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Woman sends message to Wall St -- by plane

KIRKWOOD, Mo. -- A Kirkwood, Mo., mom was so fed up with what's going on in Washington and on Wall Street, that she decided to send a message -- by plane. Lucy Nobbe paid to have a banner made and flown over lower Manhattan on Tuesday. The banner said: "Thanks for the downgrade, you should all be fired." ( More...

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Shame that DC is a no-fly zone.
alistairm 0
Makes you wonder... People in places like Syria, Eygpt and Libya (maybe a few other places i may be forgetting) rise up against their government to protest. Think about it. Thousands of people have died in these protests, yet they still occur and change happens. Makes you wonder why in a country like the USA, which is apparently all about freedom and democracy, they only protesting i see is on internet forums. Get off your asses and do something! Stop bitching and whining on internet forums - so many posts here are politically charged - and stand up!
jerry friz 0
you are so right, wake up folks, get off your ass
ryan brault 0
If she didn't get off her as I don't know the meaning of it!?!?! I'm assuming that you are thinking that a poster on a stick in front of the building would have done more lmao. What ever we should all have the balls to do what she did!
Excellent post Chip.
conmanflyer 0
I LOVE THOSE BANNER FLYERS! have u ever seen them pick up a banner from the runway? lol
Why blame Wall Street? It's your Liberals (in both Parties) who've gotten us into this unbelievable debt that is bringing this country down economically. How could you not see this?!!! These Liberals are turning our country into a Socialist hell.
sparkie624 0
Great Idea.
Larry Crouse 0
Great for her!!!
phil allison 0
Falvo, in an interview she stated the message was for the politicians not wall street or S&P.
I envy Constance Falvo for being able to pave her own streets, hire her own police force, own her own school (which she evidently did not attend) and playground, have well water and disposal system, Fire truck, cell phone system and other simple things everyone else gets free from the government, without paying any taxes. I wonder if she is a widow, maybe we could get together.
Toby Sharp 0
this is awesome, ill fly banners all day long aimed at politicians. America needs more Lucy NobbeS'
dmanuel 0
Do you think this will encourage politicians or Wall Street pressure to make NYC more like Washington D.C. with greater flight restrictions?
Ricky Scott 0
Louis, I have no problem with those services. There is a TON of Freebie Crap we could get rid of too you know. And our taxes do pay for those.

The government is getting into things they shouldnt. And not doing things they should.
Paul Claxon 0
As long as all our products are made over seas the middle class will never come out of it. Nobody seems to see that !
phil allison 0
The middle class will not get jobs from welfare recipients. They will get jobs from business when the business can afford to hire them. They can't hire them now because of govt intrusion in every aspect of business.

Products are made overseas in part because of the extreme taxation on business and other gov't mandated expenses (extended unemployment taxes,obamacare, EPA regulations, etc., etc.) placed on business. Again govt involved where they shouldn't be.
Matt Comerford 0
"Why blame Wall Street? It's your Liberals (in both Parties) who've gotten us into this unbelievable debt that is bringing this country down economically. How could you not see this?!!! These Liberals are turning our country into a Socialist hell."

You should move to another country! I like America.
Troy Raiteri 0
That's a new way of getting the message out there. But I'm not gonna get into the politic mess and all.
That is awesome!
Hope they don't try it again this afternoon/ evening. President 0 will be there (FDC 01/0103 & 0104) his TFRs. Another Play on Broadway? And VIP 0.5 is vacationing out on Long Island with his own little TFR for 5 days.
I Loved the idea and execution of the banner flyover!
Does she realize that NYC hasn't been the capitol of the USA since 1790? IMHO, she could have done some research and targeted her market more efficiently. Wait a minute, she's a "financial" broker ?!? She's definitely part of the problem.
Well, it's a start. We, the people are starting to show signs of displeasure with the way things are going on Wall Street and in DC. I say: "Well Done, Lucy!"
Viper Tonic 0
The banner lady should be fired. To insinuate that Wall street and/or the US government is responsible for the downgrade at a time when the entire planet is in turmoil is idiotic. Everyone who uses a credit card, pays the minimum on their mortgage eats junk food, consumes beverages containing refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, Artificial chemicals such as Aspartame, buys gold as an investment even though the Chinese and Russians control most of the worlds supply and we're simply creating another environment like the OPEC where countries can create great wealth and leverage over us, and spends their money on a banner to say something they themselves do not understand when they could be paying some of their down or taking action by helping someone else, is a part of the problem. DO NOT BLAME OTHERS, LOOK TO YOURSELF, TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.
Harold Schultz 0
I like what she did. Very idealistic statement by a citizen. her little daughter beams about what Mom did. That's great!

Did you see her turbines! WOW!!!!
D C Is nothing more than a bunch of 2 year olds playing in a sandbox.All they want is a free life still ride,on our money,and sweat.I think the young lady said with her sign the same thing we all feel.
R P 0
Airclaxon1, I thought I was the only one that could see that...No one ever talks about that. When I talk to friends about this, they do not agree with me that the main cause of our economic problem is due to off-shore jobs. I understand politicians do not accept this, because doing something about it would decrease their personal profits.
russ harris 0
As a followup, it would be a good idea to post a full size Guillotine in front of Congress and the White House--as a subtle reminder.
Latimer Taylor 0
I think we are all firgetting one little point. This country has been in turmoil for a long time. This condition is not fault of one individual orpolitical party it's all of us. We all have a part in this mess but instead of pulling together it is far to easy to point fingers to others. This country has been and will always be divided. Instead of coming up with solutions to the problem, you complain. Use that same energy and push towards a solution instead of adding to the problem. Stop blaming Obama he is only one man in this government it takes so many other people to make things happen in this government. Its such a joke that this country is called UNITED States what's so united about it.
cessna172s 0
Get back in the kitchen.
AviatorLEO 0
Had I had the ability to be there, I would have done it for free.
I think this was A GREAT IDEA!!!! MAYBE if the citizens of the United States of America took the "STIMULUS" that the present administration says is in our pockets(that's the "CHANGE", right?) and spent it on 167,000,000+ planes to fly banners around Wall Street and on the perimeter of the Washington, D.C. no fly zone maybe THEN the idiots in DC would respond and IMPEACH themselves and give this Country back to their constitutents!!!
Latimer Taylor 0
@cessna172s small plane,small mind, liitle or no thinking= YOU
@tim mcdonough how soon we forget the $400.00 STIMULUS that Baby Bush set upon us. I bet you pocketed that check with pride correct? Two terms? This country wad turned over in a recession did you forget that? Get your facts straight before throwing slinging garbage. Get real. Even Conservatives cringed when that man spoke to America. Look past the obvious.
It wasn't the liberals in Washington today that caused the was the Bush administration...think about it. No the liberals are trying to fix in a couple of years that Bush had 8 years to make the debt.
conmanflyer 0
IT was EVERYONE in Washington contributing to the debt, and it wasn't just the "debt" that caused the downgrade. IT WAS EVERY senator and representative that said they wouldn't budge on anything in the budget, and we are still looking at a downgrade from another credit rating aggency! and they are doing NOTHING!
Robert Fleming 0
They should give that lady a medal! Good thinking...unfortunately it didn't do any good! The feds (including people on Wall St.)are all still mindless idiots
H W Lam 0
The corporations with their paid-off politicians and profit based agendas are the only ones turning this country into any kind of hell. I am proud to pay taxes and ashamed of all the irresponsible who cheat and lie for money will praying for peace and love. Do not blame debt on me - I carry none and work.
Mitt Romney said yesterday that corporations are people.
Term limits, no pay for SERVING in Congress and no pensions for them doing their duty.


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