on the article; image says; 747-8 and clearly it is a 400 series (winglets).
ilikerio 1
That's the media for ya.
nwilcox 1
The image only says "747." Nothing in the image says 747-8 at all.
matt jensen 1
Ric Wernicke 1
Vee vill make za seats in our verkeshoppes, und you can pay more, und you vill like it, Ja?

You know I like the Teutonic tight fit seats in my fine Germans cars, but not for 11 hours! How about a little padding and a skosh more room for MY seat.


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