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Older Boeing 737 Jets Are at Risk for Cracks

A Boeing Co. official said its safety experts are concerned and surprised by Friday's in-flight fuselage rupture on a Southwest Airlines Co. jet, because the company didn't project potential cracking of aluminum skins "until much, much later" in the life of such aging aircraft. ( More...

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Saurabh Patel 0
The recent events of the Southwest -300 version brought me back to this image I had taken a while back of another -300. Take a look at the repair/patches/rivets that have been applied on it. Is this really safe (or FAA approved) to do ?

chalet 0
One wonders if the fuselage thikness of the Boeing jets are thinner than what they should be, too many accidents and incidents. So far Airbus has not had anything like this but the authorities should be monitoring them too.


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